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English Grammar Class 8 Interrogative Sentence

Last updated date: 19th Apr 2024
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Download Free PDF with Solution of Interrogative Sentences for Class 8

Interrogative sentences don’t sound complicated, right? This sentence was an interrogative sentence in itself. You might be perplexed, but don’t you worry, this common difficulty happens to the best of us. In English, interrogative sentences come under different types of sentences and play an equally important role in grammar. Once you’ve mastered them, they’ll soon help you communicate words with great grammatical precision, improving your grammar skills as you progress to higher classes.

To begin with, what is an interrogative sentence? It is used to ask a question and ends with a question mark. In interrogative sentences for Class 8 English grammar, students learn how to form and identify interrogative sentences.

English Grammar Class 8 Interrogative Sentence - PDF will be uploaded soon

Benefits of Learning Interrogative Sentences in Class 8 English Grammar

  • Interrogative sentences are reformers that automatically transform a sentence into a question. Its usage displays the topic and mood of inquiry distinctly.

  • They form part of the core of English, expressing curiosity and awareness that may or may not be answered.

  • Many students grapple with it, so learning about interrogative sentences as a separate topic will magnify their hold and understanding of English grammar, aided by the interrogative sentences exercises PDF.

  • Interrogative sentences tell us if they are being interrogative about a specific thing in general, cleverly playing with the meaning according to the style of questioning.

  • Students can understand this grammatical concept through various interrogative sentences exercises with answers that test their skills.

Examples of Usage of Interrogative Sentences for Class 8

These are a few examples of interrogative sentence exercises:

1. Form interrogative sentences of your own with the words given:

  • Mother, photos. -

  • Woods, creatures. -

  • Room, kitchen. -

2. Rewrite/Change the following into interrogative sentences -

  • The cat purred happily.

  • I broke her favourite vase.

  • He used to work as a violinist.

Interesting Facts About Interrogative Sentences for Class 8

  • There are four types of interrogative sentences. (Verbal, Wh-questions, Tag, and Choice)

  • Verbal questions are simple one-word-answerable questions, mostly a: yes or no” type. (Are you a knight?)

  • Wh-type questions begin with wh-words such as who, what, why, where, when, which, whom, whose, and how. (Where were you last night?)

  • Tag questions are those that end with very short questions after a supposed statement. (You did confess your crime, didn’t you?)

  • Choice questions always contain the answers to the question itself, offering options for the related topic. Eg: Did you go to the hospital or cemetery?

Important Topics of Class 8 Interrogative Sentences

The following are the topics you will be learning in interrogative sentences exercises PDF-

  • What is an interrogative sentence and how to use it?

  • Form your own interrogative sentence example with the words given below.     

  • Identifying the types of interrogative sentences.

  • How to rewrite/change any sentence into an interrogative sentence.

Why Should You Choose Class 8 English Grammar Free PDF Download?

  • You can download the free PDF of all exercises and explanations of interrogative sentences for Class 8 from Vedantu's website.

  • The PDF will easily help you understand interrogative sentences and their types.

  • Printing the PDF is much better if you need a quick revision before your exam. 

  • You will find many interrogative sentence exercises, such as change into interrogative sentence exercises, form your own interrogative sentences, identify the different types of interrogative sentences, etc, which will come in handy for your exam preparations.

The subject matter professionals at Vedantu have provided grammar worksheets, and interrogative sentences exercises PDF which adhere to the learning minds of Class 8 and help them quickly grasp the theories of English Grammar Interrogative Sentence with ease. Download the PDF to learn from expert-curated matter and score brilliantly.

FAQs on English Grammar Class 8 Interrogative Sentence

1. How do you form a tag question?

Tag questions are statements followed by questioning. The questioning words will always be in the “verb+subject” form. (You aren’t the last born, are you?)

2. What tense will an interrogative question be in?

An interrogative sentence can be in any tense, be it past, present, or future. For example: Did you celebrate your birthday last night? Are you celebrating your birthday tonight? Will you be celebrating your birthday this weekend?

3. Can interrogative sentences confirm anything positive or negative?

Interrogative sentences can either be affirmative or negative. Here is an interrogative sentence example for the same: Why did the coach kick you out?