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English Grammar Class 6 Vocabulary and Word Power - PDF

Last updated date: 24th Feb 2024
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English Grammar Class 6 Vocabulary and Word Power - Free PDF Download with Solved Exercises

When students learn how to form different words and their meaning, it's time to learn about new words for Class 6 with meaning. One important topic in English grammar is opposite words. Learning opposite words will help students understand which word to use in which context while writing, speaking or reading. Opposite words can be defined as pairs of words directly opposite or contradicting each other's meaning.

When clearing the fundamentals of English grammar, opposite words tops the list. Opposite words are also called antonyms. In addition, the Class 6 English grammar syllabus covers different antonyms with their meaning, so the student understands various words without getting confused. The correct explanation of the words and practice papers with multiple exercises can ease learning complex opposite words for 6th grade students.

English Grammar Class 6 Vocabulary and Word Power - PDF will be uploaded soon

What Are the Benefits of Learning Vocabulary and Word Power for Class 6?

There are hundreds of word meanings in the English language. All opposite words have different meanings and can be used to structure and form sentences precisely, enhancing students' vocabulary. Let’s see some other benefits of  new words for Class 6

  • The chapter words in English for Class 6 can benefit students in comparing two different things or topics and gaining more factual knowledge about specific concepts.  For example (good and bad)

  • Understanding Class 6 English grammar opposite words improves vocabulary and develops students' ability to describe things.

  • Students can engage in fun activities and build their higher intelligence while learning new words for Class 6 with meaning.

  • If the concept of opposite words in the Class 6 English grammar syllabus is clear, students can easily improve their communication ability and learn new descriptive words.

  • Daily practising easy words and their meaning for Class 6 can greatly impact the level of details students convey during the conversation. For example- a big rat, little birds etc. 

Some Exercises for Vocabulary And Word Meaning for Class 6

Here are some examples with the list of words with meaning for Class 6 that students can practice to grasp the topic more easily:  

Write the Correct ‘Was’ ‘Were’ Words of the Following 

Fill the blanks with the correct was were words below: 

  • GOOD = ______

  • DRY = _______

  • DIRTY = _______

  • FAR = _______

  • COME = _______

  • DOWN = ______

  • SLOW = _____

Pick the Correct Tense

Below are the few select the correct opposite word for them:

1. Boy = ______

Teacher, Father, Sister, Girl 

2. Dark = _______

light, Weight, Go, Ship

3. Go = ______

Run, Jump, Come, Sit

4. Beautiful = ______

Ugly, Truth, Cool, Rainbow

5. Hot = _____

Cold, Go, Beautiful, Straight 

Interesting Facts About Vocabulary And Words Power 

Below are some interesting unknown facts about the Class 6 English Grammar word meaning chapter.

  • Opposite words or antonyms are an important word type that is used in almost any form of writing.

  • There are complimentary, binary, gradable, reverse and rational opposite words in English. 

  • There are complementary antonyms also known as direct or contradictory antonyms where, both the words are related but are completely opposite to each other. For example- black and white are antonyms of each other but are also the complete opposite of each other on the colour spectrum scale. Similarly, night and day, inhale and exhale, etc. are a few more examples of complementary antonyms. 

Important Topics in Class 6 English Grammar Syllabus of Chapter Word Meaning 

Here is an overview of different topics students will learn about opposite words in Class 6:

  • What are opposite or antonym words? How to learn easy words for Class 6?

  • List of easy and complex opposite words.

  • Importance for learning different opposite words and how to use them in different sentences.

  • Here is a small list of word meanings for Class 6, which students can refer to.

Benefits of Solving Opposite Words Worksheet for Class 6

A free PDF for the chapter opposite words will help students clearly understand the topic at their convenience. Here is how this PDF will be beneficial to your learning: 

  • Students can download the free PDF and can revise difficult opposite words along with meaning and examples.

  • The free PDF contains multiple opposite words worksheets for Class 6 for quick revision and daily practice. 

  • The PDF content will help students clear any last-minute doubts regarding the topic as it is easily accessible.

There are many complex and hard-to-remember opposite words in English grammar. Therefore, the experts at Vedantu have given a complete guide in a free downloadable PDF to efficiently prepare and learn different opposite words. It will help the students to study difficult opposite words easily and improve their knowledge by solving the exercises.

FAQs on English Grammar Class 6 Vocabulary and Word Power - PDF

1. Why is it important to understand opposite words?

Learning opposite words is vital to clear the fundamentals and meaning of different English words. It helps improve vocabulary and sentence formation.

2. What are some examples of opposite words for Class 6?

Some examples of opposite words for Class 6 students are: big-small, tall-short, narrow-wide, etc.  

3. What are the different types of opposite words?

Different types of opposite words are: Graded Antonyms, Relational Antonyms, Complementary Antonyms, and Relational Antonyms.