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How Can I Stay Motivated While Studying for NEET/JEE?

By Manasvi GuptaJanuary 29, 2023
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Are you preparing for the JEE/NEET preparation this year but need more motivation? It is obvious! Many students out there feel demotivated while preparing for exams looking at the vastness and complexity of the syllabus. And why not?

NEET and JEE are among the most challenging entrance exams in the country for students who are willing to secure admission to the top institutions for medical and engineering, respectively. Every year, lakhs of candidates prepare and appear for the exam, but only a few get selected. Undoubtedly, cracking the NEET/JEE exam requires a strategic study plan, longer study hours, frequent practice, revision, and effective time management.

Ways to Motivate During NEET and JEE Preparation

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In this blog, we will share tips to help improve your JEE/NEET motivation during preparation. Take a look:

Tips To Stay Motivated for JEE and NEET Preparation

Staying motivated and positive throughout the preparation is the key to shining in competitive exams like NEET or JEE. But it is more challenging than it sounds. During your preparation, there will be a point where you’ll feel low and have negative thoughts in your mind about not cracking the exam. This is when you require strong reasons to motivate yourself to stick to your studies. If you’re suffering from the same issue, look at these tips to help you.

1. Self-Motivation is the Best Motivation

Self-motivation is the best motivation for NEET aspirants that helps you figure out what you have and what you can do. When you start an important task, simply put the reason that's got you first and make the answer a reason to keep going. Your competition is not with other aspirants but with yourself. The true meaning of self-motivation comes from inside you, associated with your passion and a desire to become a better version of yourself.

2. Surround Yourself With Good People

Remember, the kind of people you live with strongly influences your personality, decisions and mindset. So it is always better to stay in the company of good people with positive perspectives towards life, especially when preparing for your goals. Whether it’s your friends, peers, teachers etc., they should always push you towards JEE motivation and support you to do better. Stay away from negative people who get jealous of your capabilities, and always find reasons to bring you down and make you doubt yourself.

3. Create and Stick to a Time-Table

Whether you’re preparing for JEE, NEET, or any other competitive exam, you can’t deny the importance of maintaining a timetable during your preparation. Time table brings you a sense of self-discipline and motivates your mind to perform regular practice in your preparation. It develops a habit of completing things on time, which further helps finish the vast syllabus of JEE/NEET. So, get aware of the syllabus and create a timetable for NEET preparation accordingly. Allot sufficient time for each topic and follow it dedicatedly.

4. Find a Focused Study Spot

The next important step is to distance yourself from all types of distractions at the time you’re studying. Find a study spot that is free from distractions and provides you with a peaceful environment to study. Keep it organised and gather all your study materials in place while studying so that you don’t get disturbed. A distraction-free environment will help you improve your concentration and speed up your studies.

5. Build Interest in Subjects

Another important thing for NEET motivation is to find interest in subjects while studying. Physics, Chemistry, and Biology will be more interesting to read if you understand the concepts, solve related problems, and practice questions as much as possible. Mark doubts to ask your professors later. It will help you make a strong grasp on these subjects and make studying more fun.

6. Break Tasks into Small Achievable Goals 

If you are overwhelmed with the syllabus of JEE, you should categorise important chapters for JEE Mains first and set daily or weekly goals. Prioritise the important topics with their weightage and study to cover them within the stipulated time. It will help you secure maximum marks in the exam, and you can cover other remaining topics accordingly.

7. Do Exercise and Yoga

If you’re preparing for NEET/JEE or any other competitive exam, you must keep indulging in any exercise or sports to refresh your mind. It helps improve concentration and create a positive mindset, as well as keeps you away from negativity. Allow yourself to play any sport, exercise, or meditate regularly to keep your mood fresh and energetic. Spending at least 30 minutes a day working out or meditating will help you stay stress–free and prepare better for the exam.

8. Remind Yourself About Your Goals

Always keep in mind why you’re working so hard and what your goals are. This will regularly trigger your mind to prepare and stick to what you’re doing. Write down what you want to achieve and repeat it to yourself aloud. Seek the support of your family members, friends and teachers whenever you feel demotivated. Share your thoughts with them and indulge in a productive discussion.

9. Believe That You Can Do It

Only the students who believe they can succeed in a task tend to achieve their goals. For students who already think that they will fail, nothing can help. The best NEET motivation is to believe in your capabilities and struggle to achieve your goals. Keep a positive mindset and stop comparing yourself to others. You need to focus on your weaknesses and strengths and work accordingly.

Wrapping Up

NEET and JEE are among the most difficult entrance exams to crack. The candidates require a lot of practice and a positive mindset to crack the exam. Since the syllabus of JEE is vast, it is common for candidates to feel low during their preparation. These tips will help you stay motivated and prepare better for the exam. All The Best!!

FAQs on How Can I Stay Motivated While Studying for NEET/JEE?

1. How can I motivate myself for the IIT JEE?

Students must keep their ultimate goals in mind and avoid negative people. Prepare a strategic study plan and stick to it.

2. Is cracking JEE advanced tough?

JEE Advance is considered one of the most challenging exams in the country; however, with a frequent study plan and strong motivation throughout the preparation, candidates can crack it with good marks.

3. Is NCERT enough for JEE Main?

Though NCERT books help strengthen your concepts via diagrams and flowcharts, it is better to follow other reference books and study materials from Vedantu to score well.

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