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Friends at School Poem

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Overview About Friends

The school years are considered the best years of our life and the friends we make during those times are our lifelong friends. It is the most enjoyable and carefree time of our lives because we have the best of our friends around who make us laugh, share their food with us, help us and so on. You make many memories during your school life, after all your friends stay by your side without any wrong intention.

Poem on School Friends

Friends at school can play and share

Friends at school are kind and fair

Friends at school will talk to you

When you are feeling sad and blue

Fresh at school are big and small

Friends at school are best of all. 

Friends at School

Friends at School

This is a friends at school poem

Let's read another poem on friends in English. 

I can talk with a friend

and walk with a friend

and share my umbrella

in the rain.

I can play with a friend

and stay with a friend

and learn with a friend

and explain.

I can eat with a friend

and compete with a friend

and even sometimes


I can ride with a friend

and take pride with a friend.

A friend can mean

so much to me!

The poem 'with a friend is written by Vivian Gould. 

I have to be at this place called the school,

5 days a week, yes! It’s really cruel.

I’ve got to learn new things, like –



Remembering letters,

And sometimes we have to watch this huge projector.

It’s kind of tough when I’m wearing my homemade – knitted sweater.

Sometimes, we have to sit on the carpet

And listen to a story by our teacher called Mrs Parson.

I know all the children’s names, please! Don’t get me started.

Joshua is the special one, he wears trousers on his head because he wants to be Super Ted.

Emily is always in the Wendy house, she likes to pick her nose and rub it – on her pink and white blouse.

Oliver likes to make a lot of noise – he’s always shouting at the top of his voice.

Lewis has some serious problems, he likes to fart and tell everyone it’s awesome.

Brontë is bossy, yet delightful, and always wants to play the games which are really frightful.

Sarah has to have time out, I think she’s actually learning to meditate – and her mum’s face looks like a trout.

Ben tends to do it wrong and cries in the morning after his mummy sings him a song.

Peaches is the drama queen, I think her dad is famous, or so that it seems.

David can never, ever be wrong, even if the facts are banged off a gong.

Steven is a perfectionist and can never finish his work, he thinks he’s flying a spaceship and calls himself Captain Kirk.

Fran is really clever and wears the biggest pair of specs. She’s always got her hand up and is definitely the teacher’s pet.

Last but least –

It’s me! William,

I can’t wait to get home.

I like to put my cosy slippers on

And then I play candy crush on my dad’s phone. 

School Friends

School Friends

This poem is called 'my friends at school'. It is written by David Irvine. He is talking about his friends at school. This is a friends at school poem with pictures. 

The Theme and Literary Meaning of the Poem

In this poem, the author the importance of a friend in one’s life especially at school. He talks about what friends do at school when they are together and how the position of a friend in one’s life is not replaceable. He describes in detail how friends can talk and walk together at school while sharing each other's belongings too! Lastly, the author tells how friends help each other needs, thus sharing both their joys and sorrows.


In order to wrap up this article, we would conclude by saying that friends at school are really important as they stay with us for life. They help us throughout every situation in our life. Friendship day is celebrated to celebrate this bond of friendship and to make this bond even stronger.

In this article, we read a few poems on friendship and friends. We also read a really long and beautiful poem which is how we learnt to embrace our bond of friendship with poems. We hope you enjoyed reading this beautiful poem, in case of any other doubts feel free to ask in the comments.

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FAQs on Friends at School Poem

1. When is international friendship day celebrated?

International friendship day is celebrated on 30th July every year.

2. When is children’s day celebrated in India?

Children’s day is celebrated on the birth anniversary of pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru on 14th November every year.

3. Write a short poem on friends?

This poem was written by Emily Thurston. It goes like:

Best friends stick together

Till the end

They are like a straight line 

That will not bend.