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ICSE Class 10th Result 2023 Live: Check Your Scores Online

Last updated date: 16th May 2024
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Check the ICSE Class 10th Result, Toppers and Other Detailed Information

CISCE, The Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations has successfully conducted the exams. The results of the Class 10 examination were declared by the authority on 14 May 2023. Students can check their results on the official website of ICSE. This article provides a detailed guideline on how to access the results as well as the steps to be taken after the result acquisition. 

Without further ado, let us look into the important details of the ICSE class 10 results 2023!


ICSE Class 10 Result Dates

The tables mentioned below show the important dates of the ICSE examination and result declaration. 




ICSE 10th exam

Feb 27 - Mar 29, 2023

ICSE class 10 result date 2023

May 14, 2023

Compartment exam

2nd Week of July 2023

Compartment 10th ICSE Result 2023

To be announced


Overview of Results

The table below mentions the important dates of the ICSE Class 10 results:




10th ICSE board exam 2023

Feb 27 - Mar 29, 2023

ICSE class 10 result date 2023

May 14, 2023


Vedantu’s Results in Class 10th ICSE Examination

As we have already seen the overview of the results of the ICSE examination. Let us look at some of the numbers to provide accurate information on the success of Vedantu’s students in the class 10 examination.

  • 2 students from Vedantu scored above 99%.

  • 38 students from Vedantu scored above 95%.

  • 81 students from Vedantu scored above 90%.

  • Subjectwise- 5 students scored 100 in Maths, and 5 students scored 100 in SST.

seo images

How Can I Check My ICSE Results? 

You can check your CISCE result easily by following these easy steps:

  1. The students are required to visit the official website of ICSE to see any update of the ICSE Class 10 result date. 

  2. On the result declaration date, visit the same page again. 

  3. Go towards the right upper corner of the ICSE Board Class 10 result website.

  4. Now click onto ‘Results 2023’. 

  5. The panel of the ICSE 10th result 2023 will be shown on the screen. 

  6. Fill out all the details which are required in the sheet. 

  7. Now click onto ‘show results’

  8. You can see your results being displayed on the screen.

  9. If you wish to you can take a print out of the result and use it for future use. 

How Do I Check My ICSE 10th Result through the SMS System? 

SMS facility has helped those students who do not have access to internet services, or face frequent network issues. The students can check their ICSE Board results via SMS by following these basic steps:

  1. SMS format ICSE<Space><Seven digit Unique Id> send the same to this number: 09248082883.

  2. SMS Example: ICSE 1786257

After sending the SMS to the mentioned number, students can view their ICSE result 2023 in the following format (this is only a referral example)



ICSE Re-evaluation Result 2023

As we have already seen how students and parents can access the ICSE Class 10 results, let us quickly summarise the steps required to request for re-evaluation of the ICSE Class 10 results of 2023. Students can request a review and have their answer booklets reevaluated if they are dissatisfied with their ICSE 10th result 2023. The following are the steps:

  • Log in to the official website of CISCE

  • Click on "Services" at the website.

  • Opt for the"Click here for Apply Recheck" to continue.

  • A pop window will appear.

  • Select the option to register.

  • Log in using their email address and password on a new page that has just opened.

  • Fill out the required information and request a recheck.


Details Mentioned on the ICSE Result 2023 10th Class

The following details are usually provided in the result panel of ICSE results:

  • Date of Birth of the Candidate

  • The ID of the Candidate

  • The result - Pass or Fail

  • School of the Candidate

  • Marks scored by the candidate

  • Name of the candidate

What to Do After ICSE 10th Results Are Out? 

Students often remain clueless about what to do next after the ICSE 10th result. We are summing up a suggestion list; according to your preference, chalk out your priorities after class 10.

  • A student must think and analyse their interest in studies. Whether they want to take up science, commerce or humanities? All will depend upon their interest. 

  • The students also must consider their marks according to their respective choice of subjects.

  • The students must enrol in various competitive exams which will give them a fair view about other career options. 

  • The students are required to enrol in Class 11 with their respective stream choice.  

  • A student can also develop their skills. Skills can be any, they must work with it so that they can understand their potential with their skill sets.

  • After choosing a stream, they are required to gather books and other study materials and study those briefly once. 

  • Apart from studies, the students must also relax so that they are mentally ready to take up the new chapter in their life. 

This was the complete discussion on the important dates, guidelines and details of the ICSE Class 10th results of 2023.  Follow the guidelines mentioned in the article to successfully  access your results. 

We wish you all the very best for your future endeavours! 

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FAQs on ICSE Class 10th Result 2023 Live: Check Your Scores Online

1. When should a student sit for compartment exams?

The students who passed in four subjects, but failed in one subject are eligible to sit for the compartment exams. The student sitting for the compartment exam must prepare efficiently for the same. The passing marks for this exam will be the same, 33% per subject. The student can apply for the compartment exam in the month of August 2023. While, they can sit probably in the month of September 2023. The students are advised to check the routine frequently for the same. They can check the results for the compartment exam in the month of September itself. 

2. What is the UID  for ICSE results?

UID is the unique seven digit identification number for the students who are appearing for the ICSE exams. The students are allotted their respective UIDs so that they can be identified uniquely in the ICSE exams. 

3. Can the results be accessed offline?

No, the results of Class 10 ICSE board can only be accessed online on the official website of CISCE.

4. Who is eligible for the compartment examinations?

Students of class 10 ICSE board who were successful in passing all four courses, including English, but failed one other subject will be permitted to take the compartment test.

5. What is the syllabus for the compartment exam?

The compartment exam's ICSE 10th syllabus for 2022 is the same as the regular Class 10th ICSE examination.