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How Effective Time Management Skills Play Important Role in Cracking NEET

By Manasvi GuptaJuly 14, 2022
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The most valuable resource when it comes to learning is time. "Better three hours too soon, than one minute too late" – William Shakespeare.

NEET 2022

The National Testing Agency (NTA) will administer the NEET 2022 Exam on July 17, 2022, to admit qualified applicants to hospital undergraduate medical programs. The National-Eligibility-cum-Entrance-Test NEET (UG) 2022 test will be held offline, and the exam pattern has undergone a minor adjustment, which has been covered in more detail below.

NEET 2022 will be held in 13 languages. Qualifying candidates will be eligible for admission to MBBS, BDS, BAMS, BSMS, BUMS, BHMS, and other undergraduate (UG) medical courses at approved/recognized Medical/Dental/AYUSH and other Colleges/Deemed Universities/Institutions across India. The 13 languages in which NEET (UG) 2022 will be given include - 

  • English

  • Hindi

  • Kannada

  • Malayalam

  • Marathi

  • Odia

  • Assamese

  • Bengali

  • Gujarati

  • Punjabi

  • Tamil

  • Telugu 

  • Urdu

How to Manage Time in the NEET Exam


Test Paper Solving Tips to Crack NEET 2022

  1. Examine the Test Paper in Detail 

To thoroughly answer a question, students must first carefully read the question and then attempt to answer. Students must take their time studying each question to determine the paper's level of difficulty. Fill out the OMR forms as necessary for each solution. Never overlook the OMR sheet that is left unfinished at the end. You can manage your NEET paper scheduling successfully with a well-thought-out strategy. Just remember, you will have plenty of time to respond to each question.

  1. Make Time Your Friend

To ace a test, it's critical to manage your time effectively. Therefore, students must plan ahead for how to use their time. Always allot a certain amount of time to each topic. It will give you time to go over each section of the paper, and allow you to go back and review it. Work your way up to the more difficult questions, starting with the simpler ones first. 

  1. Do Smart Work

Even if a student is well-prepared, they still need to provide a thoughtful response on the answering sheet to crack NEET 2022. You can choose which topics to tackle first by determining the difficulty of the questions through analysis. One important piece of advice is to tackle the easy questions first and save the challenging ones for last. Try to limit your time on each question to 1 minute and 30 seconds.

  1. Tick-Circle-Cross Method

The most effective way to finish a document is with a tick-circle-cross procedure. Tick mark all the issues you have already resolved as you continue to work on your paper. The ones you are familiar with but need extra time to solve should be circled. Any questions that are unfamiliar to you or that you don't want to answer should be crossed out. 

  1. Examine the Available Options

A candidate must go through all options before starting to solve a question. From the given options, your aim is to choose the correct answer, right? So, never solve the question fully without considering all potential solutions, as it can be a waste of time.

  1. Don't Get Worked Up

Keeping your composure during the exam is essential. You need to keep your confidence intact. Never discuss solutions or formulas outside of the exam room. If you can't find the answer to subsequent questions, try not to get too upset.

Time Management Tips For NEET 2022

  1. Improve Time Management Abilities

Being one step ahead of the competition is the core of NEET. Candidates who manage their time effectively have an edge over the other candidates. The four crucial actions listed below are necessary for developing time management skills:

  • Assign a priority.

  • Make a productive schedule.

  • Make time for your studies.

  • Steer clear of distractions.

To pass NEET with a high All India Rank and get admitted to the medical school of their choice, every NEET candidate must organize and use the time management strategies mentioned here.

  1. Self-Discipline

Self-discipline enables one to concentrate on a task and carry it out to completion. After deciding on their priorities, students should avoid letting interruptions, diversions, or spur-of-the-moment events cause them to lose focus. Discipline can be built by giving each component a certain amount of time and completing it in that time without getting distracted.

Students should practice-relevant questions in a defined length of time after finishing a section. To avoid making the same mistake again, each error committed while answering topic-based questions must be reviewed and corrected.

  1. Focus on Key Sections of Each Subject's Chapters

The best and most effective way to increase productivity is to devote more time to chapters that will considerably raise the NEET 2022 score. In NEET, some chapters have always had more weightage than others. Such portions should be prioritized by students, who should use them to their fullest advantage in NEET 2022 by correctly answering as many questions as they can.

