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Tips For Conquering NEET 2021 in Just 5 Months

By Raunak VarmaOctober 09, 2020
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NEET is a National Medical Entrance Exam conducted throughout India by the National Testing Agency (NTA). It is conducted for those students who want to pursue medical-related courses in their career. This entrance exam is approved by MCI/DCI colleges across India. However, competition is everywhere, but exceptions stand out. There is limited time for preparing, but the correct set of strategies and hard work can make you crack this exam with ease. You just need a good preparation strategy. If only five months are left in front of you, then make sure you optimize your time properly and prefer smart work over hard work. It is crucial to know how to prepare NEET in 5 months. To complete every important topic in just 4-5 months for NEET exam, you need to make a strategic time table, Work on your subjects diligently and try to score great in your grand tests. Check some NEET PG preparation tips to excel in NEET 2021.

NEET PG 2021 Preparation Strategy- Study Plan 

  • Formulate Time Table

The timetable is the most necessary tool through which you can optimize your time and complete your study before time. One major reason students fail to pass through the exam is the lack of a strategic timetable. Even if you are good at studies can lag during the exam because of imperfect time tables. The best way to solve the entrance would be to prepare a NEET PG 2021 preparation time table and follow through with it every day. Disciplines can make us achieve heights; therefore, make sure you stick to the time table every day and prioritize your studies over anything. 

Be clearly honest about your strength and weakness, the capacity to grasp and your time limit, subjects which you are good at, and subjects which you are weak at. Customize your time table accordingly.

  • Revision and Practice Test Paper

It's always a dilemma between whether to revise through the whole syllabus or solve the MCQs. If you're out of time, then it is best recommended to go through both simultaneously, solve the MCQ by keeping a target, and also revise the syllabus side by side. It is compulsory to revise what you have studied throughout the week. Generally, students prefer revision over MCQs because it looks easy. However, MCQs is what determines your progress. MCQ can help you be aware of your weakness and where exactly to work.

Revision helps you remember concepts and formulas during exams, but practice tests can help you apply those theoretical concepts into exams. Or you can practice tests and go through the concept of which you couldn't solve the question.

  • Practice Incorrectly Attempted Questions

There are several hard questions asked and are included in the practice tests which seem to be out of the syllabus or out of your understanding area, but it is very necessary to go through them not deeply but then have a basic knowledge about them. Moderate questions can help you achieve a 60 to 80 success rate and can hope to achieve a good rank in the entrance exam. 

This way, you get proficiency through easy and moderate questions. But, do consider the hardest ones, so you don't totally ignore them as they also carry weightage just like all other questions,and also revise your incorrectly attempted questions. Always keep track of your progress and try to solve maximum questions in limited time. Manage the stress and anxiety you feel while attempting the exam. Take a note of the time spent on easy and hard questions.

  • Stay Active

Have a positive attitude towards your exams, keep yourself active and keep in mind it's not the result that matters. It’s about how much you've learned in the process.  Have a healthy diet and don't be into studies all day. Make sure you spend your time in other activities as well, like sports or anything as per your preferences. Your attitude will define the effectiveness of this learning process. Do not eat junk food, make sure you have a healthy diet on an everyday basis, and add memory boosting food in your diet list. Try to do meditation as it helps in focusing and concentrating. Take about 15 to 20 mins in meditation every day.

While you are setting up NEET PG Preparation Plan, make sure you have the following points in your mind:

  • Set up small goals like completing one concept a day or solving 10 questions a day, etc., and try to achieve them on a daily basis.

  • Divide or optimize your time equally for each subject carefully according to your potential. 

  • Take proper breaks in between studies and indulge in other recreational activities as well.

  • Make sure you're active and maintain a healthy diet.

  • Try to go through the topics which are harder for you but don't ignore other subjects in that process. Just go through easy topics of other subjects that will help you concentrate and perform better.

Mistakes Committed by Students During the NEET PG 2021 Study Plan

Students commit the same mistake over and over again, and they are some silly ones that can be avoided if you stay disciplined with your priority. Stick to the goal you have set and work towards it. These silly mistakes can become a huge factor, and then you will slowly start procrastinating. You can improve the probability of scoring your desirable rank in the exam by avoiding them. 

Some Common Mistakes are:

  • Not following through the time table efficiently on a daily basis.

  • Going through tons of books and referring more than what is required in the syllabus.

  • Skipping the topic which you find difficult.

  • Skipping the subject in which you have difficulty.

  • There are no shortcuts in preparing for this exam. All you need is a strategy and hard work.

  • Not practicing enough or solving enough practice papers and revising through them.

  • Ignoring physical and mental health.

  • Not maintaining a proper diet.


By following these NEET PG preparation strategies and tips, one can easily prepare to clear NEET in 4,5 or 6 months. NEET 2021 is approaching, so don’t stress out and follow a strategic approach so you can complete everything in time without any complications.

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