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Fox Poem: A Short Animal Poem for Kids in English

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A Brief Overview of the Fox Poem

We are sure you have read stories about foxes but what about a fox poem? If not then, let us learn a poem that is about the animal, fox. We all are pretty aware of what kind of animal the fox is and we know that they can be dangerous to human beings only when they are rabid. Foxes tend to run away when they sense that they are in danger and sometimes they become fierce and attack whoever is threatening them. Well, today we will learn more about the animal fox through this  fox poem. The writer of the poem seems to have grown quite fond of the fox because he might be a friendly fox. The poem has been written in such a funny and rhyming way that you will love to read it and also may have a laugh at it.

Fox Poem Lyrics

The fox is smart

And sly as can be

And a great big 

Bushy tail has he.

He can run very fast,

His fur is red,

And he lives in the woods

In a tree-trunk bed.

Literary Meaning of the Poem

This is one of those fox poems that rhyme, which is one of the reasons why kids would love reading it. The poem mostly discusses the characteristics of a fox that the poet has witnessed. The poet may be in his/her childhood days when he/she visited the zoo and noticed the big fox in it. The poet seems to be interested in the fox because the poet loves how the fox behaves in the jungle.

The Fox that the Poet

The Fox that the Poet Describes

Through the middle of the poem, the poet describes the overall physique of the fox. The poet says that the fox has a great big bushy tail that keeps him warm during the winters. However, the poet is also thinking that the fox that she/he noticed in the zoo had a much bigger and bushier tail than any other fox. The sight of it made the poet think that it is quite unusual to see such a thing.

In the last couple of lines, the poet says that the fox lives in the trunk of a tree which is yet another unusual sight for the poet. Well, this is because foxes usually live or make their homes by digging burrows in the ground. However, when the poet saw this fox he noticed that the fox was living in the trunk of a tree. 

Fox with a Bushy Tail

Fox with a Bushy Tail

Theme of the Poem

There is no particular theme in this poem but rather the poet wants his readers to have a funny thought about the unusual fox that he/she saw in the zoo. It is an interesting and informative fox poem for kindergarten kids to read and have a laugh about it. However, after going through this poem, we can understand the value of animals and their contribution to nature. The fox might be a cunning and clever animal but they are harmless to human beings and thus they belong to their respective place which is out in the wild and not in the zoo.

The Fox is a Cunning Animal but Harmless

The Fox is a Cunning Animal but Harmless

Fox Poem Summary 

The fox poem's short and rhyming lines are one of the reasons why kids would love to read about the unusual fox. There are not many lessons that we learn in this poem but readers can still understand the value of animals and how they are important to nature. Foxes seem to be harmless animals but they can be fierce when they are rabid. In this poem, we learn about an unusual fox who seems to be quite different from other foxes because of his habits. The poet wants us to imagine that it was the fox that made him laugh about his unusual habits so that even kids have a laugh about it too. 

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FAQs on Fox Poem: A Short Animal Poem for Kids in English

1. Why does the poet describe the fox and its unusual nature?

The poet described the fox’s unusual nature because the poet himself had witnessed those habits of the fox. It seemed to be quite unusual for the poet as well because foxes are supposed to make burrows on the ground and live there not on tree trunks.

2. What is the lesson that we learn from this poem?

There is no particular lesson that the poet wants the readers to know. However, this is a funny and rhyming poem that will make kids laugh when the poet describes the characteristics of the fox. 

3. Is the fox a friendly animal?

The fox is a friendly animal but it can be fierce when they sense danger. They can also attack human beings when they are rabid. While most of you might fear them, they are quite harmless and it is quite rare to see them attack humans.