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CBSE Class 7 English Worksheet Chapter 2 A Gift of Chappals

Last updated date: 18th Jul 2024
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CBSE Class 7 English Worksheet Chapter 2 A Gift of Chappals – Download Free PDFs with Solutions

Learning English is an essential part of a student’s academic journey. Besides being important for scoring good marks, command over English is required for personality development, confidence boosting, and so forth. Being a global language, the significance of English is pivotal as it is required in every sphere of a child’s life. Therefore, it is essential that children start focusing on their grammar, vocabulary, and comprehension skills from a tender age.

Access Worksheet for English Class 7 Chapter 2- A Gift of Chappals

1. Fill in the blanks:

(backyard, Madras, kind, chappals, bitter berry bush, Mahendra Varma Pallava Poonai, backyard)

  1. Mridu was a young girl who lived in _______.

  2. Ravi dragged Mridu back to the_________behind a _________.

  3. We should be ____to animals.

  4. The little kitty's name is______________.

  5. The music teacher searched for his_______ in the verandah.

2. Match the words with their correct meanings:

Column I

Column II




waiting quietly




went off noisily








short sleep


Clattered off



3. Multiple Choice Questions:

  1. " Go inside, this minute".Who said to whom?

  1. Ravi said to Rukku Mani.

  2. Ravi said to the music master.

  1. " You gave the music master's chappal to the old beggar who turns up here."Who said these words to whom?



  1. Meena said to Mridu.

  2. Ruku Mani said to Ravi.

  1. "But my chappals wouldn't have fitted the beggar's feet."   Who said these words?



  1. Mridu

  2. Ravi

  1. Synonym for brashly:

  1. In a confident but aggressive way

  2. rash

  1. Antonym for brash:

  1. Timid/shy

  2. Rough

4. Who was Mridu?

5. Where was she being taken one afternoon and why?

6. What did Mridu protest for?

7. What did she see while taking off her slippers?

8. What did Ravi want to show Mridu?

9. Why was the kitten kept hidden from Paati?

10. How did Ravi manage to get the milk for the kitten from the kitchen?

11. What was the cat named after?



12. Why did the cat get frightened?

13. Why did Ravi say that Lalli is not going to learn a single thing?

14. How did Mridu like the notes played by the music master?

15. Why did Amma ask Ravi to send the beggar away?

16. Why had the beggar come there?

17. What request did the beggar make to Amma?

18. What did Mridu tell Meena and Ravi?

19. What were Meena's eyes filled with and why?

20. What was suggested by Ravi?

21. What did Mridu find in the verandah and what did they do next?

22. Whose slippers were those?



23. What was given to the music master to wear?

24. Why did Amma feel harassed?

25. Do you think the music master was not really happy to get the slippers that Amma gave him?

Answers to the Worksheet


  1. Madras

  2. Backyard, bitter berry bush

  3. Kind

  4. Mahendra Varma Pallava

  5. Chappals


Column I

Column II




short sleep












Waiting quietly


Clattered off


Gone off noisily


  1. (a) Ravi said to Rukku Mani.

  2. (b) Ruku Mani said to Ravi.

  3. (b) Ravi

  4. (a) in a confident but aggressive way

  5. (a) timid/ shy

4. Mridu was a young girl living in Madras(now Chennai) with her grandmother and grandfather.

5. One afternoon her grandmother took her to her aunt Rukku Manni's house to meet her cousins.

6. Mridu protested to allow her to take off her slippers outside after which she neatly set them out.

7. A pair of large black slippers that had turned grey because of a lot of dust on it.

8. Ravi wanted to show her the kitten, lying in the torn football in the backyard, that they found outside the gate in the morning.

9. The kitten was kept a secret from Paati as Amma warned them that Paati would go to Paddu Mama's house if came to know they had a cat.

10. Ravi went to the kitchen to grab a glass of milk. On be saying caught by Paati he said that he was too hungry and wanted to drink milk. Paati looked at him in a way that he had to drink half of the milk so that she doesn't get suspicious of him and said that I would wash the tumbler on my own. He then rushed to the backyard and poured the remaining milk into the coconut shell for the kitten.

