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All of Me Poem for Kids

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Overview of All of Me Poem

This article gives a comprehensive explanation for one of the poems for kindergartens called “All of Me”. Poet Greg Smedley-Warren wrote this poem for preschool students. This poem talks about all the human body parts and all the activities they do for us. It teaches students to care for their body and appreciate their body for everything it does for them. Let us learn more about this poem and dive into it.

All of Me Poem Lyrics

My hands are for clapping

My arms can hug tight

My fingers can snap

Or can turn on the light

My legs are for jumping

My eyes help me see

This is my body,

And I love all of me!

All of Me Poem

All of Me Poem

The Theme of All of Me Poem Preschool 

All of Me poem by Greg Smedley Warren is about a boy who starts with one part of his body, then proceeds to list off all of his body parts until he says, "And I love all of me".

This poem highlights the importance of self-love and how, sometimes, we might not be happy with all of our body parts. This can apply to everyone and anyone, no matter the size or shape of their body or gender identity. This is a great poem for people to read if they struggle with body confidence or self-love and acceptance!

The main idea of this poem is to love yourself and all your body parts regardless of what society might say. This poem also highlights the importance of being proud of who you are, irrespective of how other people might treat you. This is a great message for children to be told, as it will cultivate a positive mindset about themselves as an individual as well as build their confidence for the future.

Parts of the Body Poem Lyrics

I’ve just seen a monster, and it lives under my bed

It’s got one eye, 2 eyes, 3 eyes, 4

I don’t know really but it could have more.

I’ve just seen a monster, and it lives under my bed

It’s got one leg, 2 legs, 3 legs, 4

I don’t know really but it could have more.

I’ve just seen a monster, and it lives under my bed

It’s got one arm, 2 arms, 3 arms, 4

I don’t know really but it could have more.

I’ve just seen a monster, and it lives under my bed

It’s got one head, 2 heads, 3 heads, 4

I don’t know really but it could have more.


The Theme of Parts of the Body Poem

Parts of the Body

Parts of the Body 

In parts of the body poem, the author talks about different parts of the body and tries to teach the kids about all these in a fun way. The author tries to use a vivid rhyming scheme in order to make the poem interesting for children and easy to learn.


In this article, we learned about all of me and parts of body poems for kindergarten Both of these poems were very inspirational, as we all needed a reminder of how important it is to love yourself. The main idea of this poem is that you should be proud of your body and yourself no matter what society might say or think.

All of Me poem especially speaks to the younger generation as it is very clear as to what is wrong with society today, and it also tells us that we should all love ourselves. At first, reading this poem seems quite simple and easy, but it teaches kids to love themselves no matter what flaws they might have. It is one of the best poems of all time. These poems are about loving yourself for who you are and not changing yourself to please others.

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FAQs on All of Me Poem for Kids

1. What does the poem All of Me discuss?

All of me is one of the parts of the body poem. It discusses different body parts and their functions for kindergarten students. The verse also reveals how we must love our body for all it does for us.

2. What are the different body parts discussed in the poem?

Different body parts discussed in the poem are our hands, legs, fingers, eyes and arms.

3. What are the different functions of the body parts mentioned in the poem?

The poem mentions different body parts: hands are for clapping, arms can hug tightly, fingers can snap, hold any object or turn on the light, legs are for jumping and eyes help us see.

4. What is the message of the poet?

The message of the poet in this poem is to value our body for all the activities it helps us do. The poet wants to teach kids early on in life the value of our bodies. It is important to ensure body positivity in kids of the younger generation so that they do not feel uncomfortable in their own skin.