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How Can I Prepare For The AIIMS, NEET and JIPMER in 4 Months?

By Asmita KunduSeptember 17, 2020
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All the medical aspirants always run short of time for effective revision. This happens only because of improper planning. It is of utmost importance for all of you to understand that 4 months is not too early to start the revisions and preparations. However, you should also be strong enough to say that 4 months is not too late for the AIIMS, NEET, and JIPMER preparation. 

All that matters is the dedication of yours and your quality time invested for the preparation of the examination. The Ministry of Human Resource and Development has been emphasizing on the most trending news that the AIIMS and JIPMER exams will be ruled out from the year 2022. All the admissions to the medical colleges in India will take place through NEET scores only. 

Look Before You Leap 

Many media reports have furnished details about the merger of NEET, JIPMER, and AIIMS. The authorities who conduct the AIIMS and JIPMER exams have also said that they have received a notice stating not to conduct the exams separately. With this news, all the medical aspirants should look forward to registering themselves to the NEET for admission in any of the undergraduate programs offered by the Indian Medical and Dental Colleges. 

Adhering to the fact that the time and tide waits for none the students should start their preparation at the earliest. How do you prepare for NEET, JIPMER or AIIMS in four months will be decided based on how much of the syllabus you have already completed revising and how much is the leftover portion of the syllabus. 

Do not get carried away by procrastination as you will incur a great loss because of this. Plan your strategies after you get to know what you are yet to learn. 

Develop A Self Study Plan

Most of the students waste their time in planning how to study rather than utilizing the time effectively for their preparation. Candidates are always advised to formulate a realistic study plan that blends with the practicality of life. Do not follow unrealistic plans that don't work for you. You know better than anyone else about yourself. 

So, make a plan for yourself according to your needs and your urge to acquire your passion as a profession. A few things that all the medical aspirants should take care of to prepare themselves for the NEET or AIIMS or JIPMER or any other competitive entrance exam for that matter when the preparation time is less are listen in the following. Take a look.

  1. Know Your Syllabus

It is important for the candidates to be aware of the syllabus and the concepts from which the questions will appear in the NEET / AIIMS / JIPMER exam. By knowing the syllabus, you will also get to know what are the things that you have already studied and what is pending on your part. You can set strategic plans as per the concepts that are to be learnt. This will help you prepare for the exam within four months. 

  1. Understand The Difficulty Level

Be aware that the need of the hour is setting up priorities based on the difficulty level of questions appearing in the exam. There is no point in spending several hours of preparation time on a simple topic that may not even account to any of the questions in the NEET / AIIMS / JIPMER exam. 

  1. Stick To The NCERT

NCERT books are the masters of all the questions that appear in the medical entrance exams. So, before you make a move to refer to any other material or books for the preparation, make sure that you are thorough with the syllabus and concepts in the NCERT books

  1. Manage Your Time

Pay due attention to the quality time that you spend for preparation. Make sure that you take up a number of sample tests before the exam. This will help you become the master of your time. Never forget that these competitive entrance exams are time-bound. Practising a number of tests with the same scenario of the exam will enable the ability of time management in you. 

Keep This Handy

There are a few prerequisites for the candidates who aspire to crack the NEET/ AIIMS/ JIPMER exam within a short span of time. The prerequisites include the understanding of exam structure and management of time according to the structure. This is a skill learnt through a lot of practice. So, practice as many sample papers as possible and give as many mock tests as possible prior to the exam. 

The previous year question papers should give you a better understanding of the question paper structure. Never forget to have a look at them. The previous question paper will also give you an overview of the number of easy and difficult level questions asked. This will help you plan a time management strategy. 

Since the entrance exams are expected to be conducted on an online platform in the upcoming years, update yourself with modern technology. Toppers have always been emphasizing on the speed. They have been asking the would-be medical practitioners to complete their paper before half an hour and utilize the rest of the time for revision. 

Health Is Wealth

A sound body and sound mind keep you more confident during the time of preparation. Do not let the exam stress rule your brain. Focus on your goals. Work with the whole heart towards your passion. With this, definitely success will be at your feet. At the same time, always remember that the food you eat accounts to your physical health and sound state of mind. Stay healthy and ace the exam.

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