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A Hunting We Will Go: Nursery Rhyme for Kids

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How much fun it is to sing nursery rhymes! No matter what your age is or how good or bad your voice is, you always feel fresh after a rhyme. It is something that takes you to the new world, a world of happiness. A world where you can make memories, lifetime memories.

Let's recall your favourite rhyme and sing here. 

A Hunting We Will Go

A Hunting We Will Go

A Hunting We Will Go

A hunting…A hunting…A hunting we will go…..

Remember, how you sang this beautiful nursery rhyme in one go? Do you still remember the lyrics, or?? Wait. Sing the poem first then you will get to know some facts related to this nursery rhyme. 

Poem: A hunting We Will Go

Poem: A hunting We Will Go

Do you enjoy reading nursery rhymes for kids? 

Yes. A loud “YES”.

Okay, read this cheerful song again aloud. Surely a giraffe will not laugh, but your friends will laugh. Ask your friends to sing with you in the same tune. 

Now, read some facts about this rhyme.  


Some Facts About “A Hunting We Will Go”

Who Wrote this rhyme?

The rhyme “A Hunting We Will Go” is actually a famous folk song. It is composed by Thomas Arne. It was composed in the 18th century, in 1777. 

Who was Thomas Arne?

Thomas Arne was a very famous British composer. His full name was Thomas Augustine Arne. He was born on 12 March 1710 in London. (Do you know where is London? Ask your parents, now.) You know, his most famous compositions are "Rule, Britannia!" — a patriotic song and the song you read here — “A Hunting We Will Go”. 

Though there are many old and popular rhymes for kids, this is the most famous and favourite of all and the oldest too. It holds the traditional values of traditional singing. It adds different sounds of the language among the little ones.

This traditional lovely tune will develop the language and literacy skills in you and foster you to read more fun rhymes and songs. Rhymes are the easiest way to add more words into your dictionary. Also, it enhances the communication skills of tots. By practising a lot of words, you would actually learn the nuances of pronunciation. And, once you get older, you can use poetic skills and communicate with your loved ones in a more lyrical way. 

Along with that, the poem will add five names of animals to your vocabulary list. 

Remember who they are! Can you recall them? 

A fox, pig, bear, fish and giraffe. 

Right. Absolutely correct. Good job!

We hope you enjoy reading and singing this wonderful rhyme for nursery kids. To read more of such beautiful and interesting rhymes, explore our website. 

Tips for Parents

We request all parents to sing this rhyme with their younger ones. You can emphasise the rhyming words. Then try to ask for some rhyming words, like, What is the rhyming word of the cone, or What is the rhyming word of colour.  Also, you can introduce the colours of animals discussed in this folk song to your child.

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FAQs on A Hunting We Will Go: Nursery Rhyme for Kids

1. How is this poem helpful in learning English?

This famous folk song or nursery rhyme is very helpful for your little one to learn English. Kids can easily learn about the animals in a fun and rhythmic manner. You can simply ask small questions. Like, Whom will we put in the box? Suddenly, when your child replied, a fox, that means a small little word ‘fox’ is added in his dictionary. 

Also, by practising more of such questions or singing the poem, again and again, English pronunciation skills will also improve. The child can speak with more fluency. 

2. Which are the five animals discussed in the poem “A Hunting We Will Go”? What are their rhyming words?

The five animals discussed in this poem are 1. Fox, 2. Fish, 3. Bear, 4. Pig and 5. Giraffe. The rhyming words of the animals are the following: 


Rhyming Word