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I’m Only a Cat Poem

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Overview of I’m Only a Cat Poem

I am only a cat poem is an extremely interesting poem. It will make a favourable impression on kids because they believe cats are beautiful, clever creatures. They are lovely animals to own at home. because Animal poems are a wonderful way to express ideas through poetry. Animals, as we all know, play a crucial role in maintaining the environment. Kids adore animals, and they like playing with them. Therefore poems about animals are the ideal technique to get kids interested in poetry. Through this charming poem, we will see how a cat expresses emotions. 

I’m Only a Cat Poem for Kindergarten

Let’s read the i'm only a cat poem lyrics to understand the emotions of a cat.

Here are the lyrics of I am only a cat poem.

I'm only a cat,

and I stay in my place...

Up there on your chair,

on your bed or on your face!

I'm only a cat,

and I don't finick much...

I'm happy with cream

and anchovies and such!

I'm only a cat,

and we'll get along fine...

As long as you know

I'm not yours... you're all mine!

I am Only a Cat

I am Only a Cat

The Theme of the Poem 

The theme of i’m only a cat poem for kindergarten is quite simple. In this poem, children observe the characteristics of cats. Simply, it gives the message that animals may be cute and enigmatic creatures. They might act in a way that makes us worry but we might overlook the fact that they are animals after all. We should love them, we must take care of them. Animals don't have many needs in life; They only want a warm, secure, and protected place to live, as well as enough food, drink, and exercise. They'll give you their undivided devotion, loyalty, and company in return.

Cat as a Pet

Cat as a Pet

I'm Only a Cat Poem Summary

The summary of “I am only a cat poem” is described below. It’s a great poem which describes the amusing activities of cats. In this poem, the cat itself tells us very innocently that it’s only a cat who stays in our home, sometimes on our chair, bed and on our face as well. The cat doesn’t need much, it’s content with cream and anchovies. We don’t need much for a cat as they get happy with little things. This shows that cats need our love, they want to stay with us in our homes. We must care about our pets. In the end, by using the phrase ‘I am not yours ….you’re all mine’ the poet wants to tell us that animals don't belong to us but they wish to make relationships with us. True love is discussed here, as well as how being in a relationship allows one to frequently offer themselves to the other.

Cats in Your Home

Cats in Your Home


So, after reading this charming poem which describes the emotions of a cat we should understand the emotions of animals as well. They might be disturbing for us but after all, like while staying in our homes they sit on our chair, our bed and sometimes on our faces. But they are animals. We can’t expect too much discipline from animals.  By using these words that cats don’t finick much, the poet wants us to understand that animals don’t want much from us; they just need a shelter, a home to stay in where they can live with us. 

They need our attention,  our love and care for them. They just need to try to cooperate with animals. Giving and receiving special affection for an animal that we have in our homes is a wonderful feeling.  They have the capacity to understand our emotions, read the expressions on our faces, and even follow our pointing gestures. So, we shouldn’t react rudely to their creepy behaviour. After all, they are animals. Similarly, Our children sometimes act badly but it doesn’t affect our love for them because After all, they are our children. We should also think about our pets as we think about our children. The poet beautifully describes the emotions of a cat: that cat doesn’t belong to us but it wants to make a relationship with us. You can find more information about cats in i’m only a cat poem pdf also. We hope you have learnt some important things from this article, in case of any other doubts feel free to ask in the comments.

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FAQs on I’m Only a Cat Poem

1. What’s the point of this poem in kindergarten?

We should teach I am only a cat poem in kindergarten so that kids can learn more about animals. Learning these types of poems will help kids to know more about various animals. They can learn about words and language with the help of these rhymes and poetry.

2. Which word rhymes with much?

The word ‘such’ rhymes with the ‘much’ in the poem.

3. Is keeping a cat as a pet difficult?

Cats need less maintenance than other animals, However like any animal they need attention.