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A Closer Look Into Science Stream in Class 11

By ShiwaniApril 13, 2023
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All those students preparing for the 10th standard board examinations often find themselves overwhelmed with a range of queries in their minds. For example, “Which stream should I choose?”, “Which stream is best for class 11?”, “Should I go with the most popular one or explore the road less traveled? ” or “What are the career opportunities in different fields?” etc. 

It is obvious to feel dilemmas but let’s not panic here!! Stream selection can seem daunting, but it is not if you are aware of subjects & career options and conduct some research.

Everything You Need to Know About Science Stream Selection in Class 11

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By Class 10, you have sufficient time to explore your interests in subjects you want to study for the next two years in Class 11 and 12. Among the three streams available - Commerce, Arts & Science, we will take a look at all types of Science streams in this article.

Why Choose Science Stream in Class 11?

You must’ve heard the famous quote by Edward Teller, “The Science of Today is the Technology of Tomorrow.” It simply explains how innovative discoveries in the present lead to a better life in the future.

Choosing a Science stream provides students amazing research opportunities and brings them closer to innovative technologies. Candidates get to study subjects like Physics and Chemistry to gain an in-depth understanding of the universe's physical, chemical, and biological aspects. Plus, it also helps with their problem-solving and analytical abilities. 

The Science stream consists of scientific theories and practical concepts that help polish their knowledge regarding natural and artificial processes in the world. As a result, students qualified in the science stream have a wide range of career opportunities, including Space research, Computer Science, Biotechnology, Nanotechnology, Pharmaceuticals,  Forensic Science, Mechanical Engineering, etc.

What are the Science Subjects in Class 11th?

When it comes to the 11th science subjects list, the Science stream is divided into two sub-branches based on the third subject that students choose as per their interest:

  • Medical – Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English, Optional Subject

  • Non-Medical – Physics, Chemistry, Maths, English, Optional Subject

With Physics and Chemistry as common subjects in both disciplines, the main difference is whether you choose Mathematics or Biology. Biology is chosen by those who want to pursue a career in Medical Sciences, while Math opens the door to a career in fields like Engineering, Architecture, etc. Aside from these subjects, students must additionally select English or Hindi.

A Look at All Types of Science Stream

Core Subjects:


Among the Science subjects in 11th, Physics is a subject in the Science stream that studies force, motion, matter & energy. Through various technological advancements in fields like Nuclear Physics and Mechanics, studying this Science stream will help students develop decision-making and observational abilities. 

The topics covered in Physics are Laws of Motion, Electrostatics, Kinematics, and Thermodynamics.


Among science stream subjects in class 11, another subject is Chemistry, which is simply the study of properties, compositions, and life structure. Students will encounter many concepts while studying chemistry, such as chemical bonds, equilibrium, organic chemistry, etc.

The topics covered in Chemistry are Thermodynamics of Chemical Reactions, Basic chemistry concepts, Chemical bonding and molecular structure, s-block elements, etc.


A popular non-medical subject for 11th CBSE is Math, generally known as the study of numbers. The students often hate it, while for some, it is their favorite subject. As a subject, Math focuses on concepts of numerics, quantity, proportions, transactions, etc. 

The topics covered in Math are Sets and Functions, Algebra, Coordinate Geometry, Statistics, Probability, etc.


Among subject options for class 11 CBSE, the most common name in the Science stream is Biology which involves studies of living elements on earth. The word “Biology” is derived from the Greek language, where “Bios” means “life” and “logos” means learning. This discipline will take you into plants & animals, anatomical processes, chemical processes, and evolution and development.

The topics covered in Biology are Genetics and Evolution, Biotechnology and its Applications, Structure and Function of Cell, etc.


English might not be a famous name among the Science stream subjects, but it is compulsory, irrespective of the stream. English is the most widely spoken language in the world, especially in the corporate world, colleges, and education centers.

The topics covered in English are Grammar, Unseen Passage and Comprehension, etc.

Optional Subjects

After you select compulsory subjects in the science stream, ie. Physics, Chemistry, English, and Biology / Mathematics, you are required to select the 5th subject of your choice. Here they are as follows:

  • Computer Science

  • Economics

  • Physical Education

  • Informatics Practices

  • Engineering Drawing

  • Psychology

  • Environmental Studies, etc.

Benefits of Choosing Science Stream in Class 11

Career opportunities in the science stream are immense. If you are also thinking of choosing Science in class 11, here are the reasons & benefits that can help you ace your decision. Take a look:

  • Science is a subject that leads you to several progressive and innovative developments in society. Studying science has enabled individuals to find cures for various diseases and spread awareness.

  • Reading subjects like Physics & Chemistry helps students broaden their knowledge about the world, its causes, and effects. 

  • Science is all about innovations, technologies, and discoveries for a better tomorrow. Studying these different science disciplines helps students learn creative thinking, problem-solving, and observational skills.

  • Whether understanding the fantasizing world of space or diving into the thrilled deep ocean, science is about searching Whats, Whys & Hows.

  • Qualifying your 12th board with science with good marks will give you a chance to pursue higher education in the country's top institutes like IIT, NIT, AIIMS, etc.

How to Select the Right Subject Stream in Class 11?

Deciding which stream to choose in Class 11 can be daunting initially, but constructive research and self-awareness of areas of interest, career preferences, and long-term goals can make the task much easier. Here are a few simple things that you can do to make an informed decision:

  • Ask yourself what you enjoy studying, what you excel at, or what you want to pursue for two years. Craft a clear & picture of your interests, strengths, and motivations.

  • Know about the available streams in detail. Get an in-depth idea of how many subjects are compulsory in class 11 science, the syllabus, and career aspects.

  • After you’ve gathered information about yourself and the various streams available in Class 11, align your strengths & weaknesses to the course’s requirements.

  • As a last resort, visiting a career consultant is better if you’re unsure what path to take after Class 10.

Summing Up

Now you know the subject options for class 11 CBSE. No doubt that Science is an amazing stream that offers numerous career opportunities based on your skills and interests. Choosing the right stream for your career is among the most critical decisions you can ever make. Consider these factors and determine which science combinations you want to pursue - PCM or PCB. Good Luck!!

FAQs on A Closer Look Into Science Stream in Class 11

1. How do I find the right stream after the 10th?

Finding the right stream after the 10th standard can be daunting, but assessing your interests and options in each stream can help you determine.

2. How can counseling help me decide which stream is right after the 10th?

Visiting a counselor can help you work through all the various factors regarding a stream and make an informed decision.

3. What are the high-salary jobs in Science Stream?

Students qualifying with the science stream have multiple career opportunities with exceptional salary potential. Computer science, biotechnology, engineering, and biotechnology positions offer lucrative salaries.