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Funny Winter Poems for Kids

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Four Funny Winter Poems for Kids

It's been too cold. Schools get closed and you are ready to enjoy your winter vacations. But as you step out from your home to play with friends, your mom calls, “Come inside, it's been too cold outside, you will get ill.” So what do you do at that moment? Get upset? Oh please, my dear child! Do not get sad. We have a solution for you to make your winter break not only happy but amusable too. Want to know how? Read these amazing funny winter poems that will not only give a big smile on your face but open the tangled wires of your mind too.

So, waiting for what? Read the winter poems and feel the cold breeze inside the house. 

1. A Cold Winter

‘A Cold Winter’ is a poem composed by Dale Gregory Cozart. This poem gives you a feel of how a cold breeze attacks you and makes each of your body parts freeze. And, our bodies start shivering and we wear too many clothes to save ourselves from the cool breeze. Here is the poem, sing it aloud:

The winter has honed its attack.

“I'm freezing!” my butt shrieks alack,

as up climb the freezes

from toes passed the knees-es.

It's so cold my foreskin grew back!

A Cold Winter

A Cold Winter

2. Snow Day

Remember when you are going to school regularly, and suddenly in the morning, you get news of a Holiday. Woohoo! That feeling is super amazing and your morning turns to a true ‘good morning’, isn't it? Yes, of course. To cheer that day, here is the perfect poem ‘Snow Day’ composed by Caryn Yacowitz. 

It happened while we were all asleep,

Snow had fallen-six feet deep.

The temperature was ten below. 

All the roads were blocked with snow.

'No school today', the radio said.

'Stay at home in your cozy bed'.

So I quickly dressed

And jumped on my sled. 

Snow Day

Snow Day

3. Snow Kisses

Have you ever felt the snow or watched the snowfall? It is truly a blessing and what probably you enjoy the most is making a ball and throwing it onto your friends. This winter song ‘Snow Kisses’ for kids gives you a feel of nature’s beauty.

If you go out when it's snowing

And look up at the sky,

You'll feel lots of icy kisses

As the snowflakes flutter by.

Snow Kisses

Snow Kisses

4. Weather

How about when someone comes and touches you with cold hands or takes away your blanket while you're dreaming! Probably many of us just hate it. And, a few of us just hate the winter too. Also, you have to wear too many clothes or you feel stuck in your home due to heavy snowfall. So, if you are the one who does not like the winter or the notion of no-fun-winter, then surely you will love this song. The song ‘Weather’ is composed by the famous poet Key V. Here are a few lines from the poem only for you.

I hate the cold weather, whether to say the least,

the cold weather hates me, I slipped and fell last week,

plus the warm weather's better, I'd rather sweat than freeze,

put the ice in my drinks not in my socks and sleeves.



Tips for Parents!

We request all parents to get closer to their young ones, share the warmth of your love. Nature is a blessing. Take them closer to nature and tell them to admire the beauty of it. You can also sing poems with your little ones and teach about the various seasons viz., winter, summer, autumn, spring, and monsoon. Help the little learners to learn new winter poems and enjoy the beautiful weather.  

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FAQs on Funny Winter Poems for Kids

1. Which song is suitable for kids who just got winter vacations?

Probably when you're sleeping and dreaming of a fairytale, and as you wake up, you get news of a holiday due to snowfall, it feels like a dream come true. ‘Snow Day’ is the perfect song to sing at that moment and while enjoying the snowfall, you can also sing ‘Snow Kisses’ to feel the bliss of nature.

2. For those who do not like the winters, which song would you suggest?

Many people do not like the winters due to various reasons, it could be wearing too many clothes or getting stuck in a place or any other personal reason. For all winter haters, ‘Weather’ by Key V. is perfectly suitable as they enjoy the lyrics and go back to their old sunny days.