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If I Was a Superhero Poem

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Overview of a Superhero Poem

Hello kids! We are all fascinated with superheroes. We are familiar with many of the superheroes. These superheroes are often introduced in cartoons and movies. A superhero is a fictional character popular in comics, television and films. A superhero is an extraordinary character who uses superpowers to fight against evil.

There are many superhero characters which are introduced in the world of cinema. One of the most popular characters is Superman. Many superheroes with unique costumes followed him. He was introduced in 1938 in action comics.

In this article, we will read the If I was a Superhero poem with rhyming words and try to understand the fascinating characters of superheroes through superhero poem for kindergarten. So, let’s dive into the article!

If I was a Superhero Poem Lyrics

Let’s read the lyrics of If I was a superhero poem.

If I was a Superhero Poem

If I was a Superhero Poem

If I were a superhero

All the helpful places I’d go

I’d rush to the urgent rescue

Be a shelter and the ground crew

I’d capture all scheming villains

Lock them in dark, lonely prisons

I’d guarantee safe neighbourhoods

Defending peace and livelihoods

I’d stop all cars from being wrecked

Stand guard and shield, fully protect

I’d end children's dark nighttime frets

Remove all stray random bullets

If I were a superhero

All the people I’d gladly show

I’d wipe away distressing tears

Put smiles in place instead of fears

I’d catch you from the crashing fall

Speed to answer your anxious call

I’d charge ahead and swiftly fly

Streak appearing in clear blue sky

I’d be here, there, and ev’rywhere

Heavy burdens I’d freely bear

Alas, this dream has not come true

No hero yet is in our view

Instead I’ll dream, for dreams are free

Imagine, hope, think what could be

If there could be superheroes

Joyful verses would fill all prose

Theme and Meaning of the Poem

If I was a Superhero Poem is written by Scott Ninneman. The poet, through this poem, is trying to tell what he would do if he were a superhero. The poet says if he were a superhero, he could go to all the places where help was required. He would rush to the urgently rescue and be a shelter for people or even a ground crew if required. He would capture all the villains and lock them in dark places to punish them. He would lock them in a lonely prison.

He would ensure a safe neighbourhood for the people by defending peace and livelihoods. He would stop car wreckers from wrecking cars and stand as a shield to guard and protect all the people. He would end children’s fear and destroy all the weapons that can cause harm to people. 

The poet says that he would be so proud of himself if he were a superhero, he would have shown his real identity. He would wipe away all the tears, remove all the sorrows and fill people's lives with happiness. He also ensures people that he would run to answer their call and not let them fall. 

The poet dreams of being a superhero and makes a to-do list for himself. He imagines himself as a superhero and thinks of all the good deeds he would do. But later, he realises that he is just dreaming and can only hope for people to be happy.




Through this poem, the readers, are made aware of what a child thinks of superheroes. Kids always fantasise about being a superhero and think of all the things they would do once they became a superhero. Comics and television shows based on superheroes are the favourite hobbies of kids. They not only get rid of their boredom with these, but they also learn the difference between good and evil. They love superheroes and want to be one of them. They want to help people and make them get rid of all their sorrows.

In this article, we read about If I was a Superhero poem with rhyming words and learnt about the fantasies of kids after watching or reading about these superheroes. We hope this article was beneficial to you.

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FAQs on If I Was a Superhero Poem

1. Apart from Superman, what are a few other superheroes?

Apart from Superman, there are many superheroes, such as Spiderman and Batman.

2. Why was the character of Captain America created?

Captain America was created during World War 2. It was created as a response to the evil of world war and to fight as an American soldier. It was first named Super America but later renamed Captain America.

3. Who was the first superhero, according to the Guinness Book of World Records?

The first superhero, according to the Guinness Book of World Records, was The Phantom, which was created in 1936 in a comic strip.