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English Grammar for Class 7 The Preposition

Last updated date: 09th Apr 2024
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Class 7 The Preposition English Grammar - Importance of English Grammar for Class 7 Students

English Grammar for Class 7 The Preposition is basically the study of grammar to excel in the English language. Thus, the students must take English Grammar as one of the core subjects quite seriously. Also, students who are further attempting to study for masters and higher education in the English language must not fuss with this subject at their basic levels. In these classes, learning effective grammar will take a student on a long career development path.

In this article, we will be studying Class 7 The Preposition English Grammar and we will be notifying you about the topics that are included in the Class 7 th English Grammar Syllabus 2023-24. Students must note that we are discussing the general syllabus for Class 7 The Preposition English Grammar, you must once cross-check with your own respective school’s or board’s syllabus for 2023-24.

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In today's lesson, We will discuss prepositions. We will begin with understanding Prepositions and their types. Then we will see some examples of prepositions. Moving ahead we will learn about prepositions. Practice questions and solved examples are given throughout the article for better understanding and concept clarity. We will also see some difficult Words with their meanings. Let's begin the journey on this amazing topic.




A preposition is a phrase that is located earlier than a noun or a pronoun and establishes the positional relation with different phrases within the sentence. Many prepositions tell us when something is or where something happened. 

Examples of Preposition  

1. The pencils are in the box.

2. There is a door to your left.

3. Hide under the tree.



Types of Preposition

There are three types of Prepositions.

Types of Preposition

Types of Preposition

1. Preposition of  Time 

2. Preposition of  Place

3. Preposition of Movements and Direction.

1. Preposition of Time

The proposition of time shows the different aspects of time. In other words, prepositions of time are used to show when something is happening. Prepositional phrases are words that come before a noun or pronoun and explain the relationship between two words. Events that happen all at once or over a long period of time can be described by a preposition of time.

The Prepositions of time include: in, at, by, during, for, between, on, until, since, and before.

Examples of Prepositions of time:

1. The shop closes at midnight.

2. Jane went home at lunchtime.

3. In England, it often snows in December.

4. Will we go to Saturn in the future?

5. There should be a lot of developments in the next century.

6. Do you work on Mondays?

7. Her birthday is on 20 November.

8. Where will you be on New Year's Day?

2. Preposition of Place

The Preposition of Place shows the different aspects of places. Prepositions of place describe the relationship between two objects or people. Utilizing prepositions of place allows you to point someone in the right direction. In other words, we can justify it as it indicates the place or position of something.

These kinds of adjectives include: under, in, on, above, at, below, among, and behind.

Examples of Prepositions of Places:

1. The telephone is by the window.

2. We lay beside the swimming pool to dry off in the sun.

3. The new shopping center is close to the railway station.

4. There is a gulf between the two cities.

5. The girl quickly disappeared from the crowd.

6. Our house is located in front of the city hospital. 

7. The horse fell behind in the race.

8. We slept under the open sky.

3. Preposition of Movement and Direction 

The proposition of movement and direction shows the movement from one place to another which describes the direction of the places. These prepositions include: through, too, towards, along, across, onto, etc.

Examples of Prepositions of Movement and Direction 

1. Towards refers to a particular direction.

2. She glanced towards the mirror.

3. The cat ran away from the dog and escaped.

4. The car crashed into the wall.

5. The police took my driving license from me.

6. They went up onto the stage.

7. The cat jumped over the wall.


Difficult Word with Meaning    




A word naming an attribute of a noun such as sweet, blue and mechanical.

Positional relation

The relationship between any two positions.


A group of words that express a single idea but do not form a complete sentence.


In this chapter, we have started with the definition of prepositions. Prepositions are words used in front of nouns or pronouns to indicate their relationship to other nouns, adjectives, or adverbs in the phrase. Prepositions are uncommon, but they are important because they act as sentence structural markers, indicating particular connections between subjects, objects, and locations. Prepositions help provide precise time, location, and direction when providing information about a noun using proper sentences, so proper preposition usage is essential. Practice Questions along with the answers and the vocabulary of difficult words used in the chapter are discussed at the end.

Practice Questions

Fill in the blanks with accurate prepositions given in the bracket.

1. Let us go and sit ____  the back seat of the classroom. (in, on)

2. Hine lives _____ Mumbai. (at, in)

3. Some boxes are kept_____ the table. (at, on)

4. We reach office _______ 9:00 am sharp. (at, on)

5. He is sitting _______ on his computer. (along, in front of)

6. His brother fell _____ the mud. (into, on)

7. I drive my car ______ this well-famous tunnel almost every day. (through, under)

8. He lived in New York _______ 2013. (from, since)

9. I waited for him ______ 9 pm. (on, until)

10. The trees are lined up _____ the road. (from, along)


1. Let us go and sit in the back seat of the classroom. 

2. Hine lives in Mumbai. 

3. Some boxes are kept on the table.

4. We reach the office at 9:00 am sharp. 

5. He is sitting in front of his computer. 

6. His brother fell into the mud.

7. I drive my car through this well-famous tunnel almost every day.

8. He has lived in New York since 2013. 

9. I waited for him until 9 pm. 

10. The trees are lined up along the road. 

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