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CBSE Class 2 English Worksheet Chapter 1 First Day at School

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CBSE Class 2 English Worksheet Chapter 1 First Day at School - Download Free PDF with Solution

One of the forms of English which piques children’s curiosity are stories and poems. Poems are very crucial in refining their creativity and budding writing skills. Only when students are exposed to such work will they be able to figure out their own interests and capabilities for the same. In this English class, students will read a poem called first day at school.

So, what is the poem about? It is a simple and general poem speaking the thoughts of a child who is going to experience his/her very first day at school. She wonders if she will be liked or be treated as an outcast, a common thought by any child about to attend their first day at a new school, being anxious of their surroundings and people. The child also thinks if her drawing is as good as theirs, having meek competitive feelings while also hoping she will fit in with the others. It also shows the innocence of the child, as she expects her teacher to look like her mom or grandmother. The last few lines portray the child’s obvious unfamiliarity at having to move out of her comfort zone.

By reading this poem, students will be taught that they are bound to go through these various emotions of nervousness, anxiety or even hesitancy when they arrive at a point in their life where they experience attending their first day of school and that it is completely normal to feel that way. In class 2 English first day school, students will go through this poem and test their memory and through the first day at school poem worksheet, while also being able to assess their understanding of the poem.

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Benefits of Learning Chapter 1 First Day at School in Class 2 English Worksheet

The class 2 English first day school worksheet has simple questions, including out-of-the-box thinking questions about the poem and encourages creative thinking too. This worksheet will contain answers to almost all questions students of class 2 might have about the first day at school poem.

The first day at school question answer is sort of like an extensive asset for both teachers and students of class 2. By doing a thorough reading of these worksheets, teachers, mentors and parents will be able to broaden their knowledge as they discover and explore different techniques of teaching while understanding the thought-processes of the children.

In order to elevate the oral, reading and writing skills of students, these English Worksheets have been developed by experienced tutors, grammarians and academic counsellors.

Examples of Usage of Chapter 1 First Day at School for Class 2

These are a few common first day at school question answer examples :

  1. Check if the following are true or false :

  • The child has a pet cat - ___

  • The child thinks her teacher will resemble her grandmother - ___

  • The child hopes her handwriting will be similar to that of her peers - ___

  1. Answer the following questions :

  • Does the child think the teachers will resemble their father?

  • Does she feel happy or nervous on her first day at her school?

  • How does the child hope she will be similar to her peers?

What Does the PDF Consist Of?

  • Ever since the pandemic, teachers and students have been forced to resort to using technology as a means of communication, grade assessment and teaching.

  • Most of that essence hasn’t wholly left us, as we still use them as reference for studying and study-related purposes. 

  • It has also made our lives considerably easier, possessing various facilities such as mails, sms, internet, wikipedia, study material, etc.

  • Pdfs are one such facility that makes our work very much convenient and time-saving.

  • That being said, many first day at school poem worksheets can be obtained from us, which test the memory skills and the overall understanding of the poem, first day at school.


This poem is present for the class 2 students to read and comprehend. In order to understand this poem better, numerous other worksheets, questions and answers, exercises, stories, and summaries are made available in the pdf forms and are created by the area specialists at our end.

FAQs on CBSE Class 2 English Worksheet Chapter 1 First Day at School

1. Who is the writer of this poem?

The poet Ailee Fischer is the poem’s writer.

2. What are the rhyming words in this poem?

The rhyming words in the poem are :

  • theirs - stares

  • Gran - am

3. Why is it important for kids to read this poem?

This poem is about a young child expressing her thoughts laden with innocence and hope. Students reading this poem will understand that these types of thoughts are totally normal and not unusual. It is a short, simple, and sweet poem which will enhance the students’ perspectives and might encourage their reading and writing habits.