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English Grammar for Class 8 The Article

Last updated date: 22nd Mar 2024
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Class 8 The Article English Grammar - Importance of English Grammar for Class 8 Students

English Grammar for Class 8 The Article is basically the study of grammar to excel in the English language. Thus, the students must take English Grammar as one of the core subjects quite seriously. Also, students who are further attempting to study for masters and higher education in the English language must not fuss with this subject at their basic levels. In these classes, learning effective grammar will take a student on a long career development path.

In this article, we will be studying Class 8 The Article English Grammar and we will be notifying you about the topics that are included in the Class 8 th English Grammar Syllabus 2023-24. Students must note that we are discussing the general syllabus for class 8 The Article English Grammar, you must once cross-check with your own respective school’s or board’s syllabus for 2023-24.

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In the following lesson, we are going to learn about The Article, what are Article, their uses, types, etc. with various examples. You are also provided with practice questions to assess yourself and test what you have learnt so far.

The Article

The Article


Article are Noun-Linked Demonstrative Adjectives. They can also be classified under determiners. Instead of characterising the noun, they serve the grammatical purpose of identifying it as a noun. A, an, and The are the three Article used in English. Article are used before nouns or their equivalents.

  • Before a noun, the definite article (the) is used to show that the reader is aware of the word's identity.

  • The indefinite article (a, an) will be used before such a noun when it is uncertain or whose identity is unclear.

  • The usage of Article ‘a’ and ‘an’ is also dependent on the alphabet of the noun word. If it starts with a vowel sound, Article ‘an’ is highly likely to be used. Whereas if the noun word starts with a consonant sound, Article ‘a’ is used. 

  • There are numerous cases where a noun can be used without an article.

Division of Article

Division of Article 

Types of Article

Definite Article(the):

The definite article is used before specific or particular nouns in the singular and plural. The prefix "the" denotes the word's specificity and its reference to a particular group member.

For instance:

The canine that bit me escaped. Here, we're referring to a particular canine—the one that bit me.

Use of Definite Article:

  • To Discuss a Specific Person or Item

When referring to a specific person or thing, the definite article 'the' is used.


  1. The book you desire is no longer available. (What novel? The desired one.)

  2. Come with me to the park. (In what park? Possibly the local one.)

  • Before a Single Noun Intended to Refer to the Entire Class

A singular noun is used with the definite article 'the' when it is intended to indicate the entirety of the class to which it belongs.


  1. A beneficial animal is the cow. (In this case, the singular noun cow designates an entire class.)

  2. The rose is the most delectable flower there is.

  3. Eight legs make up the spider.

  • Before the Titles of Certain Books

The Vedas and The Iliad are two examples.

  • Before Superlative Adjectives

Superlative adjectives are preceded by the definite article ‘the.’


  1. I have never seen the most pretty view.

  2. Which mountain is the tallest in the world?

  • Before Ordinal Number


  1. Who received the first Nobel Prize for a woman?

  2. The second part of the show was more thrilling than the first.

  • Before Musical Instruments


  1. The flute playing skills are acquired by him.

  2. She wants to play the guitar.

Indefinite Article:

An article that refers to a noun without defining it or that refers to a noun to first introduce it is known as an indefinite article.

There are only two basic indefinite Article in English: a and an.

‘An’ is typically used before a word that begins with a vowel sound whereas ‘a’ is typically used before a word that begins with a consonant sound of the first letter of the noun word.

For instance:

  • On the ground, she discovered a penny. P (which is a consonant)

  • He consumed an apple. (The vowel 'a' is.)

Exception in Use of Indefinite Article:

  • Words which Sounds Like ‘You’

Many words sound like they begin with a vowel but don't. These situations call for the use of Article ‘a’ since the initial sound, which sounds like "you," is a consonant. Words like these include

  1. A union

  2. A European vacation

  3. A URL

  4. A eulogy

  • Words with the W Sound

Words that have a consonant sound like "w" but start with the letter "o" are another example of consonant-sound words masquerading as vowel words. The only terms in the English language that fulfil this definition are one and one.


  1. That was a one-time idea.

  2. It's a once-in-a-lifetime chance.

  3. A one-on-one discussion took place.

  • H-Starting Word

These nouns employ Article ‘an’ despite all having the consonant "h" as their first letter:


  1. an honorary

  2. an heir 

  3. an hourglass

Omission of Article

Omission of Article 

Omission of Article

The English language uses Article in many sentences. However, there are some situations in which an article is not appropriate.


  • Article are prohibited from being placed in front of proper nouns.

Eg. Delhi is India's capital.

  • Languages do not require Article before them. 

Eg. Within a year, I had mastered Japanese.

  • Before being a common term used in its most basic sense.

Eg. Many different forms of machinery are made out of iron.

  • The names of the subjects, such as mathematics, biology, economics, etc., are not preceded by Article. 

Eg. His passion for mathematics is something I dislike.

  • When terms like "nature," "science," "death," "life," etc. are used in a general sense, we eliminate Article.

Eg. Nature effortlessly abides by its own set of rules.

