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CBSE Class 8 Political Science Worksheet Chapter 6 Parliament and the Making of Laws - PDF

VSAT 2023

CBSE Class 8 Political Science Worksheet Chapter 6 Parliament and the Making of Law - Free PDF With Solutions

Last updated date: 23rd Mar 2023
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It is not easy to convince students that learning can be fun too but not anymore. With the world being digitally advanced, it is only right that teachers and parents encourage the learners to use PDFs and worksheets to learn different chapters. And when it comes to SST, it is even more important to use PDFs for studying lessons like Parliament and The Making of Law. Since this chapter contains topics like law-making bodies, functions of parliament, houses of parliament etc., learners should use PDFs and worksheets to solve different questions/answers based on the topic to make the preparation easy.

Students might pop out this question that why do we need a parliament Class 8 worksheets pdf, so, the answer to this is that it can help them get good marks in exams. If they follow and focus on the chapter while taking help from the PDF, which is made according to the latest CBSE exam pattern, they can easily lengthy topics and secure high marks on tests.

Reasons Why Do We Need A Parliament Class 8 Worksheets PDF

Here are some reasons why students should use Class 8 worksheets and pdf to learn about this chapter:

  • Learning from the worksheets and pdf is hassle-free and safe as students do not have to worry about maintaining multiple notes and carrying papers with them every time they sit to study. In addition, it contains worksheets on why do we need a parliament and other important topics related to the lesson. 

  • PDFs are the new way of engaging learners in getting useful insights about the chapter. Students can use the PDFs to solve various exercises and ques/ans to grasp the topic in a better way. 

  • The PDFs are manageable and versatile, making understanding laws Class 8 worksheets and a summary of the chapter in it quick and easy. 

  • To get clarity on the tough topics, PDFs are the best options for the students of Class 8. PDFs not only contain high-quality study materials but also help in the right preparation.

Exercises and Examples on the Chapter Parliament and the Making of Law

Students can solve these exercises based on the chapter to help them learn the topic easily: 

1. Answer the following question in brief. 

  • What are the key differences between legislative and parliament?

  • Name the two houses of parliament.

  • Why did the national movement support the idea of giving voting rights to all adults?

  • Define the word constituency.

2. State true or false.

  • There are four houses of parliament.____

  • The House of the people is called Lok Sabha. ____

  • The British government was very good with the Indian citizens.___

  • The president is part of the legislative body of parliament.____

Grabe A Free PDF and Worksheets on Why do We Need A Parliament 

Students need to understand why do we need a parliament Class 8 worksheets PDF. Below given are some reasons to make students understand what the PDFs contain and how easily they can use them in their study sessions:

  • This chapter's PDFs are free and can be easily downloaded from the Vedantu website. 

  • It is easy for all learners to focus on the chapter in a better way if they use PDFs and worksheets because it contains various exercises related to the chapter like true/false, MCQs, short ques/ans, long ques/ans, and more.

  • PDFs are also easily accessible, which makes it easy for the students in understanding laws Class 8 worksheets and to remember the vital topics.

  • Students can also get the PDFs and worksheets printed to canary it with them. 

Lastly, we hope the students will incorporate the PDFs into their daily studying and learning routine. The subject matter experts at Vedantu have done all the major research before curating these PDFs for Class 8 students. These are based on the exam pattern and will help students to make their preparation easy and quick.

FAQs on CBSE Class 8 Political Science Worksheet Chapter 6 Parliament and the Making of Laws - PDF

1. What is the chapter Parliament is about?

The chapter parliament is about different laws, rules, and regulations in India. It teaches about various constitutional bodies and how the law affected the functioning of this country.

2. Name of the upper house of the parliament of India? 

The name of the upper house of the parliament of India is Rajya Sabha.

3. How many members are there in the lower house of the parliament?

There are 543 members in the lower house of the parliament.

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