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Apples Apples Poem: Fruit Poems for Kids

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An Overview of Apples Apples Poem

Just by the name of the poem, we can relate that it is surely going to be a short and sweet poem. This is one of the sweetest apple poems ever written in English history. In fact, this poem talks of different coloured apples and portrays a good moral at the end of the poem.

This poem Apples, Apples is written by Liana Mahoney. Unfortunately, we do not know when and where this poem was published by Liana Mahoney. Apples Apples poem by Liana Mahoney is one of her great works for kids in the current generation. Further, in this article, we will talk about the Apples Apples poem summary, Apples Apples poem rhyming words, Apple Apple poem lyrics, and a few more. 

Apples Apples Poem by Liana Mahoney

“Apples, apples 

Growing on a tree. 

Apples, apples 

Pick one just for me!”

“One apple, two apples, 

Three apples, four-

Red apples, green apples, 

Yellow apples, more!”

“Apples, apples

Tasty as can be.

Apples, apples 

Share one now with me!”

Apples Apples Poem

Apples Apples Poem

The Literary Meaning of the Poem

Before jumping into the summary of this short and sweet poem, we can see that the poem is only of three stanzas. In fact, apple is the first word that most of us have heard in our childhood. The explanation for the three stanzas of this poem is given below.

Stanza 1:-

In the first four lines, the poet or the speaker is talking about the fruit apple that is growing on a tree. It seems like the speaker is quite happy to see apples growing on a tree. In the following two lines, we can see the speaker is asking another person to pick one fresh apple for her. On the other hand, this proves that the apples are fully grown and ready to eat. 

Stanza 2:-

The second stanza in the poem is about a tree that is filled with fresh and juicy red apples. Here, the speaker is seen being quite excited about the colourful apples ready to eat. We can also assume that both the speaker and the third person love eating apples, which is their favourite fruit. The speaker is asking the third person to not pick just one apple but two, three, or four. There are three different coloured apples (red, green, and yellow) in the tree and the speaker asks for all of them. Additionally, we also get to know that some apples are ripened enough that the speakers want them.

A Boy Picking up Apples

A Boy Picking up Apples 

Stanza 3:- 

The third stanza is the last stanza of the poem. After picking up all types of apples from the tree, we can see the speaker and the third person enjoying them. The speaker in the poem is referring to them as “tasty as can be”. Even though the apples have ripened, the speaker loves them and is enjoying every bite of them. But, she is not sharing any with the third person in the poem.

Interestingly, the last line is where the third person in the poem speaks up. He watches the speaker eating apples and drooling over them and now he asks the speaker to share one with him. He does not ask for all the apples that he picked but for the time, he only asks one so that he can taste them.

The structure of the poem is just like any other poem. In this poem, the first and the third lines of every stanza ends with the word “apple”. The second lines and fourth lines of every stanza ends with rhyming words. This is Apples Apples poem rhyming words (tree, me), (four, more), (be, me). 

The Theme of Apples Apples Poem 

This poem gives a good message and moral to the readers. The theme of this beautifully-crafted poem is “life is beautiful”. Here, in this poem, life is described as the apple, as it can be colourful and bright. The poem also teaches us that one should be happy with what they have and always help others. This part is clear to us at the end of the poem where the person picking up the apple asks the speaker to taste it. In fact, the speaker on the other hand, with a lot of kindness in her heart gives an apple to taste. 


Poems and stories are great methods to touch someone’s heart and gain knowledge. They give the best experience to both kids and adults. In the same way, this poem has touched the hearts of many and will do more. The morals and message encrypted in this poem are surely something to learn and always remember.

We learnt the apple poem in this article. We also discussed the theme and meaning of the poem. We hope you enjoyed reading this article.

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FAQs on Apples Apples Poem: Fruit Poems for Kids

1. What is the best work by Liana Mahoney?

Liana M. Mahoney has written several articles for kids and for adults as well. The best-selling book of hers is Forest Green: A Walk Through the Adirondack Seasons. 

2. What is the other best English poem ever written by Liana Mahoney?

The other best English poem ever written by Liana Mahoney is “For One”. 

3. What is the child asking the other person to do?

The child is requesting the other person to pick some of the colourful ripe apples for him from the apple tree.