NEET Preparation Tips for Droppers

by Madhurashree Bhat October 09, 2020

Appearing for an entrance examination for even once is a very challenging task for anyone, but imagine how it would feel to give the same exam more than once. Repeatedly occurring for the same exam could land a blow to the mindset of the candidate with anxiousness and self-doubt; negative feelings and thoughts may emerge not just because of familial or societal pressure but because of the pressure one puts on themselves. Because of this, the NEET droppers often remain confused about how to start preparing for an examination for which they initially thought they had done enough preparation. They tend to forget asking certain important questions before they start preparing for the examination again.

For the same, in this article, we have tried to lessen the burden and pressure for those preparing for the NEET examination in their dropper year. Below are several tips provided for the droppers to help prepare for the upcoming NEET examination.

Preparation Tips for NEET Droppers for 2021

  • Have a Self - Reflection Time With Yourself

The first and foremost thing that a dropper has to do is self-reflect on their previous performance. They should know what went wrong and where? After understanding the reason for your previous failure, you then have to accept your drawbacks for not clearing the exam. This is a very important step for you to start afresh, not just physically or academically but also mentally. Take note of all your past mistakes and try to work on fixing them not to repeat it again. Be honest to yourself, stay aware of your weakness, do not fear it but try your best to overcome it. Until and unless you do so, you won’t be able to perform any better in the next try. Spend enough time on each of your weaknesses and if you feel you still have doubts, then start working on it. Your list of mistakes could be long or short, but this should not deter you from spending a minimum required time for every point with continuous revisions.

  • Get a New Outlook With the Help of Others

Since you have already appeared for the exam once before, you are already familiar with the syllabus and pattern of the examination. You may have solved a number of previous year NEET question papers. So now, you should focus on finding a guide or a tutor to help in your preparation for the examination. You should not hesitate to ask for help as it may assist in pointing out particular weaknesses about yourself that you were not aware of initially. Having a helping hand will give you a new perspective, which will, in turn, help you start again with your NEET preparation.

  • Setting a New Timetable for Yourself

A maximum of you must have enrolled in one or other coaching institutes for helping you prepare for your examination. Learning in a coaching institute means spending at a minimum of around 5-6 hours of your daily life in the institute attending the classes. But for droppers, these classes tend to be longer than the normal classes. With all these studying, it is pretty obvious that one will get exhausted by the time the classes end. But this does not mean that you will neglect your own self-study time. It is very important to manage your time for both coachings as well as self-study. The importance of self-study lies in the fact that it will help you to revise whatever you have learned or gone through that day or before; this will help you to determine whether you have understood that you have learned or you still have doubts that need to be cleared. It is very crucial to get at least a minimum of 6-8 hours of self-study, be it continuously or with intervals. It is essential to remain focused on what you are doing, never try to compare yourself with others as this will only harm you. Stay connected with your family and friends and do not distance yourself from them as they will play a huge role in encouraging you. Stay positive and never stray from the path you have created.

  • Bridge Your Gaps With a Number of Mock Tests

Try bridging the gaps in your NEET preparation. Complete all chapters of the NEET syllabus, whether they have been omitted previously or not. Clear all your previous doubts, focus on those topics or subjects that you need improvement on. Get a headstart on your revision. Practice both old and new papers; balance is an important key. Once you start clearing your doubts, spend equal time on each subject. The final tip for the droppers for the last stage of your preparation is to solve mock tests as much continuously and as frequently as you can. At the least, you should try to solve two mock tests in a week and, if possible more. Doing this will give you the necessary exposure to the questions with different difficulty levels, also familiarising you with the whole exam. This will, thus, help you strengthen your NEET preparation.

There are many NEET droppers’ success and failure stories all around. You should try reading not just the success stories but also the ones who faced failures not to make the same mistakes that they did; after all, it is just the two sides of a single coin. You may try reading the stories of not just the NEET droppers but also those who prepared for various other examinations to see how it differs and help you gain the confidence to succeed in your next try. In conclusion, one should not condescend themselves for what happened but work towards succeeding in the next step.