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ICSE Previous Year Question Paper for Class 10 English

Last updated date: 27th Feb 2024
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Previous Year Question Paper for ICSE Class 10 English - Free PDF Solutions

Free PDF Download of ICSE Class 10 English previous year question paper with solution solved by expert teachers on By practicing Class 10 English question paper with solutions to score more marks in your ICSE Board examinations.

Now you can download the ICSE Previous Year Question Paper for Class 10 English for free from A great way to improve your chances of scoring the maximum marks in your upcoming exam. By downloading these free Previous Year Question Papers for ICSE Class 10, students can easily work on their weaker concepts to save a lot of time and understand things easily. 

English plays a major role in improving a child’s imagination. Creative writing skills, comprehension skills are very essential to get better at being more vocal about one’s thoughts. Therefore, understanding and learning important concepts of English is as important as other subjects. 

Students are expected to download these free question papers by clicking on the links below. Once downloaded, it is advised to solve these papers by setting a timer of the duration of the exam to get a clearer grasp of how well they are doing. This can be done at group study sessions with other students or even individually. No matter how they use these papers, we guarantee that by simply solving these papers, they are increasing their chances of scoring well in their final tests.

Benefits of Using ICSE Previous Year Question Paper for Class 10 English

Previous year’s papers offer students a great opportunity to make mistakes. As students, we tend to ignore or avoid mistakes, however, it is completely fine to make mistakes, what matters the most is what you do after that to get better. By solving previous year’s papers, students allow themselves to make mistakes and then work on themselves to get better at it. It offers them a chance to be much better and curious learners as they begin to understand their own strengths and weaknesses in a subject. After solving many such papers, they finally reach a feeling of satiation and confidence which puts them in a superior position on the day of the final test, making them more likely to score well.
Practicing previous year’s question papers also help students in managing their time cleverly. There are always sections in an exam that require a lot of time, while some on the other hand barely take any. After solving these papers, students realize what requires more time and what can be done in a comparatively shorter span of time.

Another important benefit that students get after solving the previous year’s question papers is they increase their chances of seeing questions in the final test that they already would have solved beforehand. Every exam follows a specific pattern and oftentimes, the same questions appear in the final exams, hence giving students a better chance to score more.

Use these Previous Year’s question papers for ICSE Class 10 English to boost your chances of getting amazing marks!

FAQs on ICSE Previous Year Question Paper for Class 10 English

1. How do I practice Reading comprehension skills?

Reading comprehension depends a lot on your ability to understand the basic idea of the text being given to you. The correct approach to solving comprehension-based questions is by reading as many paragraphs as possible. Get your hands on several papers which you can find on Vedantu to read these passages and understand the basic idea behind them first. Then, read the questions that follow and give the paragraph another read. Be patient with it and try to get the essence of what is being talked about in the paragraph. During the second read, try to find answers to the questions you just read, and you have mastered the skill of solving reading comprehension-based questions.

2. How to improve vocabulary?

Having a good vocabulary can definitely take you a long way when it comes to English. A good vocabulary is definitely something that can help in making your answers look more appealing and simply impressive. It is very important to realize that in order to get better at something, it is essential to work at it daily. In the same way, it is important to work on your vocabulary daily too. Set a target for yourself, for instance, this could be reading 2 pages daily. Then find the toughest words according to you in those pages and find their meanings. Lastly, use these words to communicate with people on a regular basis. And most importantly, do not compare yourself with others. You are different and it is alright if your friends find some words easy and you do not. 

3. Is solving one previous year’s question paper enough?

The answer is no. Solving just one previous year’s question paper is not enough. It all depends upon your level of preparation, however, the more papers you solve, the greater your chances of scoring well with ease will be. Think of it like this, in order to get good at riding a bicycle, you had to do it over and over again. In the same way, you must solve multiple previous year’s questions to fully be confident in the subject. 

4. Where to find good resources to improve grammar?

Having good grammar can save you from making a lot of silly mistakes in any language exam. Grammar is the very base of every language and hence it is very important. Unlike other concepts, it takes more than just practice to master grammar. A good teacher can help in improving your grammar and taking it to a higher level. Vedantu offers video lectures that focus on improving upon crucial grammar basics and developing the essential curiosity for the subject. Visit our website or download the app from the app store to explore and improve your grammar so that you don’t make a mistake in your next exam.

5. What are the best last-minute exam tips?

Studying for an exam is a long process. It takes time, daily dedication, and focus to get better at a subject. However, some students fail in doing that due to several reasons.
Some important things that they can do in times like these are, 

  1. Working on the most important topics.

  2. Using Vedantu’s revision lectures.

  3. Solving Previous Year’s question papers that can be downloaded for free from Vedantu.

  4. By calming yourself down.

Happy Learning