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English Grammar Class 7 Conjunctions - PDF

Last updated date: 17th Apr 2024
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Download Free PDF with Solutions of English Grammar for Class 7 - Conjunctions

English grammar is a vast subject, and conjunction is one of the most important topics in English. It is vital to clearly understand the fundamentals of conjunction so that students can form more complex and lengthy sentences in higher classes. In the chapter of conjunctions, class 7 students will learn how to connect several words, broader concepts and ideas to form interesting and compelling sentences.

Conjunction words are joining words; they are used to combine two clauses, phrases, words or sentences. With the help of the right study material and conjunction exercises for Class 7, students can easily understand the concept of conjunction. They can convey more prompt, meaningful and elegant sentences without writing multiple short sentences.

English Grammar Class 7 Conjunctions - PDF will be uploaded soon

What Is the Importance of Learning Conjunction in Class 7?

A conjunction is a part of speech, and there are hundreds of joining words that everyone uses daily in conversation. Here are a few points that will explain why it is important to learn and understand the conjunction:

  • Conjunction makes English clear and easy to understand. It is important to understand different conjunction words because they help understand how to use the language most accurately and elaborately.

  • By solving conjunction exercises for Class 7, students will understand the importance of complementary or reciprocal clauses and phrases for example- either or, neither nor, not only but also, etc. 

  • Conjunction words can be effectively used to start a new sentence or paragraph. It is vital to properly understand different conjunction words as they bring a natural flow and rhythm to your writing.

Different Types of Conjunctions

Here are the explanations of the different types of conjunction which help students understand the use of joining words in a better way.  

Cumulative Conjunction

By understanding cumulative conjunction, students can easily solve conjunction exercises for Class 7. In simple words, cumulative conjunctions are used to join two different sentences or facts together. Cumulative conjunctions are and, as well as, no less than, not only-but also, both, etc. 

Example - Sugar and salt look the same.

Alternative Conjunction

Alternative Conjunction is in the alternation or as a choice in a sentence. Alternative conjunctions are either or, neither, or, elsewhere, otherwise, etc. 

Example- Hurry up or you will miss the bus.

Adversative Coordinate Conjunction

These types of conjunctions are used when there is a contrast between two sentences. Adversative coordinate conjunctions are but, nevertheless, still/yet, while/whereas etc.

Example- He is smart but he is shy.

Subordinate Conjunction 

Subordinate conjunctions are used to link two independent or dependent clauses. Subordinate conjunctions are before, while, after, as soon as, until etc.

Example- Do not open the door until I come.

Some Conjunction Questions for Class 7 

Here are different exercises and conjunction questions for Class 7. Students can understand the concept of conjunction easily by practising these questions: 

Exercise 1- Fill in the Blanks with Appropriate Conjunctions  for Class7

  • She is injured ____ she is careful

  • Zara works hard _____ her brother is lazy

  • She went to the shop ____ bought some apples

  • _____ Sid ____ Sameer passed the test

Exercise 2- Choose the Correct Conjunction

  • I did my best to score good on my Maths test ____ I failed. (so/yet)

  • Stay quiet ___ you will get caught. (Or/not)

  • We called Ram ___ he did not pick up. (but/therefore)

  • You can order Chinese ___ Mexican I don't mind. (Or/both)

Important Topics in the Chapter - Conjunctions

Here is an overview of the different topics students will learn in the chapter conjunctions:

  • What are conjunction words? 

  • Different types of conjunction.

  • How to use different types of conjunction words in the sentence with the help of conjunctions exercises for Class 7 with answers.

  • How to correctly use a conjunction to link independent or dependent clauses together.

  • Difference between subordinate and coordinating conjunction.

  • Different exercises like fill in the blanks with appropriate conjunctions for Class 7 students.

Grab the Free PDF with Worksheet of Conjunctions for Class 7 - Advantageous 

A free PDF for the chapter conjunction will help students clearly understand the topic at their convenience

  • Students can download the free pdf from the website and revise different types of joining words and examples.

  • The free PDF contains multiple conjunctions exercises for Class 7 with answers.

  • The PDF content will help students clear any last-minute doubts regarding the topic as it is easily accessible.

  • The PDF has the explanation of the chapter in easy and elaborated language with a practice worksheet of conjunction for Class 7 students.

There are many complex and hard-to-understand types of conjunction. Therefore, the experts at Vedantu have created a guide on the chapter conjunction in a free downloadable PDF that contains conjunctions exercises for Class 7 with answers. It will help 7th class students to study difficult topics with ease as well as apply them to perform brilliantly in exams.

FAQs on English Grammar Class 7 Conjunctions - PDF

1. Why is it important to learn different conjunction words?

Learning different conjunction words will clear the fundamentals of making more complex and bigger sentences in higher classes. Conjunctions are joining words that help to write two sentences or phrases together.  In addition, students can solve worksheets with conjunction exercises to understand the chapter in a better way. 

2. What are some examples of subordinate conjunctions?

Some examples of subordinate conjunctions are while, as soon as, before etc.  

3. What are the two main types of conjunctions?

Two main types of conjunctions are Subordinate and Coordinate conjunctions.