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Power Study Techniques: How to Tackle Difficult Questions in NEET UG 2023?

By Shiwani PandeyMarch 05, 2023
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Tips to Solve Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) in NEET Exam

The National Testing Agency (NTA) has published the NEET exams 2023 date sheet on its official website. As per the announcement, the exam is scheduled for May 7, 2023. With only a few months left for the preparations, candidates are ready to gear up their studies and leave no stone unturned to ace their performance. 

It is evident that lakhs of students attend this entrance exam every year to secure admission into MBBS, BDS, and other nursing courses offered by top medical colleges/institutes in India. Undoubtedly, NEET is among the country’s most challenging competitive medical entrance exams, requiring a fine study strategy, & effective time management to complete the syllabus on time. 

Power Study Techniques: How to Tackle Difficult Questions in NEET UG 2023?

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If you are one of those aspirants determined to crack NEET with maximum scores, this article can help you with a few effective tips on how to prepare for NEET 2023.

Check Out NEET Difficult Questions-Handling Techniques

As per the NEET 2023 exam pattern, all the candidates will be asked a total of 200 Multiple-choice, objective-type questions for total marks of 720 from subjects - Physics, Chemistry, and Biology, which is further divided into Botany and Zoology. Each subject will consist of sections A and B with compulsory 35 questions in Section-A and 15 questions in Section B, of which they can attempt any ten questions. 

Candidates are required to answer 180 MCQs within three hours & twenty minutes which makes it crucial to know how to practice questions in the right way for NEET.  

Below we are sharing a few tips & tricks to tackle MCQs in NEET to attempt questions within the time specified. Keep reading to know:

1. Read the Question Thoroughly

Most of the time, candidates often rush to complete the exam soon and read questions in a hurry. It often results in marking the incorrect option as they need to be more accurate and read the given information. Experts recommend candidates overcome this mistake in the exam hall and read the question thoroughly as the best way to prepare for NEET.

The Multiple-choice questions asked in the NEET paper can be confusing in the first place. Reading them carefully will help candidates evaluate & gather all the data provided in the question and process that data further to solve the question. This way, candidates can interpret the correct answer easily after reading the entire question in-depth.

2. Conceptual Clarity To Stay One Step Ahead

For a competitive exam where lakhs of candidates appear to secure a seat in one of the top medical colleges in the country, it is justified to encounter tricky & confusing questions in the NEET paper to test a candidate’s knowledge and conceptual skills. There are possibilities that you might get stuck in a similar situation as well. So, how to prepare for NEET 2023? In such a case, conceptual understanding is your saviour. 

So, whenever you complete a chapter, don’t forget to solve its related questions, examples, diagrams, flowcharts, key points, etc. It will help you clear all your doubts and master that chapter for a long period. You can also use a stepwise method to solve conceptual or complex questions.

3. Keep Important Formulas, Equations, Definitions, Or Scientific Names On Your Fingertips

In addition to the conceptual understanding of particular topics/chapters, it is also crucial for the NEET candidates to master all the important scientific names, formulas or equations, etc. Many questions covered in the NEET exam are formula-based, and memorising formulas & other important details will help them solve questions easily & quickly. In addition, it will save their valuable time and allow them to focus on more complex questions to be attempted on time.

4. More Emphasize on NCERT Books

One of the most important NEET difficult questions handling techniques is sticking to the NCERT textbooks. Regarding strengthening the concepts, referring to the NCERT books is always the priority. They consist of well-explained fundamentals of any particular topic and provide an in-depth idea with enough MCQs, & examples. Most questions in the NEET exams are asked from these books, so ignoring them is the biggest mistake you can ever make during your NEET UG preparations. Practice NCERT books more often and ask your doubts, if any, to your teachers.

5. Effective Time Management

How to practice questions in the right way for NEET? The answer lies in effective time management. As you know that NEET is a time-bound entrance exam that you need to complete within 3 hours and 20 minutes. Completing the paper could be difficult if you don’t know how to manage your time effectively. Therefore, adequate division of time is significant, and you can achieve this by solving NEET sample papers and mock tests.

6. Practice Sample Papers/Mock Tests Regularly

How to prepare for NEET 2023? Practising last year’s question papers/ mock tests and other sample papers will give you an idea of how to answer MCQ questions efficiently. Then, keep the timer ON and measure your performance to solve a question. This way, you can gradually improve your speed & accuracy in the NEET exam. Plus, you can get to know the topics you are weak in along with the type & level of difficulty in question-asked in the exam. 

7. Solve Simple Questions First

What type of questions are asked in NEET? Candidates are required to solve 200 multiple-choice questions within 3 hours & 20 minutes. It is best to attempt the simple questions first to keep a good pace throughout the exam. When you know the answer, you can save time-solving the difficult ones.

Summing Up

These are a few NEET difficult questions handling techniques that candidates can follow to ace their performance in the exam. Spend the first 10-15 minutes scanning the question paper and finding the easy ones to solve. Then, you can achieve your goals and score better with a strategic study plan and time management skills. All The Best!!

FAQs on Power Study Techniques: How to Tackle Difficult Questions in NEET UG 2023?

1. How many MCQs should I solve per day for NEET?

Candidates preparing for the NEET exam can start with 30 MCQs per day and then increase the number to 50, 60, or 70 MCQs daily, depending on their intelligence level. The more you solve, the more you master the concept.

2. How can I avoid negative markings in NEET?

Prepare a strategic timetable, perform regular revisions, and solve as many MCQs and mock tests as possible.

3. What is the time limit for the NEET exam?

The total time for the NEET exam is 3 hours & 20 minutes. Therefore, students must work on their time management skills.

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