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Months of the Year Song for Kids

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Learning Months of the Year Song with Lyrics

This kid's song is an excellent resource for teaching your kids the months of the year in English! But why is it important for kids to learn about months? Learning about the months is important not only for developing organisational skills, but it also helps children's Maths skills, because talking about the months and their specific order can be useful for comprehending sequences in larger groups, which is an important part of their early school Mathematics curriculum.

Also, by knowing the months, kids will be able to plan ahead of time and recall past events. This is a big step in improving their language and social skills, especially for those who are just starting school, because they will be able to keep track of their homework and also their friends' birthdays.

Months of the Year - Different Seasons

Months showing different seasons.

Months Showing Different Seasons

The first month is January, which is a cold month in many parts of the world. The month of love and friendship, February, comes next. The following month is March, which marks the end of the winter season. After March, April is the next month, and like May, it is supposed to be the start of summer. Then, in June, July, and August, it rains.

 We get a break from the monsoon in September. Then there's October, which is the holiday season. November is the start of the cooler months. Finally, it's December, which means it's cold outside again.

Months of the Year - Poem for Kids

Months of the Year.

Months of the Year

There are 12 months, there are 12 months,

There are 12 months in the year.

There are 12 months, there are 12 months,

There are 12 months in the year.

January, February, March, and April

May, June, and July,

August, September,

October, November,

After December, start again!

Similarly You Can Sing the Below Lyrics as Well:

January, February, March,

April, May, June,

July, August, September,

October, November, December.

These are the 12 months of the year.

Now sing them together so we can all hear.

How many months are there in a year?

Twelve months in a year.

Interesting Facts on Months of the Years

  • The months of September, April, June and November have 30 days, whereas the remaining months have 31 days.

  • However, February usually has only 28 days.

  • On leap years (which occurs every four years), February has 29 days.

  • Countries in the Southern Hemisphere, such as Australia, celebrate Christmas in the Summer season. In the month of December, they experience Summers.


You can go over the various seasons of the year and explain how the seasons vary as the months pass. You can also use these fun songs for kids to learn weather vocabulary with your little one as an added practice. Talk about how cold it gets in the winter and how hot it gets in the summer. You can also mention that April is hot and December can be quite cool.

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FAQs on Months of the Year Song for Kids

1. What is the advantage of Months of the Year lyrics?

With the song about the months, your kid will learn the months of the year in English, not only by their names but also in their correct order. You'll have the opportunity to check the calendar while singing with your kid.

2. How to introduce different seasons using the months of the year?

Your kid is probably beginning to notice seasons, whether it's a change in the weather or the different activities that occur at different times of the year. Parents or teachers can discuss the four seasons and how they come in the same months each year while teaching the months.