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What are the Main Disadvantages of Merging AIIMS and JIPMER With NEET?

By Raunak VarmaSeptember 14, 2020
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Is NEET Combined with AIIMS and JIPMER?

Both All India Institute of Medical Sciences, AIIMS, and Jawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education JIPMER are among the top-ranked medical institutions in India. AIIMS and JIPMER are both Institutes of National importance. They are the best institutes in India. AIIMS New Delhi is ranked at #1 and JIPMER is at #8 as per NIRF medical ranking 2019.

There is a lot of confusion among students and their parents related to combining NEET 2020, JIPMER, and AIIMS into a single entrance test and admission process.

Here are the answers related to queries like Is NEET combined with AIIMS and JIPMER in 2020? Will NEET be more difficult than before? and many more.

The answer is yes. Union Health Minister has reportedly announced that NEET will now be the only medical entrance exam in India. AIIMS MBBS entrance exam, as well as the JIPMER MBBS entrance exam, will not be conducted. Instead, admissions to AIIMS and JIPMER, like all other medical colleges in India, will be through the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test(NEET) only. Now AIIMS and JIPMER are under NEET.


This is a major change for all medical aspirants in India. More than 14 lakh class 12th students appear in the NTA NEET exam, competing for the 75,000 odd MBBS seats. Whereas close to 2-3 lakh students each appear in the AIIMS and JIPMER entrance exams.

On one hand, this decision will make it easier for students to focus on a single exam; here it may be noted that the pattern of AIIMS and JIPMER differ slightly from NEET. However on the other hand, now all challenges are on a single exam; the pressure of performing well on a single day would be too high.

The admission to AIIMS UG and JIPMER MBBS through NEET 2020 created a lot of concern in aspirants regarding the difficulty level of NEET 2020. Since AIIMS MBBS is considered to be the toughest and JIPMER UG as the easiest of the medical admission entrance exam, it is highly questioned whether NEET 2020 will be difficult due to NEET AIIMS and JIPMER combined.

Disadvantages of AIIMS and JIPMER under NEET

Whenever any bill passes, it comes with both Advantages and Disadvantages. There are main disadvantages of NEET, AIIMS, and JIPMER combined. They are:

  • One Exam One Chance

As now there will be only one common exam there will be only one chance for the aspirants to appear for medical entrance exams. The aspirants have to give their best in NEET, as they don’t have another chance to prove themself until next year. Every year aspirants have the alternative of performing well in AIIMS and JIPMER. But now these alternatives had been snatched by this decision.

  • AIIMS and JIPMER Controlled by Central Government

AIIMS and JIPMER are among the top-ranked medical institutions in India. Aiims and Jipmer are reputed medical institutions controlled by itself but now it will be controlled by the Central Government.

AIIMS and JIPMER will lose their standard of teaching after this unfruitful unification and will no longer remain autonomous.

  • Increase in Competition

Only about 0.35 % of the students who took the AIIMS exam were able to clear it. The seats in AIIMS are very limited, hence this exam is a lot more competitive than the NEET. So the aspirants have to be in the top 0.35% to get a seat in AIIMS. And now when NEET AIIMS and JIPMER combined all these aspirants are diverted towards NEET which will surely be an increase in competition in the medical sector.

  • Difficulty Level Increased

The difficulty level of the examination can also be increased since it's going to admit students for one of the best institutions in India.

  • Difficult for JIPMER Aspirants

As the JIPMER question paper is easy as compared to NEET, aspirants preparing for JIPMER will feel NEET Question papers very difficult.

  • Easy For AIIMS Aspirants

AIIMS has toughest question papers so aspirants preparing for AIIMS will feel NEET question papers easy. 

As AIIMS is the exam that sets tough papers and selects the best minds and since NEET has decreased its level, scraping off this exam might decrease the value of AIIMS tag.

In NEET there's no GK and logical reasoning. GK and logical reasoning were a part of the AIIMS syllabus. Students were expected to know things other than just the PCB syllabus.

General Tips to Take Care for NEET Aspirants

  1. Take at least 6 hours of sleep.

  2. Uninstall apps like Fb, Twitter, Instagram, and Tiktok to avoid any distraction.

  3. Give 3 hrs to both physics and chemistry and 2 hours to biology daily.

  4. Give a mock test daily from the remaining time.

  5. Do analyze your mistakes in the test.

  6. Clear all your doubts from teachers and friends.

  7. Try to solve All India Test Series papers.

  8. Follow the Early to bed and early to rise formula.

  9. Eat healthy and nutritious food.

  10. Keep yourself away from all negative thoughts. Don't lose hope unless you give your NEET exam.

  11. Avoid those friends who try to demotivate you.

Every coin has two faces so without wasting time start to prepare for your medical entrance exam. Cracking NEET is not an unachievable task. In fact, those students who have the right attitude can crack the NEET exam through any factors. So knowing the pros and cons of AIIMS and JIPMER under NEET start to prepare for NEET, bring out the talent in you, challenge yourself, and start right now to make it happen.

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