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CBSE Class 11th and 12th Science Subjects: All You Need to Know

By FatimaFebruary 16, 2024
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CBSE Class 11 and 12 Science Stream Subjects

One of the prominent streams that students choose after Class 10 is Science. Based on their score, experience, and aptitude, they choose a fruitful subject combination and proceed with the higher secondary curriculum. In this aspect, you should learn about the 11th and 12th Science subjects before deciding.

Also Read: Streams Available in Class 11: All You Need to Know The knowledge of subjects included in the Class 11 and 12 Science stream will help you find the right path. You can analyse your aptitude and career preferences to choose a list of science subjects and develop your academic foundation accordingly.

Subjects in Class 11 and 12 Science Stream

Once you have completed the Class 10 level of education, it is time to decide on a subject combination. If you are a science aspirant, here is the list of subjects you need to consider at this level of education.

  1. Physics

Physics is one of the crucial and compulsory Science stream subjects a candidate must choose in Class 11 to study Science. This subject comprises the concepts and scientific principles related to mass, matter, energy, force, inertia, velocity, technology, dimensions, etc.

Let us take a quick look at the prime concepts covered at the Class 11 and 12 levels of education.

  • Kinematics

  • Units and measurements

  • Work, energy, and power

  • Gravitation

  • Light

  • Electricity

  • Magnetism

  • Thermodynamics

  • Energy, etc

Studying these chapters will help you develop your basic foundation of scientific principles. Your analytical skills related to this subject will sharpen. Your technical concept will help you answer questions and pursue relevant professional courses later.

  1. Chemistry

Chemistry is one of the compulsory Science subjects in 11th you will have to choose to study. It is a major entry in the subject combination where you will study scientific principles related to the matter, elements, compounds, atoms, subatomic particles, chemical bonds, etc.

The basic and advanced concepts related to the following topics will be taught at this level.

  • Atomic structure

  • States of Matter

  • Chemical bonding

  • Elements and compounds

  • Metallurgy

  • Inorganic and organic chemistry

  • Periodic table

  • Environmental chemistry

  • Chemical equilibrium, etc

Studying these concepts will make you better at solving problems. Class 11 and 12 Chemistry chapters will develop your conceptual foundation exceptionally and enhance your creative ability to pursue advanced professional courses later.

  1. Biology

As the name suggests, this subject of the CBSE Class 11 and 12 Science stream revolves around the concept of life. It is all about studying different forms of life. This discipline will cover the world of animals and plants. It will also teach concepts related to human physiology.

As a crucial subject of the CBSE Class 11 Medical subject list, it covers the following concepts.

  • Biodiversity

  • Plant kingdom

  • Animal kingdom

  • Biological classification

  • Structure and functions of cell

  • Human physiology, etc

These chapters will cover all the biological concepts you need to study at this level and prepare for the upcoming exams. Your aptitude in this subject will increase considerably, and you will become eligible to appear in the medical entrance exams.

  1. Mathematics

One of the prominent non-medical entries in the 11th Science subjects list is mathematics. This subject concerns concepts, formulas, and their applications in different mathematical domains. This is one of the most important subjects you have studied since primary school.

In Class 11, you can choose either Mathematics or Biology as an elective subject or both. If you choose Mathematics, these topics will be covered in two years of the higher secondary curriculum.

  • Sets and functions

  • Numbers

  • Coordinate geometry

  • Trigonometry

  • Calculus

  • Statistics

  • Probability, etc

Studying this subject enhances your problem-solving and analytical skills. You will learn how to use mathematical concepts to compile the answers to questions and can prepare for the advanced professional courses later.

  1. Subjects Other than PCMB

A student is obligated to choose a language as a main subject. Generally, students choose English as a main subject and then make four other choices as elective subjects to make a combination of 5.

Other than English and the science mentioned above subjects, there are optional subjects in 11th Science you can go with. Here is a list of subjects in this section.

Computer Science: This subject covers computer systems, computational thinking, programming, etc

Information Practices: This subject focuses on teaching the concepts of information, computer applications, devices, etc.

Engineering Drawing: Another interesting optional subject in CBSE Class 11 is Engineering Drawing. It covers plane geometry, machine drawing, and solid geometry.

Economics: This subject covers the aspects of national income, banking, government budget, employment, income, etc.

Psychology: This subject covers psychological attributes, life challenges, personality, self, etc.

Choose the Right CBSE Class 11 Science Subjects

Now that you have an idea of what subjects are taught in the CBSE Class 11 and 12 Science streams, you can easily make a choice. Research elaborately about the subjects and learn what is taught. Seek ideas and insights from the seniors, parents, and education counsellors regarding the 11th and 12th Science subjects list to make a prominent choice. Remember, your choice of subjects will determine the future academic course to follow.

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FAQs on CBSE Class 11th and 12th Science Subjects: All You Need to Know

1. What can I study if I choose Class 11 PCM?

Here, PCM stands for Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. These subjects are chosen by science aspirants who are willing to appear in the engineering entrance exams. They can also choose this combination to study core and interdisciplinary, and apply for science courses later.

2. Will I be able to study science courses if I choose PCB?

Yes, you can prepare for medical entrance exams. You can also choose core and applied science courses related to botany, zoology, and human physiology. You can also opt for interdisciplinary courses such as biotechnology, bioengineering, etc.

3. What engineering courses can I study if I choose CBSE Class 11 PCM?

You can go for any engineering courses available in the leading colleges. All you have to do is prepare for the nationwide engineering entrance exams. You can seek admission to your preferred engineering course in a reputed college based on your score.

4. Can I choose 6 subjects in Class 11 CBSE?

A student has to choose at least 5 subjects in CBSE Class 11. You can choose a 6th optional subject based on your academic goals.