My Neighbour Essay in English for Class 3 Students

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Essay on My Neighbour for Class 3 Students

Essay writing is an essential part of the school curriculum. Essay writing is given as class assignments or in the school exam to check students’ imagination and how well they can weave their thoughts into words. It also evaluates a kid’s knowledge of language and grammar. Vedantu provides free essays on My neighbour. Neighbour is someone who lives next door or near to our house. Neighbours are an important part of society as they are the first point of contact. Get a free essay on My Neighbour for Class 3 kids. 


Essay on My Neighbour


Neighbours are an integral part of our lives. They are the ones who live close to us and are often the first point of contact. We share our happiness and sorrows with our neighbours. My neighbour’s name is Mr Shyam Shukla. He is a doctor by profession. He is married and has two children. He has a daughter who is older than me and a son who is my age. His wife is a homemaker. My mother and his wife spend a lot of time together. They are very helpful and generous people. 


My neighbour lives in the house opposite to us. I often visit his house after school. I and his son Harsh are good friends. We always play together. Whenever I visit his house, Harsh’s mother offers me sweets and chocolates. They are really welcoming people and our families share a nice bond. We often go to each other’s house and also share food. Whenever my mother prepares something special, she offers them. Same is also done by my neighbour. We also go for picnics or outings together. 


Neighbours are the ones who are always there at good and bad times. We invite each other on special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, etc. My neighbour Mr Shukla is a great doctor. We often take medicine from him at times when someone is not well at home. He is a diligent worker and is very punctual. My father appreciates him a lot and they share a nice camaraderie. We help each other in crucial times and live a life of harmony. My family is blessed to have such a neighbour.