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Streams Available in Class 11: all You Need to Know

By ShiwaniApril 17, 2023
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Streams Available in Class 11

Every teenager after their class 10 board, comes with the question of what they want to study further. Sometimes they already know about it. Choosing one of the streams available in Class 11 becomes vital at this stage as that subject combination will be responsible for his further studies and his career.

A part from the guidance of parents, teachers, and other counsellors, a student must know on his own about his interests and what he wants to be. After Class 10, you must opt for 4 compulsory subjects as per your decision, along with the English Language in CBSE. So, here is all the information you need before selecting a subject combination for higher education, depending on your interest.

Streams Available in Class 11: Know all Stream Subjects
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First Important Decision of Your Academic Career After Class 10

Choosing a stream after Class 10 is one of the many important decisions you will ever make. It should not be guided by anyone else’s point of view or your parents' idea of what is good for you. Know yourself before going for the stream selection in Class 11.

It's not about only scoring better in your higher secondary. There are mainly three streams with different subject combinations with their career opportunities: Science, Arts, and Commerce. Several other professional short-term courses like fashion designing, jewellery designing, computer applications, etc, are also there which come under vocational courses. Here’s all you need to know about how many streams are there in the 11th Class before stream selection. 

List of the Streams in Class 11 

  • Science

The science stream is differentiated by Biology and Mathematics into two branches, Medical and Non-medical.

PCB (Physics, Chemistry, Biology) is a perfect subject combination for an aspiring medical student. You can choose one optional elective with these three like Economics, Computer Science, or Home Science.

PCMB (Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Mathematics) is based on the four pillars of the Science group. If you are confused about whether to go for medical or non-medical and Class 11 is too soon to decide, this combination can guide you through thousands of career opportunities in both fields.

PCM (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics) is designed with the science subjects in a non-medical stream in 11th CBSE. By completing Class 11 with this stream, you can go for B. Tech, Diploma in Engineering, Architecture, or Computer Applications, and B.Sc. in any subject.

  • Arts

The Arts stream comes with the widest range of education with several subjects like history, geography, political science, Philosophy, Psychology, Hindi, and Other Regional Languages. Studying Arts subjects comes with vast career opportunities both at the national and international levels.

If you are interested in how the economy and the government function step by step, further studies in the Arts subjects come with the opportunity of preparing for civil services and other government posts beforehand. This particular stream varies from giving you in-depth knowledge about how mankind evolved to how the world as a planet function. Several schools also offer different foreign languages as a subject in the Arts stream. You can also choose Economics as a subject in the Arts stream.

  • Commerce

If you are a pro with mathematical calculations and interested in how organisations work successfully over the years and how they take their financial decisions, you can go for the Commerce subjects.

Under the commerce section, the subjects offered are Economics, Accountancy, Statistics, Business Studies, and Mathematics/ Informatics Practices.  This section is new concerning the subjects you have studied until Class 10th. If you want to study economics further, keeping Mathematics is mandatory.

After completing the compulsory five-subject list with Physical Education or Entrepreneurship in Commerce stream, you can always go for a sixth subject.

  • Vocational

The idea of Vocational courses is completely new compared to the other subjects you have already studied until Class 10. Vocational courses offer short-term and long-term professional courses by introducing how financial markets work, tourism functions, the Electrical Engineering department, and Fashion and Jewellery designing courses.

CBSE offers IT, Retail Management, Automotive, Beauty and Wellness courses, and Fashion Studies as Vocational subjects. From the above subjects, you can choose up to 3 compulsory vocational subjects in Class 11 depending upon their availability in your school.

Class 11 Streams and Subject List



Career Opportunities


History, Geography, Regional Languages, Philosophy, Psychology, Political Science, Sociology, Physical Education, Art, Music, etc. 

Opportunities vary from Civil Services to Law, Hotel Management, Journalism, and B.A., M.A., and further research.



There is a wide range of opportunities in medical and non-medical fields like engineering and general higher education degrees like B.Sc., M.Sc., and further research.


Accounting, Economics, Mathematics, Business Studies.

A profession in MNCs, entrepreneurship, trade, finance, and Chartered Accountancy.


Health care, IT and ITES, Construction, Plumbing, Tourism and Hospitality, Agriculture and Power, Apparel, and beauty. 

A profession in tourism, Event Management, fashion designing, jewellery designing, Dialysis, technician, etc.

Choose Your Subjects Sincerely in Class 11 

The decision of what you want to do or what you want to become in the near future depends entirely upon yourself. You can always talk to your parents, teachers, and other senior peers before deciding, but the final call should always be yours.

The best idea depends entirely on your interests, preferences, and passion. So before asking anyone which stream is best for Class 11, ask yourself and know your strengths and weaknesses.

FAQs on Streams Available in Class 11: all You Need to Know

1. What are the subjects offered in non-medical fields in Class 11?

The non-medical field is science without Biology, Arts, Commerce, and Vocational courses.

2. How many subjects do I have to study in Class 11?

Your percentage will be based upon 5 compulsory subjects in Classes 11 and 12. Having a sixth subject is not mandatory to follow.

3. What are the easiest non-medical subjects in the 11th Class?

A part from having Arts, Commerce, and Vocational streams, once you cancel out biology as an option from the main 4 science subjects, other combinations are there to choose from non-medical fields. However, the idea of easy or tough depends entirely on your ability to cope. The understanding abilities and passion for learning any particular subject combination will surely make you successful.

4. How to do stream selection for Class 11?

To select a stream for Class 11, identify your interests and available research streams, consider career options, consult with parents and teachers, take aptitude tests, research future education options, and keep an open mind. Make an informed decision based on your strengths, interests, and long-term goals.