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English Grammar for Class 7 Story Writing

Last updated date: 14th Apr 2024
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Class 7 Story Writing English Grammar - Importance of English Grammar for Class 7 Students

English Grammar for Class 7 Story Writing is basically the study of grammar to excel in the English language. Thus, the students must take English Grammar as one of the core subjects quite seriously. Also, students who are further attempting to study for masters and higher education in the English language must not fuss with this subject at their basic levels. In these classes, learning effective grammar will take a student on a long career development path.

In this article, we will be studying Class 7 Story Writing English Grammar and we will be notifying you about the topics that are included in the Class 7 th English Grammar Syllabus 2023-24. Students must note that we are discussing the general syllabus for Class 7 Story Writing English Grammar, you must once cross-check with your own respective school’s or board’s syllabus for 2023-24.

English Grammar for Class 7 Story Writing Download Free PDF

In this chapter we are going to develop our story writing skills, how to improve them, and tips for writing better and more effective stories. You are provided with various examples of different stories as well as practice questions to assess yourself.

English Grammar

English Grammar

Story writing:

The skill of telling stories has been used for ages to amuse, instruct, and inform people. Different subgenres, or stories with distinctive qualities or characteristics, might occasionally be used to tell the same kind of story. A short story, for instance, can be non-science fiction rather than scientific fantasy.

Story Elements

Story Elements 

Elements of a Story:

1. Setting:

When and how the incident occurred are specified by the setting. The five senses of sight, smell, taste, feel, and sound is all taken into consideration while writing a good setting. 

2. Characters:

Characters are the life and soul of any story. Any individual, animal, or object that may be personified can appear as a character in a story. There may be one or more main characters, depending on the author. The reader experiences the narrative from the characters' points of view.

Elements of a Plot.

Elements of a Plot.

3. Plot

An ordered pattern or series of events that go into creating a story is called a plot. A plot has five main components:

1. In the exposition, the setting, the conflict (or issue), and the characters are all introduced.

2. Rising Action: Occurrences brought on by the main battle.

3. The height of the drama and suspense occurs at the story's conclusion.

4. Falling Action: At this point, the character begins to address the problem and the conflict lessens.

5. Resolution: This is the point at which the disagreement is settled and all unfinished business is wrapped up.

4. Conflict:

A conflict between two opposing factions in a narrative. The plot's primary structure is formed by it. Conflict can occur within or outside. Any outside influence can cause external conflict, whereas internal conflict originates within the character's mind.

5. Theme:

The story's theme is the main notion that the author is attempting to get through to the reader. It is the takeaway the reader has from the story. Sometimes readers have to work hard to understand the main point that the author is trying to make by describing the characters' deeds or modes of thought.


Draft a short story using the provided hints:

Under the guidance of a lion—two animals—a wolf and a fox—went buffalo hunting and killed a buffalo—The fox split the buffalo into four halves—The lion roared to drive one portion of the prey away — to claim a different portion—As your leader, I made a third-party claim for my cubs' desire to battle me for the fourth and take it—departed silently.


A lion’s Scheme

A lion once led a bear, wolf, and fox on a hunting expedition. They captured and slaughtered a buffalo quite quickly. The buffalo is divided into four pieces by the fox. The animals were anxiously anticipating their turns at the food.

As I was your hunting partner, I am entitled to a portion of the prey. Because I served as your leader, I also claim a bit. I want the third component for my cubs, therefore I'm claiming it. Come on, wrestle me for the fourth portion if you want it.

The lion was given access to all four portions of the prey by the bear, wolf, and fox before they silently left.

Difficult Words with Meanings: 










Meant to or being intentional


The best stories are well-told and focus on a topic that the listener feels is important or relevant. The best stories seem to be more thorough. Writing a story is a good way to keep the reader interested. Storytelling has been around for a very long time; our grandparents, parents, and grandmothers all grew up hearing tales, and they continue to do so for future generations. Writing a story is essentially the expression of the author's imagination. It involves a great deal of imaginative creation of a brand-new, alien universe that may or may not exist. But it's the finest way to kill time, pick up new skills, spend time with loved ones, and draw in listeners. It's also the most effective way to impart morality to others.

Practice Questions

1. Draft a story on the provided points:

Old farmer with lazy sons…… Peasant is dying…… called each of his sons. told them about a treasure that was buried in the fields…….. When they died, their sons dug the entire plot of land………but no hidden wealth materialized……..Corn is an excellent crop……..What lesson have the sons learned?


The Secret Chest

A farmer had numerous sons. However, they were all sluggish and didn't assist him on the farm. The peasant fell ill one day. He was aware that he was going to pass away. As a result, he gathered all of his sons and told them, "A treasure is hidden in my grounds. However, you will need to dig deep to find it.

Peasant passed away. His boys immediately went to the grounds and searched every square inch of the terrain, but they turned up nothing.

They were dejected. They cultivated the corn after the rains soon came because the ground had been prepared well.

That year's crop was exceptional. Now that the sons knew what their father meant by treasure. Now that the sons knew what their father intended by treasure. Only by working hard could the prize be obtained.

Moral: Success through hard work is more worthy than being handed to you. 

2. Draft a story with the clues provided:

Boy joins undesirable company……. Father comes apples, puts them in the pantry……… scatters a rotten apple among them…… and the next day, all the apples are rotten……..This teaches a lesson……Moral


Surroundings and Company Matters

A boy once mixed with the wrong crowd. He started wasting time. His dad was troubled by it. He made every attempt to put him on the correct course, but it was in vain.

The father had an idea one day. He made a market purchase of some fresh apples. He also purchased one bad apple. After that, he told his son to put the apples in the cabinet. The young man carried out this.

The father requested his son to deliver all the apples the following day. When the boy reached the pantry, he was horrified to see that every apple was rotten. One rotten apple ruined all the good ones, the father declared. Rusty apples are like bad buddies. They'll indulge you. The young guy recognized everything. He quickly stopped hanging out with bad people and returned to being a decent boy.

Moral: A terrible company is worse than being alone yourself.

NCERT Solutions - Class 7 Story Writing Grammar Solution

NCERT Solutions for English Grammar serves as a comprehensive solution book for the students of Class 7 Story Writing who are willing to expertise in the English Grammar subject.

The Class 7th English Grammar syllabus is comprehensively mentioned in this NCERT Solutions. Exhaustive Class 7 Grammar topics are present in the NCERT Solutions. Also, this is to ensure that students from any board can refer to the NCERT Solutions for English Grammar Class 7 Story Writing.