11. The cat was named Mahendravarma Pallava Poonai after the Pallava king.

12. The cat got frightened by the screeching noise made by Lalli while playing the violin.

13. Ravi said so as the music master used to play the violin so fast that Lalli couldn't catch him up and always went off track.

14. Mridu was really very impressed with the way the music master played the violin. Mridu stared at that huge beringed hand moving effortlessly on the violin stem, making lovely music.

15. She said so as the beggar had been coming to their house for the whole week.

16. He came there as he was very hungry and wanted someplace to get some relief from the scorching heat.

17. He requested to let him have some rest under the neem tree as it was so hot outside that the tar on the road had melted and caused him blisters on the soles of his bare feet.

18. Mridu told them that the beggar may not have money to buy slippers and asked if they had any old pairs in the house.

19. Meena's eyes were filled with tears as she was upset to see the beggar's agony and thought that it was not fair.

20. Ravi suggested that they should look for a pair of slippers that would fit him.

21. She found a pair of slippers which then they gave to the beggar.

22. Those slippers belonged to the music master.

23. Gopu Mama's hardly worn new chappals.

24. Because the music master's slippers that he took off outside her house went missing.

25. The music master was actually happy to get Gopu Mama's chappals as his own slippers were worn out.

A Gift of Chappals Summary

The second chapter of the Class 7 NCERT English book is titled ‘A Gift of Chappals.’ The chapter is a tale of innocence, kindness, and familial camaraderie. It is a humorous story of four cousins – Mridu, Lalli, Ravi, and Meena, who help a beggar in an uncanny fashion. Mridu, the story’s protagonist, lives with her grandparents and goes to visit her aunt – Rukku Manni’s house. One day, while playing in the backyard, a beggar who frequents Rukku Manni’s house knocks on the door and asks for a pair of chappals. He had blisters on his feet, and the children took pity on the man’s condition. But, they could not find any usable pair of chappals. 

But, Mridu had seen the music teacher’s chappals (he was also in Rukku Manni’s house at the time) and gave them away to the beggar. When the music master enquired about his footwear, the children told him the story and he was upset. So, the kids handed him Gopu Mama’s new chappals to the master. Thereafter, they narrated the incident to Rukku Manni whose anger soon gave away to amusement. The story ends with Rukku Manni laughing and thinking how Gopu Mama will react when he realises that his new chappals were given away to the music master.

In today’s day and age, solely sticking to NCERT textbooks is not enough. Students must go the extra mile to excel in their academics. Therefore, parents and teachers should ensure that young minds of Class 7 have enough ancillary study materials, such as A Gift of Chappals worksheets to expand their horizons.

Importance of Studying Class 7 English Chapter 2 Honeycomb – A Gift of Chappals

Every chapter of the English Honeycomb book not only helps a student strengthen their English but also teaches important life lessons. Below are some of the benefits of referring to the PDFs:

  • Students learn various new words such as scrawny, stowaway, beringed, etc.

  • Students learn the essential values of being moral, kind, and giving, especially to those in need.

  • The chapter – A Gift of Chappals class 7 – also introduces students to comprehension and other types of exercises.

Exercises from A Gift of Chappals PDF


Read the following paragraph and answer the questions.

“Mridu didn’t have much time to wonder about whose slippers they were, because Ravi dragged her to the backyard, behind a thick bitter-berry bush. There, inside a torn football lined with sacking and filled with sand, lay a very small kitten, lapping up milk from a coconut half-shell.”

1. Where had Mridu gone?

Ans: Mridu had gone to visit her Aunt Rukku Manni’s house.

2. What was the kitten doing?

Ans: The kitten was drinking milk from a coconut half-shell.

3. What name had Ravi given to the kitten?

Ans: Ravi had named the kitten – Mahendravarma Pallava Poonai.

4. What slippers are being referred to in the passage?

Ans: The music teacher’s slippers that Mridu gave to the beggar are being referred to in the paragraph.

All exercises from A Gift of Chappals worksheet with answers PDF contain exercises like the one given above.

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FAQs on CBSE Class 7 English Worksheet Chapter 2 A Gift of Chappals

1. With whom did Mridu live?

Mridu lived with his grandparents.

2. What are the names of Mridu’s cousins?

The names of Mridu’s cousins are Lalli, Ravi, and Meena.

3. What does ‘scrawny’ mean?

Scrawny means thin and sticky.