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How Do I Do Long-Term Memorization for the NEET?

By Preeti BhardwajJune 03, 2022
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Upgrade Your Study Level for NEET with Memorization Tips

Cracking any competitive examination is indeed challenging. 


Mainly because of the competitiveness and the vast, humongous syllabus which the students are required to study. But honestly, this is not the main reason, the main reason is that we students are required to memorize or keep in mind this humongous syllabus!

So, does it mean we are never going to be successful at these competitive exams like NEET? Of course not. With some memorization skills and with a dedication to studies we can easily compete and be successful in our NEET examinations.  

Competing in NEET

Neet is a National level entrance examination conducted by NTA. The students who want to enrol in colleges with medical courses must qualify for this entrance exam. The entrance exam is for four subjects: Physics, Chemistry, Zoology, and Botany. There are 180 questions for each subject section. The neet entrance exam carries a total of 720 marks. CBSE syllabus for the 11th and 12th is enough for preparations. This is definitely not easy as it requires a long term period to prepare for NEET.

Entrance exams are more about smart work than hard work; they need patience and correct time optimization. You can crack NEET with the correct set of strategies by working on perfecting yourself in the subject you're stronger at and then using an ample amount of time left with the subject that is a little hard for you.

Avoid answering questions by guessing as Neet has negative markings too. Reparations are tiring, and it is even more tiring when it comes to memorizing what you have learned.

Tips for Long-Term Memorisation for NEET

A Neet exam consists of four subjects and is vast in the syllabus, where you have to remember concepts and formulas in order to answer the exam with accuracy. The most challenging part is remembering the formulas and important concepts and applying them to the exam within 3 hours. During the exam, you witness fear, stress, and anxiety simultaneously, which makes it difficult to remember the concepts and formulas you were once thorough with - so dealing with those feelings before the exam is necessary to achieve great results. The following are some of the tips that you can follow to memorize the Neet syllabus for the long term.

  1. Prepare Notes

You can go through the concept by reading how many times you want but writing them down once will help you remember them clearly during the exam. Make yourself clear with the concept thoroughly by solving similar questions. Your brain can easily remember what you have written down, so definitions and formulas are important, so make sure you write them down in your notebook. This method makes it easy while revising before the exam.

  1. Revision

Last-minute revision is very necessary for such entrance exams. Make sure you make revision notes which are the premise of short notes of concepts that are most likely to come. Make a habit of revising through whatever you read at the end of the day and then move on to another topic; this method can help you remember better. Make sure you quiz yourself after finishing through a chapter or concept so that you are aware of your progress.

  1. Stay Active

Preparing for Neet in the long term is a complex task and tiring as it requires a lot of time. A human can focus on a particular thing only for 30 minutes in one sitting; therefore, make sure you take regular breaks in definitive timings. Keep yourself healthy, take brisk walks, readout definitions louder for focus and concentration.

  1. Flow Charts

Our brains tend to remember diagrams more than words; therefore, make a flow chart of your concepts for easy memorization. Make sure you are constructing a flow chart where all the necessary information is included and stick them to the wall where your study table is so that you can memorize them whenever you see them.

  1. Visualisation

Our brains tend to remember motions, graphics more easily than descriptive written information. Like we remember every scene of our favourite movies. Make sure you go through videos that are provided online regarding the necessary concepts and are hard for you. Watching videos can ease any complex concepts for better remembrance.

  1. Healthy Diet

Make sure you are eating healthy food during the preparation, stay away from junk food, and keep yourself active by walking or running as per your preferences. Make sure to eat foods like almonds, blueberries, broccoli, pumpkin seeds, etc. This helps boost memory and enables you to focus for a long time. Eat nutrient-rich food for a healthy, functioning body.

  1. Practise Meditation

Meditation is very necessary, and it gives individual peace and focuses on important tasks which are your priority. These exams are stressful; therefore, mediation is needed for 15 to 20 mins every day. People with great sporting abilities have mediation in common for greater efficiency during the performance.

  1. Stay Away from Distraction

Make sure your electronic devices are not anywhere near you while you are studying, as it can be a great distraction. If anything is pulling you down, then it is better to cut it off.

It depends on how we develop ourselves, so it's necessary to construct habits that contribute to making the best version of ourselves.


The above tips will help you in long term exam preparation and memorization. The above tips will also assist you to contemplate some solid strategic plans to give you basic dos and don'ts during preparation. Make sure that you're healthy and active. Do not panic during the exam. Enjoy what you're doing. Your attitude towards exams should always be positive as attitude determines effectiveness. No matter what your results are, keep in mind that you're learning. Even if you don't get through the exam, count that as an experience. Learning and knowledge are what matter at the end of the day.

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