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I Like Poem for Kindergarten Children

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A Brief Overview of I Like Poem

Today, we are going to read about a nursery rhyme “I Like Poem”. The poem is a beautiful art, it helps to understand and makes us look at things in a different way. It teaches kids the art of expression, which is found highly lacking in the new-age educational landscape. It teaches us the beauty and potential of the English language. Poetry can do many things to inspire and uplift the mood. In this article, we will learn about I Like Poem for kindergarten. We will also read the I Like Poem summary.

I like Poem

I like sunshine

I like snow.

I like brown leaves

When they blow.

I like cookies

I like cake.

I like Waffles

When I wake up.

I like collies.

I like cats.

I like clowns

In Funny hats.

I like baseball.

I like trains.

I like sleeping

When it rains.

I like stories at bedtime.

I like poems when they rhyme!

I Like Poem

I Like Poem

The Literary Meaning of the Poem

The poet in I Like Poem for kindergarten narrates about nature and the things that change lives positively and energetically. The poet likes the sunshine because the sun represents life, energy, positivity, clarity and confidence, etc. 

Sunshine can bring about positivity and a good feeling. Having the energy of the sun means the energy of life flourishes and thrives. It gives our moods a much-needed boost. He also writes about the snow which represents innocence. Snow can also symbolise flexibility. Snow changes and is swept away by warm weather, sun, and rain. Also, the soft material makes it easy to make and modify. That's how a snowman is made.

This versatility and flexibility make snow a winter sports enthusiast. Skiers from all over the world flock to ski centres that offer the best conditions for skiing. The poet also likes sweet things which are baked like cookies and waffles. He likes dogs and cats, implying that he is kind in nature and has animal-friendly behaviour. Poet also likes how clowns make him happy. For a moment he forgot everything and focused on the clown. He likes baseball which represents his focus on outdoor activity play which gives fresh air and boosts confidence & self-esteem increasing energy levels & more focus. He likes trains, showing that he likes to travel on long journeys and explore nature.

Children learn the power of imagination. Their imaginations are well developed enough to engage children so that they can later read books without pictures to help them become independent. Rain not only physically cleanses dirt and pollution, but it also cleanses spiritually. This rain symbolism is a form of soul-cleansing catharsis. It acts as a redemptive event that can liberate a person's soul and remove all bad thoughts and negativity from their mind.



The Theme of the Poem

The theme of the poem is based on the poet’s interest. In today's era, people aren't satisfied and do not enjoy the little moments of life, having a lack of interest. Here the poet describes how he is satisfied and happy and has an interest in the activity and each and every moment of life. In modern times, kids are stuck in indoor video games but he has an interest in outdoor games like baseball. 

In the era of the night owl, he chooses to be the early bird. He likes cakes and chocolates which are the source of consumption of proteins. Poet wants to convey a message by telling his own likes that we need to get out of our own shells and look at the world and see how beautiful the world really is. Poet says that he likes to sleep while it rains because the sound of rain is the best lullaby. Poet wants us to enjoy natural things. 


In this article, we learned that instead of complaining about the things we don't like, we should focus on the things we like which make us happy the way the poet in the poem. Like he is inspired by the sunshine so he likes to be the early bird, he likes snow because of its flexibility, he likes rain because it removes bad thoughts and gives us a calm mood, and heals mentally, he likes clowns because they make us laugh.

We have read the I Like Poem summary in this article and also discussed I Like Poem with pictures. We hope you enjoyed reading this article and learnt something new today!

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FAQs on I Like Poem for Kindergarten Children

1. What aspects of nature does the poet enjoy in the I Like Poem?

The poet likes sunshine, snow and brown leaves when the breeze blows them as mentioned in the I Like Poem.

2. What are the sweet items that the poet likes?

In the I Like Poem, the poet says that he is very fond of cookies, cakes and waffles when he wakes up. 

3. Mention a few rhyming words in the I Like Poem.

A few rhyming words in the I Like Poem are hats and cats and trains and rains.