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English Grammar Essay Writing for Class 2

Last updated date: 12th Jul 2024
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English Grammar Class 2 Essay Writing - Download Free PDF with Solution

An essay is a concise piece of writing that outline’s the author’s perspective of the story. Essay writing is critical to developing the mental faculties of young minds in today’s day and age. It is noteworthy to remember that essays can be both formal and informal, and for a child of class 2, starting with informational essays that are personal and humorous is a good idea. Moreover, essay writing for Class 2 kids should encompass topics relevant to their thought processes and way of life.

When young kids get into writing essays for the first time, they might find the task challenging and find the topics boring. Therefore, special assistance from Vedantu’s essay for Class 2 can be of optimal help. The various PDFs of Vedantu aptly cover the Class 2 essay writing syllabus, and you do not need to look anywhere else for a complete solution for English writing for Class 2.

English Grammar for Grade 2 Essays Writing Download Free PDF

In today's lesson, we'll discuss how to write an essay. Writing essays helps you develop both your writing and creative skills. The subject of essay writing is important for practically all subjects. This lesson includes essay writing on various topics so that you may better understand them.

Introduction to Essay Writing

Introduction to Essay Writing

Introduction to  Writing an Essay

Essay writing is an essential part of children’s learning. With this, not just the child's writing and grammar skills are improved, but they also acquire a better understanding of creativity, imagination, and appropriate language use that is topic specific. Regularly writing brief essays not only improves the student's general essay writing abilities but also provides excellent English practice.

Some basic rules for writing essays:

  • Children must be familiar with the fundamentals of grammar, spelling, and punctuation to develop a strong writing style.

  • Make a list of your thoughts and a plan for what you want to write. Use the appropriate words, and construct the introduction, body, and conclusion in accordance with your thoughts.

Let's check some essay writing examples for more clarification.

Short Essay on Pollution

The appearance of any unwanted foreign substance in something is referred to as 

"pollution."  The word pollution means impurity. These days, even children are aware of the term "pollution." Since it has become so common, practically everyone is aware that pollution levels are always rising. The contamination of natural resources by various pollutants is what we mean when we talk about pollution on earth. All of this is primarily due to human activities that degrade the environment in several ways. As a result, there is a pressing need to deal with this issue right away. The domain contains a lot of pollution, even if you can't see it. Contaminants that pollute the air and raise carbon dioxide levels are highly toxic to people. Global warming will result from higher levels of carbon dioxide in the air - this is known as global warming. In simple words, pollution harms our planet, and we must recognise these impacts to stop the harm. To reduce pollution, each of us needs to take action. People need to plant more trees and mindfully decompose their waste. Additionally, everyone should recycle as much as they can to help the environment.

My  Favorite Teacher Essay

My  Favorite Teacher Essay

Short Essay on My Favorite Teacher

Miss Taniya is my favourite teacher. She is my class teacher. She is an excellent teacher. She teaches us science and math. She is accommodating and friendly. Whenever I have a difficulty, she has always been there to help. I learn more about the subject from her. We all enjoy hearing the stories she regularly tells us. I love and enjoy the way she teaches us. In order to involve every student in group activities without making it seem unfair or that they are being left out, some teachers go above and beyond. Then there are instructors who truly know how to make students eager to show up to class each day. They care about the opinions of each child, want them to do well in school, and understand that life is about more than just academics. She tries to teach us excellent things in very simple ways, which is why I admire her so much. Her class is fun, too. She instructs us in English. She is a great teacher and a person as well, and I admire her.

Difficult Word Meanings

Difficult Word



To acquire or purchase anything


Having an excellent taste




kind and caring, one who leads with love and care

Practice Questions

  1. Write an essay on “My Mother”

  2. Write a short essay on “My House”


1. Essay on My Mother

Ritika Thakur is the name of my mother. She is a homemaker and is 36 years old. She excels at cooking and enjoys doing it. She cooks delicious pizza and pasta, both of which I adore. She also enjoys singing, and every day she makes an effort to practice as much as she can. When she sings, her voice is quite pleasant. She enjoys singing classic tunes a lot. She is extremely beautiful and intelligent. She also looks for my father, my older brother, and myself. Everyone in our home adores her. She is so sweet and compassionate.


