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Iron Age Tools for Kids

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Last updated date: 23rd Jul 2024
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Have you ever wondered how early humans manage to survive? Have you ever wondered how they made tools from iron, bronze, and stone? Have you ever wondered how they manage to cook food? We will look at the Iron Age and the tools made by early humans in the iron age in great detail.

Early Humans

Early Humans

The Iron Age is the last age after the Stone Age and Bronze Age. Early humans learnt a lot in the previous two ages. They got adapted to the situations and extreme weather conditions. 

This age was between the years of 1200 BC and 600 BC. It was mainly in the area of Asia, Africa, and Europe. In the Iron Age, the tools and weapons made of Iron became very popular. Early humans made different kinds of tools and weapons from iron. 

Iron Age Tools and Their Names

Iron Axe: Iron axes were invented by early humans. They were used to hunt animals, farm, and get protected from the wild animals. It was also used to cut wood from the trees for cooking and heating purposes.

Iron Coulter: It is a blade-like tool which was used by early humans to dig in heavy soils. This was made for farming purposes as well as for protection from wild animals.

Iron Tools and Weapons

Iron Tools and Weapons

Iron Ploughshare: Iron Ploughshare was invented by early humans to do farming. The iron ploughshare replaced the wooden ploughshare and became more productive. This made farming easy for the early humans.

Iron Sickles: This tool was used for the harvesting and cutting of the branches of the trees. Tools like these made farming easy for the early humans and more productivity was shown.

Iron Chisel: Iron chisel was a sharp tool made by early humans. This tool was used to cut hard things made of other stones. This was also very helpful for them for many kinds of purposes.

Iron Sword: Early humans also invented iron swords. These swords were later used by the kings and rulers for war purposes. These swords were also considered a token of bravery.

Steel Weapons: As the growth of iron tools and weapons happened, the early humans also started inventing steel weapons. They became more advanced in their art of making tools and weapons.

Events of the Iron Age

The art of making tools and weapons from iron spread very fast in different countries. The use of these iron tools and weapons made the lives of people easy. It helped them in hunting animals in an easy manner. All the stages of farming became very easy from ploughing to harvesting crops. Iron age tools and their uses became very popular.

The iron age tools and weapons were also helpful in the protection of early humans from wild animals. They also started replacing wooden weapons with iron tools and weapons. With the growth of the Iron Age, steel weapons also started emerging. Other things like pottery and weaving also improved with the help of iron tools and weapons.

End of the Iron Age

With time, early humans became more advanced in the art of making tools and weapons. They started mixing all the metals and then inventing weapons and tools. Metals like steel also started coming into use by different counties. The Iron Age is considered the most important age for the development of various technologies and the human mind.


Early humans developed iron tools and weapons in the last stage. Before the Iron Age, Stone Age and Bronze Age were in existence. The process of using fire to convert metal into the strangest thing is the most advanced way chosen by humans. The Iron Age led to the development of several weapons and tools which were in use extensively.

FAQs on Iron Age Tools for Kids

1. Name two iron tools and their use by the early humans.

Iron Axes and Iron Sickles were two iron tools invented by early humans. They were extensively used in farming, cutting trees, and killing and hunting animals. These tools replaced some of the old wooden tools as well. Iron-age weapons are unique as they are made from hands. They are very strong and cannot be broken by anyone.

2. What are the three ages in which early humans lived?

Stone Age, Bronze Age, and Iron Age are the three stages in which early humans lived. These stages made the human brain advanced and made things easier for them. The Stone Age led to the invention of stone tools and weapons. The Bronze Age led to the invention of tools and other things like pots and boxes. The Iron Age led to the development of iron-age tools and weapons for farming, hunting, and protection purposes.