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Rabbit Facts for Kids

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Last updated date: 24th Jul 2024
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Facts About Rabbits

Rabbits have quite a different structure from that of other animals. They are small mammals with short and fluffy tails and distinctive long ears and whiskers. They are herbivores and eat mostly plants and grasses. They are warm-blooded animals. They can hop around because of their long legs. Rabbits have two-pair of front teeth, one pair on top and one pair at the bottom. 



According to researchers, there are around 17 different types of species of rabbits. They are commonly found in Europe, India, South Africa, and Japan. Before getting your hands on a new batch of fuzzy friends, let’s see about their Habitat, food Habits, and some fun facts about Rabbits.

Where do Rabbits Live?

Rabbit in a Burrow

Rabbit in A Burrow 

A place where animals and plants live is known as their habitat. Rabbits are ground dwellers and can live in places like grasslands, deserts, meadows, mountains, forests, and wetlands. They prefer to live around trees and shrubs, where they can easily dig a burrow deep into the soil. 

They live in warrens, which is a series of tunnels that they dig underground. Interestingly, these tunnels have many entrances so that they can escape in case a predator is chasing them. Their tunnel can go up to 10 feet deep and they prefer to live in groups with other rabbits.

Escape Points in a Burrow

Escape Points in A Burrow 

What do Rabbits Eat? 

Rabbits are herbivores, which means they eat plant-based foods. However, not all plants are safe for them. One mistake you might make is to give your rabbit lettuce - fresh or wilted - as it's a deadly favourite food. It's easy to feed a rabbit and a lot less expensive than feeding yourself. They eat plenty of hay, which has plenty of fibre and protein. Mix some pellets into the grasses (alfalfa or timothy) that you provide in the cage. This will help keep teeth trimming and give them something to nibble on other than just the leaves which could cause tooth decay when used in excess. Rabbits generally come out to collect their food either in the morning or in the evening, to avoid their predators.

Interesting Facts About Rabbits for Kids


Let’s know More About Me

Every species is different from the other and has distinctive and interesting features and facts. Following are some Rabbit Facts for kids that they will find informative.  

  • Their weight is between one pound and 16 pounds.

  • When the mother gives birth to the young ones, the kitten does not have fur on their body and their eyes are always closed.

  • A baby rabbit is called a kit, a female rabbit is called a doe, and the male rabbit is called a buck.

  • A group of rabbits is called a ‘herd.’

  • Rabbits are very social animals. 

  • Can you believe that, unlike other animals, rabbits have their eyes on the sides of their head? This helps them to see all around them and look out for their predators.

  • You will be amazed to know that the ears of rabbits can grow up to 10 centimetres in length and they can turn their ears 180 degrees and hear their surroundings better than any other animal.

  • They have long ears which help them detect danger from a long distance. 

Long Ears to Listen to Long-Distance Sounds

Long Ears to Listen to Long-Distance Sounds


In this article, we have learnt about Rabbits, their habitats, what kind of food they eat to keep themselves alive, and some interesting facts about Rabbits for kids. Rabbits are curious, lively, and intelligent animals. Their behaviours, habits, and eating patterns make them popular house pets in many countries. They are good pets because they are quiet, clean themselves regularly, and require minimal supervision. They are also associated with the famous festival “Easter”, which falls on a Sunday between 22 March and 25 April every year as they are considered a symbol of spring and re-birth.

FAQs on Rabbit Facts for Kids

1. What is the difference between a rabbit and a hare?

People often get confused between a rabbit and a hare.  Rabbits are born with eyes closed whereas hares are born with open eyes. Rabbits have no fur on their body when born and remain in the nest for a few days, whereas hares have hair all over their bodies and they start running after a few minutes of their birth. Rabbits live in groups but hares prefer to live alone. 

2. Can Rabbit see in the dark?

Rabbits can see quite well in the dark. The reason behind this is they are majorly awake at dusk and dawn.

3. Are rabbits rodents?

Though rabbits are wrongly classified as rodents, they are not rodents. Many rodents eat meat but rabbits live only on a plant-based diet. 

4. What is the classification of rabbits?

The Classification of Rabbits is given as follows:

  • Kingdom: Animalia

  • Phylum: Chordata

  • Subphylum: Vertebrata

  • Class: Mammalia

  • Order: Lagomorpha

  • Family: Leporidae