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CBSE Class 8 Hindi Worksheet Chapter 15 Farsh Par - PDF


CBSE Class 8 Hindi Chapter 15 Farsh Par – Download Free PDFs with Solutions

Hindi is a pivotal part of the overall Class 8 syllabus. Students must have a firm grasp on the subject not only to score good marks in examinations but also because Hindi is the one of the two official languages of India. In addition, students have to choose one optional subject for Class 9 and 10 boards, and most of them decide on Hindi. Therefore, it is imperative that young minds recognize the importance of learning Hindi at a tender age and make concerted efforts to excel in the subject.

The 15th chapter of the Hindi NCERT ‘Durva’ textbook is titled ‘Farsh Par,’ meaning ‘on the floor’ or ‘flooring.’ The poem is written by Nirmala Garg, who throws light upon one of the most mundane aspects of our everyday lives – the floor of our house, and attempts to substantiate it with meaning and purpose.

The Hindi Farsh Par Class 8 poem is simple and relatable. However, a lot of children find Hindi to be quite challenging. It is in such a context that some extra assistance comes in handy. In today’s day and age, solely relying on NCERT textbooks and exercises is not enough. Young minds have to go the extra mile to excel in their academics. Ancillary study materials from reliable resources are a great way to help Class 8 students improve their command over Hindi.

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Farsh Par Poem Summary

The poem ‘Farsh Par’ begins with the poet Nirmala Garg highlighting the importance of the floor of our residence, and how it is an integral part of our everyday existence, although we do not pay it much heed. The poem then highlights the various ways in which the floor touches our lives, that is when little ‘Munna’ plays on it, when birds come and fidget with the straws on the floor, when our mothers clean the lentils and rice by sitting comfortably on the floor, and so forth. Consequently, the poet also talks about how the maid comes everyday to clean the floor.

In a nutshell, the tiny poem –‘Farsh Par’ helps us to gauge the significance of the ordinary elements that together constitute our lives. In addition, she highlights the role that a house cleaner has in keeping a household together. Thus, the meaning of the poem Farsh Par is a heartfelt eulogy about the humdrum of existence, weaved together by uneventful things like the ‘floor.’

Importance of Learning Hindi Chapter 15 Farsh Par Class 8 Poem 

  • The meaning of the poem Farsh Par helps us to appreciate the little things in life. 

  • The poem helps students learn various new Hindi words such as ‘mehri,’ ‘chindis,’ etc.

  • The poem also helps students get a better grasp on Hindi grammar and hone their overall skills.

  • The poem ‘Farsh Par’ highlights the importance of a house maiden and teaches children to be kind and gentle towards others.

As such, students should engage in Farsh Par question answer exercises to by-heart the poem, understand its nuances, and score good marks in examinations.

Example From Farsh Par Worksheet 

State the Meaning of the Following Hindi Words. 

  • Mehri – House cleaner 

  • Chindi – Small spots (of sunshine)

  • Biwai – Bursting of leather

Teachers and parents should ensure that students are receiving Farsh Par question answers exercises, summary, interesting facts, and likewise so that the learning process becomes easier.

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FAQs on CBSE Class 8 Hindi Worksheet Chapter 15 Farsh Par - PDF

1. Who is Nirmala Garg?

Nirmala Garg is the poet of ‘Farh Par.’

2. What does ‘Munna’ do on the floor?

Munna plays on the floor and naughtily reverses the bowl of food and runs away.

3. Why is the floor of our house important according to the poet?

The poet opines that the floor of our house is important because we pass our happiest and saddest moments sitting, standing, or lying on it.