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I Like School - Poem

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Overview of the School Poem

Education is very important for all children. It plays a vital role in everyone’s life. Education provides us with a platform to acquire the fundamentals of life. School is the first step to acquiring an education. It is like a second home for students where they go to learn various subjects.

Teachers in school are like their friends who want their best. They teach us values and principles of life. All kinds of educational and extra-curricular facilities have to be performed for the growth of students. As students spend almost twelve years in school, they create many memories. You can also read I like school poem PDF. Let us read the I Like School Preschool poem.



About My School

My school is the happiest place in the world. It has friendly teachers, friends and excellent non-teaching staff. My school has many classrooms, a library, a playground, labs and art rooms. We do various activities in my school like dancing, singing, drawing, playing and presentations.

School Building

School Building 

These activities help us to enhance our extra-curricular skills. Our teachers also teach us all subjects in a creative manner. Practical examples are given to make us understand in a better way. Apart from this, all the students behave properly and are friendly. My school is the best, and I love going to school daily. Let us read I Like School with pictures.

I Like School Preschool Poem

By - Lenore Hetrick

Let's read I like school poem lyrics and understand the meaning of the lyrics. We will try to understand what the poet wants to say through his words in the poem. 

I like to hear the school bells ring,

And see the children get in line.

Then we go marching past the teacher,

And pass so straight and tall and fine.

I like to sing the morning songs,

And give the pledge to our dear flag.

There are so many things I like,

That time I find can never lag.

The Theme of the Poem

The theme of the poem revolves around a child’s happiness to go to school. The poem is written in first person, where the author expresses their joy in going to school. The poem describes the school bells and how children love to listen to them ring. It also talks about how children follow their teachers and form a line marching towards them. 

The poem also expresses the author's joy in singing morning songs and pledging to the flag. At last, it hints towards all the good experiences and memories a child has associated with their school. All these memories are unforgettable.


School is the most memorable part of a person’s life. We learn the essential lessons and principles of life in our schools. School life should be cherished and enjoyed by every student. It sets us a habit of routine in our daily life. It teaches us basic manners and moral values. We gain knowledge of different important subjects. It is the most essential step we take to build our careers. School plays an important role in our decisions and choices in life. 

We read the poem I Like School poem with pictures in this article. I Like School Poem PDF, which is also available online and can be accessed easily.

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FAQs on I Like School - Poem

1. What does the author love about school?

The author represents all the children in school. The author loves many things associated with the school. The author loves to hear school bells ring and then form a line marching towards their teacher. The author also loves to sing morning songs in school and likes pledging in front of the flag. With these, the author mentioned many things which are memorable to every child and can never be forgotten.

2. What is the importance of school in a child’s life?

School is the most crucial place in a child’s life. It teaches them the basic values, principles and fundamentals of life. The knowledge they gain in school sets their base level and plays a vital role in decision-making. It decides their career and future. Apart from these, they gain friends and meet amazing teachers who they will remember in their life. Education gained from school stays with one forever.

3. Why should children learn poems about school?

Poem is a great way to understand any topic. It makes even difficult concepts very easy to understand. Children love to read and learn rhythmic poems. It makes all kinds of topics fun to learn. I Like School poem lyrics that are very lovely and memorable. As children love to know and study about their school, poems are a fantastic way to teach them essential values about school.