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Poems for a Little Girl

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Introduction to the Poem for a Little Girl

Poems are part of childhood, and the rhyming of the poetic lines feels pleasant to the ears. During learning time, poems are a great thing that can be remembered easily as well as pleasant when listening to them.

In this article, you will find such poems as “little girl”, “Awaiting a little girl”, “A poem from your Mommy”, “Angel”, and “A little bit of sunshine”. These poems are related to little girls, you will remember your family, and parents, after reading them. Children get love from their grandma throughout their life, they also love grandma as they find a lot of adoration from them. Read these selective poems on the life of a little girl and add a new collection to your poems.

Mommy, Daddy, and Their Daughter

Mommy, Daddy, and Their Daughter

Little Girl

Little Girl With Grandma

Little Girl With Grandma

She's with Grandma in front

of Grandma's home, upheld

by a willow tree, gladiola, and roses.

Who did she at any point care about, please? 

Be that as it may, Grandma

appears to be half-pleased and irritated.

Most likely Mother glares

behind the lens, needs

to fix this cheeky face.

Perhaps giggles, as well.

Little girl with her mouth wide,

tongue out, shouting

at the camera. See her little

white purse brimming with treasure,

her white shoes?

She has things to do,

you can tell. Places to explore

past the casing,

also, these women picking blossoms

also, taking pictures.

Why won't they let her go?

Awaiting a Little Girl

A Baby Girl

A Baby Girl

Your presents are being awaited

The time is approaching

You have filled our lives with joy

With your small kicks, and your heartbeat that we hear

You have rolled out such a change

That brought a love so dear

We vow to protect you

To guard you against all you may fear

There will be countless memories to make

That will make sure to bring mother a tear

As we wait for your arrival

Your daddy kisses and touches you

Always waiting for you to move

When you finally do

His face lit up with joy

You know his adoration for you is true

Your life will give a lot of pleasure

Bringing all the family together

Making a family of our own 

With a loving daughter, mother, and father


A Poem From Your Mommy!

Mommy with Her Baby Girl

Mommy with Her Baby Girl

I have a little angel girl she goes by Tori-Leigh

She fills my days with giggling and my nights with the sweetest dreams

Her loving eyes gaze toward me, my heart melts clean away

Her cherub lips are perfect, a treat to kiss all-day

Her tiny fingers currently learning to hold, fill her with delight

Her wiggly feet are only perfect for her to suck and bite

She is almost sitting on her own; balance is as yet an issue

Goodness dear, up it comes ...Please pass another tissue!

She slobbers and spits and murmurs in ultrasonic tones

And when she is allowed to she sucks on braai meat bones.

Two smaller than usual teeth are cutting through

She's trying tasty food every day to help her sleep at night!

After showering and breast and cuddles, she sucks her small thumb

And pretty soon thereafter makes noises from her mouth!

She likes to snuggle on our bed and frequently goes directly to sleep

So through the night we seldom hear another little peep.

She is a little supernatural occurrence, a valuable poopie loopie

I wouldn't change her for a thing, the sweetest cookie lookie!


Baby Angel

Baby Angel

I listen to her silent breathing

Touching my hand to her tiny face

I can never imagine ever leaving

And I say thanks to God for such beauty.

She sleeps silently on my arm

How quiet she looked, what beauty there is

I vow to shield her from all harm

And hope for her life I'd never need to miss.

Olivia, I name this delightful angel of mine

Glorious, gorgeous how her smile

Can make up for the night's moonshine

And the sparkle is so bright it feels like a mile.

And I love her so, my baby angel

I will adore her unconditionally till my end.

A Little Bit of Sunshine

A Girl

A Girl

She's a little bit of sunshine,

She's a grin to light your days,

She will steal your heart and

keep it with her warm charming ways,

She's your priceless little daughter,

With a sweetness from above

Who will fill your years with chuckling

and your lives with loads of love.


In this article, we learned some beautiful poems about why girl children are special, and how their presence lights up the environment around the family, and they are cherished with love, light, and adoration from everyone. They bring happiness to the family, they are the father’s favourite and mommies too. Children and their parents share a beautiful bond which is described in the above poems. Parents share a very special bond with their kids and cherish them forever. Children are very special to their parents. 

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FAQs on Poems for a Little Girl

1. What is said about the awaiting girl?

A baby girl's presence is awaited as she will be loved by family members, as the days are closer to coming out from her mother’s womb. For that, the mother cares for everything that will make her healthy. Her daddy kisses and touches her and also hears her little kicks which make him feel love and joy. With her, there will be countless memories of the family that will make them tear up. She will be protected from any kind of fear that will come around. 

2. What does mommy tell about the little girl?

In the poem, “A poem from your Mommy!” Mommy describes the little girl as her little angel. She tells that her little angel has filled her day by laughing and night with the sweetest dreams. Her little eyes looking at her melts mommy’s heart and her tiny finger tries to hold her hand. She sucks and bites her wiggly feet and tries to sit on her own but still can't balance herself. 

3. What does a little bit of sunshine tell us?

The poem a little bit of sunshine is about a daughter and the daughter is explained as the little bit of sunshine whose smile lights up the days. Her smile is so sweet that it will steal your heart and keep it with herself. The daughter is described as being filled with sweetness and will fill your life with happiness and laughter. She is known to fill you up with loads of love all your life.