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English Grammar Class 7 Message Writing

Last updated date: 12th Apr 2024
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English Grammar Class 7 Message Writing - Download Free PDF with Solution

A message refers to a short and to-the-point piece of information and it can be both in verbal and written form. When a piece of information is presented in a written form following a specific format, it is called message writing. 

This type of message is generally written to provide information about a conversation or any urgent message to a third person. Like, if someone has called your father and was unable to contact him and gave you a message for your father. In this case, you may leave a written message for your father conveying the information. 

Do you know what message writing is? Do you know What is the format of message writing is? If not, this article will guide you to learn everything about message writing.

English Grammar Class 7 Message Writing - PDF will be uploaded soon

Format of Message Writing for Class 7 CBSE

In English grammar, message writing has specific formats which ensure that the message is short and written courteously. Message writing can be both formal and informal. Here is the format of message writing for class 7 CBSE


A heading is a must for message writing. The word ‘Message’ needs to be written as a heading at the top of the message.


The date when the message is written is placed on the left side of the page.


The time of the message writing is placed either under the date or on the right side of the page.


Before starting a message, the name of the person to whom the message is addressed has to be placed. 


Under the date time, the main message is written very shortly. 

Sender’s Name

The sender's name is written under the main body of the message.


1 August, 20XY                       

10:10 AM

Mr/Mrs. XYZ

Main Body

Sender’s Name             

Benefits of Learning Message Writing 

  • Learning message writing is very important as it helps to convey an urgent message in a short and specific form. 

  • Formal message writings help to communicate with bosses, colleagues, and other authoritative people in the office.

Examples of Message Writing - Message Writing Questions for Class 7

Let's check out message writing questions for class 7 as follows:

Ques. You are Joe. Your sister’s friend Monica called her when your sister was outside. You received the call, and Monica told you to inform your sister that she will be late for their music class tomorrow. As you must go out before your sister comes home, leave a short message addressing her. 


3rd August 2022

11:45 AM 

Dear Sister

Your friend Monica from your music class called you when you were outside. She informed me that you don’t have to wait for her to go to your music class tomorrow as she will be late. 


Tips and Tricks for Writing Message 

  • Try to write the message short and to the point expressing the important information. The main body of the message should be around 50 words.

  • Use simple words for the message. Avoid very long sentences.

  • Don’t add any extra and irrelevant information to the message.

Important Topics for Message Writing 

In this chapter, we will learn the following topics for message writing

  • What is message writing?

  • What is the format of message writing?

  • Tips and tricks to writing a proper message

Benefit of Class 7 English Message Writing Free PDF Download

  • You can get the free pdf of message writing which has a detailed guide to write a perfect message.

  • You can find message writing for class 7 worksheet that helps practice thoroughly before exams.

  • The format of message writing is described with a wide range of questions of message writing for class 7 with answers in the free PDF

  • You can print the PDF and practice the message writing exercise.

The SMEs at Vedantu have discussed all the tricks and tips of message writing with utmost care. They have provided various message writing examples- formal and informal message writing- to help class 7 students learn message writing.

FAQs on English Grammar Class 7 Message Writing

1. Should I write a message in a box?

Yes, a message: both a formal and informal message need to be written in a box.

2. Can I use quotations in a message?

No, quotations are not used in a message as they consist of short and straightforward words and convey the main information within a limited word limit. A message is always written in an indirect and reported speech.

3. What is the word limit of a message?

A message is always short and to the point. The main body of the message should not exceed 50 words.