When someone becomes ill, She always takes care of them by preparing food and administering medication. She is a bold and compassionate person. She always looks out for others and supports them in times of need. Every Sunday, my mother and I go to the park close to our home. In the late evening, we visit the park. While I swing, she grinned at me from atop a white bench. In the park, she also runs across her neighbours and friends. She assists me with my academic work and schoolwork. She also imparts new knowledge to me in the areas of singing, drawing, and dance. I adore my mother, who is a lovely and incredibly kind woman.

2. Essay on My House

My home is a beautiful three-story structure located within the city's borders. It is situated in a calm, green area. Both the front and back of the house contain gardens. You enter the house and find yourself in the large living room. Five rooms make up our home. In terms of family members, there are my grandfather, grandmother, father, mother, uncle, aunt, myself, and my brother and sister. Everyone in my family adores me a lot. My grandfather and I go for walks together every day in the evening as we watch the sun go down. He brings me to a nearby garden and tells me tales about his earlier years. Our home is painted white and blue both my mother’s favourite colours. The most attractive structure close by in our community is our home. And I enjoy hearing how much others value our home. Most visitors to our home are grateful for us and adore the style and colour of our home.

Importance of Essay Writing for Class 2 

Class 2 students are too young to make notes or practise full-blown essays on different topics by themselves. It is in such a context that the subject matter experts of Vedantu come into the picture. They have prepared various essay-writing topics, tips, tricks, and steps for the seamless composition of Class 2 essays in their PDFs.

  • Essay writing helps children develop essential life skills in communication, ideation, expression, and imagination. The activity also improves their vocabulary and spelling.

  • Secondly, creative writing for Grade 2 students fosters their time management skills and compels them to organise their thoughts. 

  • Essay writing enables young minds to think, write, process, and express everything they have learned at school and relate it to real life. Therefore, the imaginative as well as critical thinking skills of children, improve substantially.

Essential Topics of English Writing for Class 2 – Essays 

Some of the critical essay topics for Class 2 students include –

  • My House

  • My Teacher

  • Pollution

  • My Hobby

  • My Family

  • My School

  • My Best Friend

Example of Essay Topic for Class 2: My House 

My house is located in Saket, New Delhi. It has three rooms, one kitchen, and a beautiful balcony. My house is made of bricks, and the floors are marble. My house is white, and the doors and windows are brown. There is a park near my house, and I go there to play in the afternoons. My favourite place inside my house is the living room as it has a TV.

Top Five Tips and Tricks for Optimal Essay Composition for Class 2 Students 

Some easy tips and tricks that can allow a child to absorb the art of essay writing faster are listed below:

  • Structure of the Essay – A good essay should have three parts – an introduction, the body, and the conclusion.

  • Topic Name - A good essay should have an exciting and catchy topic name, which is relevant, crisp and encapsulates the essay’s content.

  • Practice Makes You Perfect – The foolproof way to master the art of essay writing is through relentless practice.

  • Reading Always Helps – Providing high-quality children’s literature to your children is imperative as reading enhances their vocabulary and writing skills.

  • Grammar – A good essay is free of grammatical errors. Teachers and parents need to guide children of Class 2 not only with the content of the essay but also with the grammar.

Download PDF of Creative Writing Topics for Grade 2 from Vedantu 

You can now download essays for Class 2 students from Vedantu’s mobile application or website. Practising essays is easier than ever with the assistance of Vedantu’s subject matter experts. The site’s content will help your child gain confidence in essay writing, strengthening their grasp of English.

  • Vedantu’s PDFs have several interesting essay topics for Class 2 students, which will surely pique their interests.

  • The essay writing content follows the CBSE English and Grammar curriculum and is regularly updated. 

  • The PDFs are downloadable for free with a click of the mouse.

Initially, children face difficulties in writing on their own and easily get overwhelmed. But with easy explanations and examples with answers, Vedantu’s experts have made this process easy and fun for children.


An essay is often a brief composition that expresses the writer's perspective or narrative. It is frequently used interchangeably with the words "story," "paper," or "article." Essays might be formal or informal. Formal writings frequently cover serious topics and have an academic voice. We'll focus on informal essays because they tend to be more introspective and frequently include humorous components.

FAQs on English Grammar Essay Writing for Class 2

1. How to encourage Class 2 children to read and write essays?

You can encourage Class 2 children to read and write essays by giving them exciting topics and guiding them through the process.

2. What is the ‘body’ of an essay?

An essay’s body is its primary section that includes all the relevant information. Therefore, the body has to be the longest section of an essay.

3. What should be written in an essay’s conclusion?

The conclusion of an essay should summarise the entire essay in two to three lines.