  1. Be Aspirational

The goals that the students have established for themselves must be attained by careful preparation, aim-setting, passion for accomplishing, and an understanding of its benefits. Many aspirants enthusiastically begin a new study regimen, making a huge splash and early strides, but many soon lose motivation and never finish the regimen entirely.

Students must be persistent and motivated by the established timeline in order to finish the project as planned while keeping in mind the dates of the NEET Exam to get the desired results.

  1. Start Right Now

The best way to guarantee job completion is to start work on it right away! One of two things that can lead to failure is either one doesn't begin or one doesn't finish.

Students who adhere to these guidelines will be able to prevent the following consequences of procrastination:

  • Even if they don't feel like working on the task, students should start it and finish it. Starting a project or a plan is generally the hardest part; once started, "inspiration" usually follows

  • Students must acknowledge that some chapters, assignments, or exams will never be deemed "easy" in the past, present, or future. Students will feel more in control, and their grades will improve by starting with chapters or tasks as scheduled and progressing through them.

  1. Avoid Picking a Book at Random

If you are left with just a few days of preparation, refrain from consulting any unplanned books you may have on hand, and, instead, stick to the NCERT textbooks and their accompanying notes. This will not only help to learn in a structured way but will also ensure preparation for the NEET in the allotted time.

In addition, one must complete the previous ten years' exam papers. This will give knowledge about the NEET test structure as well as the types of questions asked, their level of difficulty, and other factors. In addition, it helps evaluate the level of preparation, track time spend on each question, and increase speed and accuracy.

Strategies for Preparing and Cracking NEET 2022

  • You must know your syllabus well. Familiarity with the NEET syllabus can help bring the best out of you. It can help focus on important topics and cover every part well.

  • Good NEET study material can help you in preparing well. Solving NEET previous year papers and NEET mock tests can help a candidate score well.

  • Making a study timetable is very important. This will help you understand when to study and when to take rest.

  • Revision is an important part of learning. Keep revising regularly so that you don’t forget what you have already learnt.

  • A healthy diet plays a very important role in our lives. While preparing for your exams, make sure you eat healthily and provide your brain with all the nutrients it needs.

Practice makes a man perfect. It is important to keep solving the NEET sample paper to know your strengths well. Solving previous year papers will help in making better strategies to crack NEET 2022 that are best for you. You must keep yourself hydrated and rest enough so that you can focus better on your exam. These tips will help you prepare well for your examination and cope with your NEET paper timing.

FAQs on How Effective Time Management Skills Play Important Role in Cracking NEET

Q1. What is the Eligibility Criteria for NEET 2022?

Ans: Candidates must fulfil the following eligibility criteria to appear for NEET 2022 examination:

  • Candidates must be of at least 17 years in age as on 31st December 2022. Aspirants born before 31st December 2002 are also eligible to appear for this exam.

  • The aspirants must have completed their higher secondary examination with Chemistry, Biology or Physics as their core subjects, from a recognized state or central board.

  • The minimum qualifying marks for the general category students is 50%, while it is 40% for SC/ST/OBC.

  • Candidates who are foreign nationals, NRIs, PIOs or OCIs can also apply for this examination.

Q2. How to Apply for NEET 2022 Examination?

Ans: The following steps can help an aspiring candidate in applying for NEET 2022 examination:

  • Candidates willing to appear for NEET 2022 must visit the official website to fill the registration form.

  • The next step is to select the option ‘Online submission of application for NEET’.

  • The candidates must then click on the option ‘New Registration’

  • Fill in all the details such as name and other information and then click on ‘Submit’.

  • The candidate is then required to pay the NEET registration fees.

  • After payment, download the confirmation page.

  • Take a print out of the final form for future usage.

Q3. What is the NEET 2022 Exam Date?

Ans. The NTA NEET 2022 exam for undergraduate students is set for July 17, 2022 (Sunday).

Q4. When will the NEET 2022 Admit Card be released?

Ans. Approximately three days before the exam, the NEET 2022 Admit Card will be made available.

Q5. Is there any age limit to attempting the NEET exam?

Ans. Though there is no upper age limit to appear for NEET 2022 Exam, a candidate must be at least 17 years of age as of December 31, 2022 to attempt the exam.

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