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English Grammar Class 7 Integrated Exercises

Last updated date: 23rd May 2024
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English Grammar Class 7 Integrated Exercises - Download Free PDF with Solution

Integrated exercises are the major topic for the class 7th students in their examinations. As they became higher-class students, they were all aware of all the basic grammar topics in the English language. Hence to enrich their grammatical skills, the Central Board has introduced integrated grammar exercises for class 7. These are of different types. Especially the integrated term itself indicates that a group of questions will be given in the examination paper in a consolidated manner. Let us explore these integrated exercises for class 7 and their types etc.

English Grammar Class 7 Integrated Exercises - PDF will be uploaded soon

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Importance of Integrated Exercises for Class 7

The advantage level of examining the grammar topics is nothing but integrated exercises in English grammar. As the champs are growing, they can identify the meaning parts of speech, verb forms, etc. in huge paragraphs. So after getting thorough knowledge on solving simple sentences, the Central Board has taken the initiative to give huge paragraphs to the class 7th students. Practising this integrated grammar will become an additional benefit for the students to develop their language skills. 

  • Integrated grammar exercises for class 7 help the students understand the gist of the paragraph and identify the tenses, verb forms, and how the word needs to be placed according to the contextual way.

  • Also, by gaining knowledge on these integrated exercises for class 7, they can understand the poetic skills of how different writers narrate the concept in multiple ways. It develops fluency in their language and gets a grip on vocabulary. 

  • Children can start writing poems, stories, journals, etc., by getting command of these integrated exercises. 

  • As finding errors is one of the integrated exercises, they can rectify their mistakes and how the sentences can be arranged properly, etc. 

Examples of Class 7 English Grammar Exercises

Different types of integrated exercises have different exercises. A few of them are as follows

Man’s increases by hard work. e.g. Man’s practice increases

If he does not do it, his practice suffers. (a) _______

The lawyer is judged on the cases that he wins. (b) _______

The writer is examined (c) _______

by the of the readers and critics; whereas (d) _______

the typists tested by his speed (e) _______

and the accuracy of his work. (f) _______


(a) not do it

(b) judged by the

(c) writer’s writing is

(d) the opinion of

(e) typist’s work is

(f) accuracy of his

Important Topics of Integrated Grammar Exercises for Class 7

The integrated grammar for class 7 has various types that include - 

  • Rearranging Sentences and phrases.

  • Finding Errors.

  • Fill in the blanks with correct words.

  • Placing the missing terms in the sentence.

  • Indirect speech for the given direct speech and vice-versa. 

  • Placing the correct verb forms.

Download a Free PDF of Integrated Grammar Exercises for Class 7

Though the students are great seven, all the students are unable to understand the topic instantly. That's the reason for downloading a free PDF from the Vedantu official website to get enough practice, understand the topic, and clarify doubts whenever possible. Downloading a free PDF of integrated grammar exercises for class 7 is quite simple.

  • Without bothering with the power and internet connections, taking a hard copy of a free PDF is very beneficial to practice in their feasible time, and they can take it wherever they want.

  • The well-experienced subject matter experts use simple language to get understood by the low-level student also.

  • Also, the integrated exercises for class 7 have detailed explanations for every topic. The subject matter experts provide plenty of examples to practice, model self-assessment exercises, and the key solutions to rectify their mistakes. 

  • Also, the subject tutors were available to clarify the students' doubts through chat or voice round the clock. 

Vedantu can provide a free PDF of integrated exercises for class 7 students for an easy and enthusiastic way of learning full stops. Students can understand easily and get throwing practice on every type of integrated exercise.

FAQs on English Grammar Class 7 Integrated Exercises

1. What do you mean by edition and omission in integrated exercise?

In integrated exercises for class 7, the editing path specifies that a wrong word needs to be replaced by a correct word. On the other hand, permission refers to the cutoff part from the given sentences, whether it may be an article on verb form or extra adjective, or any other need to be removed from the sentence to get a proper format. 

2. Is it easy to get a good score in the class 7 English examination? 

Of course, it is easy to get a very good score in the English examination. The integrator exercises seem complex but are a mixture of various grammar points. Once the student has enough command by practice in the Vedantu PDF on each topic of grammar, then it is very easy to solve integrated exercises. 

3. How can we identify the errors in the error correction exercises? 

In the error correction exercises, first of all, students need to check the tense verb form and whether appropriate prepositions, adverbs, adjectives, etc., were used or not. After verifying every word, it is easy to identify where the error has been. Then we can find out the error in the sentence.