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Little Robin Redbreast

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An Overview of the Little Robin Redbreast Nursery Rhyme

The rhyme little robin redbreast was first used in a more funny and humorous way. But due to the editing of the poem, the current version is taught to the kids. The action of finger play while reciting the poem makes it fun to recite. In the previous version of the poem, the little robin redbreast used to wag his tail and nod his head. But in the recent version, he is seen playing with the cat. Lets read the lyrics of the poem.

Little Robin Redbreast Nursery Rhyme Lyrics

Little Robin Redbreast Poem Lyrics

Little Robin Redbreast Poem Lyrics

Little Robin Redbreast Poem Summary 

Little Robin redbreast is a poem about a bird and a cat. In this poem, the bird seems to be playing with the cat by telling the cat to catch him if it can. The cat tries to catch the bird and climbs up the tree but it does not succeed. While playing the catch me if you can game, the cat gets tired and gives up. And the bird also flies away to search for a new friend to play with.

Word Galaxy of Poem 

Let us now look at some of the hard words and practise learning their spellings. 

  • Robin 

  • Redbreast

  • Pussy cat

  • Catch 

  • Jumped

  • Chirped 

Do you know the meaning of the word chirped?

Chirped is a sound made by the birds which are sweet and short. You can use this word in the sentences like: 

I heard birds chirping early in the morning.

Rhyming Words  

The rhyming words are the pair of words that sound similar when we read them aloud. In little robin redbreast nursery rhyme, the end of the sentence has the words ran, can, wall, and fall. Here the words run and can have a similar voice. So, the rhyming words in the poem are: 

  • Ran - Can 

  • Wall - Fall 

Some other examples of rhyming words are: 

  • Went - Tent 

  • Sat - Mat 

  • Catch - Match

Little Robin Calling Cat to Play with Him

Little Robin Calling Cat to Play with Him

Sample Questions

1. Robin is the name of the: 

a. Cat

b. Bird 

c. None of the above

Ans: Bird

2. If the bird chirps, then cat ____. 

a. Barks

b. Meows 

c. Honk 

Ans: Meows

3. Where did the cat climb onto? 

a. Tree

b. House 

c. pot 

Ans: Tree


The little robin redbreast song lyrics are an interesting way to introduce kids to the game catch me if you can. The poem can also be seen in the playful light where a bird plays with the cat till it gets tired. Kids can learn the poem and also enjoy playing catch me if they can amongst themselves.

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FAQs on Little Robin Redbreast

1. What is the original version of the poem ‘Little Robin Redbreast’? 

The lyrics of the original version of the poem is as follows: 

Little Robin Redbreast,

Sitting on a pole,

Nidde, Noddle, Went to his head.

And poop went into his Hole. 

2. What is the edited version of the poem? 

The first edited version of the poem that came out had the lyrics: 

Little Robin Redbreast

Sat upon a rail,

Niddle noddle went his head,

And waggle went to his tail.

3. What game did the cat and bird play in the poem? 

The cat and the little bird Robin played catch me if you can game. In this game, the bird challenges the cat to catch him if it can. 

4. Describe the bird in the poem Little Robin Redbreast. 

Through the poem, we get to know that the name of the bird is robin and is a male. He has a red-coloured spot present on his chest area, so the poet called him robin redbreast. 

5. Why does the bird fly away from the cat at the end of the poem? 

The bird flies away at the end of the poem because the cat seems tired after playing and is not able to catch the little bird. So, the bird decides to find a new friend to play the game with and flies away in its search.