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English Grammar Class 6 - Conjunction

Last updated date: 04th Mar 2024
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English Grammar Class 6 - Download Free PDF with Solutions

Do you know about conjunctions? How and where are they used in a sentence? The conjunction is one of the parts of speech used to join or connect sentences, words, clauses, and phrases. The most used conjunctions in English grammar are ‘But, ‘And’, ‘or’’.

In this article, we will learn about conjunctions, their different types, and how to use them in a sentence. There will be conjunctions exercises for Class 6 with answers at the end of the article in free PDF.

Benefits of Learning Conjunction Class 6

  • Conjunctions are very important and widely used words in the English language. They join sentences, clauses, and phrases forming elegant and complex sentences. 

  • Conjunctions help make sentences long and attractive and avoid the roughness of having many short sentences.

  • Conjunctions are used to express your complex thoughts in a long sentence. By practising the conjunction exercise for Class 6, students can master the different types of conjunctions.

Conjunction Examples for Class 6

The commonly used conjunctions in English are  and, or, but, because, for, as, neither, or, not only, so, nor, whether, just as, yet, etc.

Example of Conjunctions in Sentences

  • She tried hard but failed in the game.

  • David and John will go to the market.

  • Neither Rahul nor Ramesh came to the playground.

  • The teacher scolded Vivek yesterday for not paying attention to the class. 

  • He sings well, yet he hesitates to participate in any music competition.

  • I’m very tired, so I won’t go to the playground.

Facts About Conjunction 

There are mainly 3 types of conjunctions: coordinating, subordinating, and correlative conjunctions.

Coordinating Conjunction: Coordinating conjunctions are the conjunctions that join two parts of speech or clauses with equal syntactic importance or grammatical value (like clauses with clauses, nouns with nouns). These conjunctions are widely used in joining phrases, clauses, and words. 

Example: I worked all day, so I am now very tired.

For joining two independent sentences or clauses, by coordinating conjunctions, there is always a comma in between the two clauses. 

Example: She couldn’t remember me, so I had to reintroduce myself to her.

For joining one dependent clause and one independent clause, by coordinating conjunctions, there is no need to use a comma between the two clauses. 

Example: I like to eat Chinese food but only home-cooked one.

Subordinating Conjunction: Subordinate conjunctions are the conjunctions that join two clauses - one independent clause and another dependent and a less important dependent clause. Words like as, as though, before, as if, after, before, lest, if only, now, once, just as, so that, if then, rather than, since, once, when are used as subordinate conjunctions.

Example: He went to his music class after breakfast.

Correlative Conjunction: Correlative conjunctions are the conjunctions that work together in a pair. Conjunction pairs like ‘either’ and ‘or’, ‘neither’ and ‘nor’, ‘Both’ and ‘and’, ‘so’ and ‘as’, ‘no sooner’, and ‘than’.

Example: Both My mother and sister are going to the shopping mall.

Rules of Using Conjunction

  • ‘Lest’ is always paired with either the first form of the verb or by ‘should’.

  • ‘unless’ and ‘until’ are negative conjunctions expressing negative meaning. Hence, if a word expresses a negative meaning, avoid using ‘never’, ‘not’, or ‘nor’ with these two conjunctions.

  • After other, rather always use subordinate conjunction.

Important Topics of Class 6 English Grammar Conjunction

In this chapter, you will learn about the following topics:

  • What is a conjunction?

  • What are the different types of conjunctions?

  • How do sentences, clauses, and phrases use conjunctions?

Class 6 English Conjunction Free PDF Download 

  • The PDF discusses all the types of conjunctions and their usage in the English language with simple words.

  • Your kids can practise conjunction exercises for Class 6 with answers, given in the PDF.

  • The conjunction questions for Class 6 have covered questions from all types of conjunctions.

The subject experts at Vedantu have explained the topic with utmost care and made it easy for Class 6 students to understand. All the types of conjunctions and their usage in a sentence are explained in the study material available on Vedantu’s website. 

FAQs on English Grammar Class 6 - Conjunction

1. How will you differentiate connectors with conjunctions?

Connectors are used within a long or a short sentence while conjunctions connect two clauses or sentences. 

2. What are the different types of coordinating conjunction?

There are 4 types of coordinating conjunctions - adversative, illative, alternative, and cumulative conjunctions.

3. When to use ‘either of’ and ‘neither of’?

The conjunction ‘either of’ expresses one of the two while ‘neither of’ stands for none of the two.