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Best Time To Start Preparing for the NEET UG Exam

By Shiwani PandeyFebruary 12, 2023
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When should I Start Preparing for NEET 2023?

Every year, lakhs of candidates across the country appear for the NEET UG (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) exam to turn their dream of studying in one of the top prestigious medical colleges. Conducted by NTA (National Testing Agency), NEET is held once a year and is considered one of the challenging & toughest medical entrance exams in the country. Only a few applicants can crack the exam with good grades.

Best Time To Start Preparing for the NEET UG Exam

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Students preparing for NEET are suggested to prepare for the exam in advance so they can have ample time to overcome last-minute shortcomings & doubts before the exam. This leads to a question in every student’s mind: "when to start preparing for NEET?” 

In this blog, we will discuss the best time for NEET preparation, key preparation tips & strategies to help you nail the exam. Keep reading to know

Is There An Ideal Time To Start NEET Preparations?

When it comes to starting preparing for medical or any other entrance exams like JEE, students often ask, “When should I start preparing for NEET?”

Although it depends on an individual’s calibre & capabilities to grasp the concepts, it is suggested that all the NEET aspirants start their preparations as early as possible. Starting early will give you sufficient time to work on your weak areas and build a strong grasp of concepts with a clear understanding. You must’ve heard, “Sooner Begun Is Sooner Done ''.

The best time to start NEET preparations is when you can cover the entire syllabus with key topics & concepts. But whenever you start, it is highly vital to stay consistent & focused on your studies. The NEET UG is a highly competitive exam, and aspirants must start preparing for it as early as possible.

Let’s address the benefits of start preparing early for the exams.

Benefits of Early NEET UG Preparation

There are several benefits of starting your NEET/JEE preparations early. Some of them are here as follows:

1. Enough Room for Revision

Pay attention to the value of revising things in any competitive exam. Revision is important to boost your concepts & memorise studies for longer. Preparing early for the NEET UG exam gives you sufficient time for revision. You can revise your syllabus & important topics multiple times and ensure peace of mind till the exam.

2. Thorough Knowledge of Concepts 

Students often ask, “how to start study for NEET?” The best idea is to have a strong grip over concepts so that you can solve any question in the exam irrespective of its difficulty level. And start preparing early provides you with ample time to learn & understand concepts of a particular topic & chapter well. You can avoid mugging up for the exams.

3. More Time to Cover the Syllabus

Covering the NEET syllabus is a first & foremost tip for NEET UG preparation. But the NEET UG syllabus is vast & covers questions from Physics, Chemistry & Biology. Starting early for the NEET exam will give you the added benefit of ample time to finish the entire syllabus before the exam, leaving enough scope for revision.

4. Improved Skills Through Mock Tests

Solving mock tests is a brilliant way to test your preparation level and work on your weaker areas. Plus, it helps you with improving your speed & accuracy to attempt questions in the exams. Starting to prepare early for the NEET exam will allow you to measure your preparation level by taking regular mock tests.

5. Eliminate the Stress 

When you are left with only a couple of months to prepare for the exam, you enter a mad rush to complete the syllabus without paying extra attention to important topics & revisions. This, on the contrary, harm your preparations. Starting early will give you enough time for your studies, eliminating stress & rush during preparations.

Now you may know the answer to when to start preparing for NEET. Starting early for the NEET UG exam has many advantages. Further, we share some tips to help you ace the exam.

NEET UG Exam Preparation Tips & Tricks 

Cracking the NEET exam requires a well-strategic study plan and effective time management. So, start now instead of preparing for the exams a few months before. Here are a few tricks to help with your NEET preparations. Take a look:

1. Get Acquainted with the NEET Syllabus

Getting familiarised with the NEET exam syllabus is the first thing you must do before starting your preparations. This will provide you with an idea about the overall structure of the exam, along with the topics to be covered. Go through the entire syllabus properly and build the best timetable for NEET consisting of all the important topics & sufficient time allotment. Follow it dedicatedly.

2. NCERT Books Are Good To Go

Keeping the difficulty level of the exam & vastness of the NEET syllabus may make you think they have no use, but this is the biggest mistake students make. NCERT books are vital for competitive exams like JEE or NEET to help you build a strong grasp of the concepts. The NEET and Class 11th & 12th syllabi carry several common topics, so referring to them will significantly benefit you.

3. Practice Previous Year’s Papers & Mock Tests 

Practising last year’s question papers & mock tests will give you a certain direction for your NEET preparations. You can get aware of the difficulty level & type of questions etc. Plus, solving mock tests will help you polish your speed & accuracy in answering questions within a specified time period.

4. Timely Revisions

We are more likely to forget what we’ve studied if we skip revising things regularly. And we can’t afford to fade the things we’ve already learned while appearing for the NEET exam. So, avoid procrastination and perform frequent revisions to keep studies on track.


You can follow these few NEET preparation tips to improve your overall NEET preparations. However, as far as you’re concerned about when to start preparing for NEET, it is recommended to start as early as possible so you can have enough time to understand the concepts & covering the key points. All The Best!!

FAQs on Best Time To Start Preparing for the NEET UG Exam

1. Can I prepare for the NEET UG exam in three months?

By building a well-strategic plan and effective time management, students can prepare for the NEET exam. However, it is recommended to start preparing for the exam early.

2. Which books should I prefer for NEET Physics preparations?

Though NCERT books are considered best for competitive exams, you can refer to HC Verma’s Concepts of Physics and Objective Physics by Prof. Satya Prakash Arya.

3. How many total questions are asked in NEET?

A total of 200 questions are asked in the NEET exam, out of which 180 MCQs must be answered from Physics, Chemistry, & Biology. 

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