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CBSE Class 4 English Marigold Worksheets for Chapter 7

Last updated date: 17th Apr 2024
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CBSE Class 4 English Marigold Worksheets for Chapter 7 - The Scholars Mother Tongue

CBSE Class 4 English Marigold Worksheets for Chapter 7 - The Scholars Mother Tongue are available here at Vedantu solved by expert teachers as per the latest NCERT (CBSE) Book guidelines. You will find a comprehensive collection of Questions with Solutions in these Worksheets which will help you to revise the complete Syllabus and score more marks in a fun way.

You will be able to study Class 4 English and excel in the examination by constantly cross-checking and verifying your answers against the CBSE Class 4 English Marigold Worksheets for Chapter 7 - The Scholars Mother Tongue provided by us. Also, you will have the authority to specifically choose whichever topic you wish to revise and complete the preparation for the exam at a pace that suits you the best.   

Both the sets, i.e. Set 1 and Set 2 of NCERT Class 4 English Marigold Worksheets for Chapter 7 with solutions will be uploaded soon on this page.

Key Features of CBSE English Marigold Worksheets for Chapter 7

The features of the Worksheets are:

  •  CBSE English Marigold Worksheets cover all the important details of Chapter 7- The Scholars Mother Tongue for the students of Class 4. It sums up the major concepts and lessons from the Chapter which helps the students to gain a better understanding of the lessons that are beneficial to learn from this Chapter. 

  • These Worksheets replace the additional coaching required for English. It helps you to revise and re-revise all the crucial topics of Chapter 7, covered in the school. The language is simple to comprehend and you can easily refer to them for scoring best in your exams.

  • These Worksheets are easy to refer to in both online and offline modes. Worksheets are very handy for the students of Class 4. They can easily use these PDFs and study anytime and anywhere. It not only saves their time but also helps in making the students technology-efficient in their learning process. You can easily highlight the important points and save them to read later. 

  • While reading the Chapters from the textbook, students of Class 4 tend to ignore a few lines and words which they think are not relevant to the exam. CBSE Worksheets help in covering all these statements and character analysis from the Chapter. It will make them completely prepared for all types of questions in their exams. 

  • CBSE Worksheets are designed by the subject experts. These Worksheets help in promoting divergent thinking among the students of Class-4.  They can understand the same topic with all the different perspectives. It boosts their creativity. In exams, presenting your answers with novel perspectives and statements will surely assure you an edge over others.

  • There are a lot of words in CBSE English Marigold Worksheets that can be difficult for the Class-4 students to know and learn. Worksheets translate the textbook English into much simpler and comprehensible words. Students can know the story in a smooth yet standardized manner. 

  • On Vedantu, students have the access to download the CBSE marigold Worksheets free of cost. After clicking on the website they can easily find and practice these Worksheets without any difficulty. 

  • These Worksheets play a positive role in improving the overall performance of a student. CBSE Marigold Worksheets have proved to be quite beneficial in polishing the writing and speaking styles of Class 4 students. These Worksheets use a lot of easy-to-catch words and phrases in English. Students can easily use them in their day-to-day life and be at an extra advantage. 

FAQs on CBSE Class 4 English Marigold Worksheets for Chapter 7

1. Where can I find the solved Worksheets of CBSE Chapter 7- The Scholars Mother Tongue?

Solved Worksheets are very useful to get the students of Class 4 completely prepared for their exams. One can easily find the CBSE solved Worksheets on Vedantu. Students can also access the download option and save the Pdfs for later. These Worksheets are prepared by experts. It helps the students in exploring the in-depth details of the Chapter. They can rely on Vedantu's website for getting access to the solved English Marigold Worksheets for all the Chapters. These Worksheets can be accessed for free of cost on the website. 

2. Do CBSE solutions and Worksheets help in scoring well for exams?

NCERT Solutions and Worksheets are the most basic level of study material that a student is recommended to go through. All the questions that are formulated for the Class 4 final exams revolve around the basic concepts explained through NCERT. CBSE English marigold Marigold Worksheets are specially created by various subject experts. It has been made as per the NCERT & CBSE’s latest guidelines. These Worksheets along with their solutions can surely help the students to level up their grades for the final exams. 

3. What are some of the practical-based questions from CBSE Chapter 7- The Scholars Mother Tongue?

CBSE Chapter 7- The Scholars Mother Tongue is one of the interesting Chapters from English Marigold textbooks. It revolves around Birbal and the way he deals with an interesting situation at the Akbar's Court by using his intelligence and witty attitude. From this Chapter, the students can be asked the importance of their Mother Tongue. They can be asked to give its description and the reason why they feel comfortable speaking it. Students can refer to the solved CBSE Worksheets which consist of all such questions. 

4. What are the major learnings from English Marigold Chapter 7- The Scholars' Mother Tongue?

There are a lot of lessons that the students of Class 4 will find worth taking. To begin with, students should understand the importance of their Mother Tongue and not take it for granted ever. They will also come to understand the difference between expressing our knowledge and showing it off in a boastful manner. By analyzing the two different personalities- Akbar and the Pundit, they will realize the importance of developing reasoning and problem-solving for dealing with real-life situations. 

5. How did Birbal discover the Pundit's Mother Tongue?

In Chapter-6, Birbal was able to discover the Pundit's Mother language with the help of an intelligent and logical plan that he made. At night, he silently entered the Pundit's room. He then tickled his ear slowly with fear and whispered in his ears. The Pundit got startled and shouted in his Mother Tongue i.e Telugu. The next day, Birbal announced his Mother Tongue in the court and presented the logic behind it. Birbal explained that usually when a person is excited or scared, he naturally tends to express his emotions in his Mother Tongue. This is how he discovered the Pundit's Mother Tongue.