How To Prepare For NEET From Class 11

by Sagar Mankar, August 27, 2020

National testing agency i.e NTA conducts the National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test in the last week of May every year,  but this year it's in the last week of September. As we all know NEET entrance exam is compulsory for getting admission to medical undergraduate batch. It's a tough competition to compete for medical colleges, as there are more than 16.84 lakh students appearing in this exam and there are around 1.63 lakh seats including all medical UG courses like MBBS/BDS/AYUSH/BVSc and AH. so by this probability you can imagine the extent of competition. Everyone is giving their best to get into the best medical college and for this, you need a unique studying strategy to get top ranks among these. 

For getting the best medical college in India you have to start your preparation from class 11th only and for this, you need the best preparation strategy. Class 11th is the right time to start preparing for the NEET entrance exam, as the best time to start your preparation is when you realize what you want for your life. NEET syllabus is totally based on class 11th and 12th syllabus so we should start doing our preparation from class 11th standard. 

Strategies For Preparation

List of the Syllabus

Before studying, the first and foremost important thing is to prepare a list of the full syllabus. As NEET entrance exam is completely based on the NCERT syllabus and firstly we have to go through these basic concepts. Most of the topics are common for both board and NEET exams so we should focus on common topics first. Keep your preparation in proper sequence as each chapter is interrelated to each other, so maintaining proper sequence is a must. 

Develop a Comprehensive Study Schedule

Once you get adapted to your syllabus you should start your preparation for NEET and make a proper study schedule for every day not only study schedule along with that including eating and playing schedule. Studying time must be in short bursts especially during the time of the day when one feels most productive. You should keep changing your studying schedule to make your schedule refreshing. And in this schedule, you should give maximum time to tough subjects to make them strong.    

Choose Books Having the Best Content

For NEET preparation the main point is to choose the best books which have the best concepts for NEET entrance preparation. First and foremost you should focus on NCERT as it covers the basics of all syllabus. Once you finish the NCERT, candidates must then try and solve questions from the Class 11  for getting more deep concepts and variations of questions.

  1. Objective Physics Vol. 1 by Arihant

  2. Objective Chemistry Vol. 1 by Arihant

  3. A to Z Biology for NEET Class 11 by Cengage

Continuous Practice

If you keep practicing your learned concepts then you keep making your concept stronger. As well all know practice makes a man perfect, so for getting the best medical college in India you should be a regular learner. Keep practicing and solving previous year question papers

Keep Patience and Focus

One who believes in themself always sees positive output in them. As hard work never goes waste, if you are giving your 100% you will get that in return, so start giving your best to get the best result in the NEET exam.  So just focus on your syllabus and preparation strategy and be regular in studies and revise covered topics again and again. 

Watch Recorded Videos again and again

If you are watching recorded videos again and again this will help you in memorizing learned topics and make your concept stronger. Our brain has the capacity to visualize visuals 60,000 times faster than text.

Maintain a Time Limit for Each Section

As the NEET exam consists of three sections they are physics, chemistry, and biology and we have to learn how to maintain the time limit between all these sections. As biology is a completely theory-based section so should give less time to this section whereas physics is mostly numerical based so maximum time should be devoted to this section only by this strategy you will score maximum marks and this will help you in getting the best medical college. The hard work here is your struggle in school and your discipline towards studies both in your past and future while the smart work is the number of strategies you apply to revise and retain the subject you’ve studied all this way.  

Join Test Series Up to Class 11th Syllabus Only 

When you are in class 11th you should join the test series up to class 11th syllabus only by which you can make accuracy in solving questions. This will help you in setting time limits for each section as per their demand or level of toughness. You should also give a topic wise test for the best output in NEET entrance.

How To Prepare For NEET From Class 11