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A Little Seed Poem: Poems on Nature for Kids

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A Little Seed Poem: A Brief Overview

A Little Seed poem is a beautiful biblical poem that draws on multiple aspects of life. Although the poem is short, it actually hides a huge work of art in children’s literature. The poem artistically represents the children’s life like a seed that eventually grows up into a flower. The poem is also a seasonal poem that helps children to understand the power of nature and how it helps to uplift a seed into a flower. This poem inhibits that the life of a seed is just like a child.

We will read A Little Seed poem in English in this article. We will discuss the theme of the poem. The rhythmic scheme of the poem is also discussed in the next few sections.

A Lyrical View of the Poem

Let us first read A Little Seed poem lyrics for a better understanding of the poem. Here are the popular lyrics of the poem which are accompanied by the description of famous actions that are used to teach kids. The actions are mentioned in the brackets for easy understanding. Here is A Little Seed poem in English.

I'm a little seed hiding deep in the ground,    

(child squats down and covers his head with his hands and arms)

And the sun shines, and the rain falls, and I pop up my head,    

(quickly uncover head and look up on "pop")

I reach up my leaves,    

(begin to stand and stretch arms up)

And I stretch up to the sky,    

(stand tall and reach up)

Now I'm a beautiful flower,    

(bring hands to side of face)

Blowing in the breeze!    

(gently sway from side to side)

Blowing flower in the breeze

Blowing Flower in The Breeze

The Theme of the Poem

If one has to look deep into the poem there are multiple themes in this biblical song which are to a great extent related to our own lives, especially for kids. The poem, although externally demonstrate just a planting method and the seasons that help a seed to grow into a flower, symbolically highlights the struggles of life one have to face to be a successful person like a seed that faces the harshness of rain and sunshine but this same harshness helps the seed to grow into a flower. 

So, the poem actually teaches children the struggles they will have to face in life and with these lessons of life, we ultimately grew into successful people that “blows into the breeze”. Hence, the poem is a symbolic piece that helps kids to understand the life they will have ahead and it also gives them an aim to achieve success. The poem exhibits a very beautiful meaning through its lyrics. The life of a seed which is growing into a little plant is compared with the life of a little child who is currently in his growing years.

Germinating seed

Germinating Seed

The Rhyme Scheme of the Poem

A Little Seed Poem, just like the other poems, follows a rhyming scheme. A little seed poem rhyming words help in structuring the poem and at the same time makes the poem more impressive. Rhyming words like “Leaves-Breeze, Ground-Head” make it more fun to create as children are more often attracted to those poems which have more rhyming words at the end of the sentence. A Little Seed Poem has two lines in the middle that does not have any rhyming words which makes the poem more unique.


The poem is told in a first-person narrative technique in which a seed introduces himself in just a few lines. In the poem, the seed is sown deeply under the ground which is described in a childish manner as if it is ‘hiding’ under the ground. Like the seed says “I reach up my leaves”— this line indicates its process of growing and it ultimately grew up into a flower. The seed describes that its stem has reached the sky, indicating that the plant is facing the sky and at last, the flower is standing still in the blowing breeze.

This was ‘A Little Seed’ poem summary and we have also read A Little Seed poem rhyming words in this article. We hope you enjoyed reading this amazing poetry! Visit our website to read more nature poems.

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FAQs on A Little Seed Poem: Poems on Nature for Kids

1. What are the requirements for a seed to grow?

Water, sunlight and air are all required for a seed to grow. The nutrients in the soil are also very necessary for the seed to grow.

2. What is the synonym of 'grow'? 

'Develop' can be used as a synonym for growing.

3. What poetic device is used in the poem?

Personification is used in the poem as the seed acts like a living being who can speak and introduce himself.