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Colouring Activity for Kids

Last updated date: 18th May 2024
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An Introduction

Who doesn't like colouring? It is so much fun to draw different things and fill them up with our favourite colours. It can be a flower, a fruit, an animal, or even a tree; everything looks so beautiful after colouring. Therefore, we have provided some colouring activities for you. We all have our favourite vegetables, don't we? So, in today’s activity, we will colour our favourite vegetables and fruits and cut them beautifully according to their shape to make a colourful plate of salads. 

So, are you excited about this activity? Let us have some fun colouring sessions.

Healthy Food Colouring Pages – Fun Activity for Kids

Below are a few of the colouring images which consist of healthy foods. Fill these fruits and vegetables with the correct colours. 

1. Identify the fruits and vegetables. Colour them correctly and cut out each item along with the bowl. Paste these vegetables and fruits to the bowl. Decorate it in another piece of paper and you have a colourful salad bowl with you.

A salad bowl for colouring

A salad bowl for colouring

2. Can you tell us a few names of healthy food? Healthy foods are something which gives us nutrition and are good for our health. We can eat them every day. Apples, bananas, salads, and all kinds of fruits and vegetables are considered as healthy food.

Colour this healthy food page and ask your parents to make you some healthy meals.

Healthy food

Healthy food 

3. Ever wondered how a plate full of all your favourite vegetables and healthy food would look like? The below activity consists of a picture of a nutrition plate. Colour each item carefully, cut out the nutrition plate, and then paste it on a white paper. You will now have a colourful plate with all your nutritious food.

Nutritious food

Nutritious food

4. We all love rainbows, they are so colourful. But have you ever tried to make a rainbow out of fruits? Yes, we can do that easily. Arrange all the fruits according to their colours like red, orange, yellow, green, and purple. Make the shape of a rainbow and we will get colourful rainbow fruits. 

The given picture consists of fruits and vegetables which are arranged in order of their colours. Fill these with colours and you will get your own rainbow fruit page.

Rainbow fruit and vegetables

Rainbow fruit and vegetables

This was a fun activity and we hope you enjoyed your colouring session with us. All these colouring pages can be downloaded easily in free PDFs and you can paste it on your walls and drawing books. You can also find some more colouring activities that are available on our website. 

FAQs on Colouring Activity for Kids

1. What are the benefits of colouring and drawing?

Colouring and drawing help the kids to know about all the common things that we see around us every day. They will get a clear idea of what a particular object looks like be it a fruit, an animal, a tree or even a bird. They will be familiar with different colours and their names.

2. How can you make colouring fun for your kids?

Kids love learning that involves activities and games. Therefore, one best way to teach them colouring is by involving them in activities which include colouring. You can also make a craft and ask your kid to colour it according to their choice. You can also ask your child to draw and colour any five vegetables or fruits that they see around the kitchen every day.