  • Before the names of meals like lunch, supper, etc., we avoid using Article. 

Eg. Did you eat dinner?

And in many other cases.

Difficult Word with Meaning












The term "article" is used to indicate a noun's position as a noun without more explanation. An article is a word that modifies a noun, which can be a noun for a person, place, thing, or idea. Given that they offer specific information about the noun they precede, Article are a crucial component of the English language. Writing Article allows you to spread knowledge to a global audience and is crucial since readers may accurately connect their own experiences and opinions to the content of these Article.

Practice Questions:

Fill the Gaps with Necessary Article if Required.

1. I'd love to ask ___query right now.

2. Today is ___ lovely day.

3. Mohini is employed with __ job.

4. _____road was being crossed by __man.

5. She has a job.

6. At ___ centre of ___ square sits __colossal statue of Rani Lakshmibai.

7. Yours is____ amazing tale.

8. What city is ____Statue of Unity located in?

9. He is a member of __separate philosophical movement.

10. Do you know ___ location of ___ library?

11. She is __ chemistry MSc.

12. Rashmi is ___ really special girl.

13. She wasn't in ___ mood to crack jokes.

14. This is ___privilege for me.

15. ___ apple and ___mango cannot be compared.

16. Each one of them is ___ distinctive fruit.


1. I'd love to ask a query right now.

2. Today is a lovely day.

3. Mohini is employed with a job.

4. The road was being crossed by a man.

5. She has a job.

6. At the centre of the square sits a colossal statue of Rani Lakshmibai.

7. Yours is an amazing tale.

8. What city is the Statue of Unity located in?

9. He is a member of a separate philosophical movement.

10. Do you know the location of the library?

11. She is a chemistry MSc.

12. Rashmi is a really special girl.

13. She wasn't in the mood to crack jokes.

14. This is a privilege for me.

15. An apple and a mango cannot be compared.

16. Each one of them is a distinctive fruit.

Benefits of Learning The Article in Class 8 English Grammar

Article are modifiers that come before nouns or noun phrases. By using Article, the meaning of the noun in a sentence becomes clear.

  • Article form an essential part of the English language and they provide information about the nouns they precede.

  • Many students struggle with the correct usage of a, an, and Article. Hence, it becomes mandatory to learn Article as a separate module to solidify knowledge of English grammar.

  • Article tell us if we are talking about a specific thing or in general and they can modify the meaning of a sentence by the way Article are placed.

Examples of Use of Article for Class 8

Some of the ways that practice exercises in Class 8 English are formed are illustrated below:

  • Use of “a” and “an” before naming words:

    • —---- lion

    • —--- doctor

    • —---- engine

  • Fill in the blanks with a, an, or the:

    • I see —--- lion

    • This is —-- apple

    • —-- moon is shining

Facts about Article for Class 8

  • An article is a word used to identify noun or noun phrases (which precedes the noun or noun phrase) as being general or specific.

  • Article are of two different types:

  • Indefinite Article - "a" and "an" are indefinite Article that refer to something in general such as "I ate an apple", "The girls are sitting on a bench", etc. 

  • Definite article - "The" is the definite article that refers to something specific, for example "The moon is shining", "The Red Fort is in New Delhi", etc. You can use definite Article with singular, plural, or uncountable nouns.

  • Some tricks to use the correct article for a given noun are:

  • Check if the noun is singular, plural, countable, uncountable, definite, or indefinite. A countable noun will have more than one instance such as "exam" since you can have more than one exam held at the end of a year. But a word like "concentration" is not countable as you can not quantify concentration in 1s, 2s, or any other number. 

  • Some words can both be countable or uncountable nouns depending on the way they are used in a sentence.

  • You can identify a definite noun by clarifying if you are referring to a specific instance or instances of an entity. For example, in the below sentence, the word "fear" is preceded by both an indefinite and definite article.

“Before I started school I had a fear of exams, but I fought the fear later”

In the first part of the sentence, the writer talks about a former fear, and in the later part, s/he is referring to that specific fear.

  • Use the following table to choose the correct article:





The (The exam was easy)

a, an (I have an exam today)


The (The final exams are here)

NA (Exams are part of life)





The (The importance of my mother in my life is huge)

NA (There is a lot of importance of having fun in life)

Important Topics of Class 8 English The Article

You will learn the following in the use of article for Class 8:

  • What are Article and how to use a, an, and the in sentences?

  • Fill in the blanks with the correct article.

  • Identifying the correct article for naming words.

  • Understanding vowels and consonants and how to use a and an for them.

NCERT Solutions - Class 8 The Article English Grammar Solution

NCERT Solutions for English Grammar serves as a comprehensive solution book for the students of Class 8 who are willing to expertise in the English Grammar subject.

The Class 8th English Grammar syllabus is comprehensively mentioned in this NCERT Solutions. Exhaustive Class 8 Grammar topics are present in the NCERT Solutions. Also, this is to be ensured that students from any board can refer to the NCERT Solutions for English Grammar Class 8 The Article.