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Are Examples from NCERT Biology Enough for NEET?

By Raunak VarmaJune 07, 2022
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Importance of NCERT Syllabus in NEET

As we all know AIIMS and JIPMER are merged with NEET so that every student has to set their all focus on NEET. As per the subject experts and NEET toppers, NCERT books are the best study materials for NEET preparations. NEET syllabus is based on the NCERT syllabus of Class 11 and 12 with Physics, Chemistry and Biology as the main topics covered. Therefore, candidates preparing for NEET should cover the topics of NCERT books thoroughly.

NCERT books give an admirable head start for NEET preparation, however, the theoretical explanations specified in NCERT sometimes become inadequate to understand the concepts. Moreover, the number of questions given in the textbook is very less as compared to the competitive exam preparations.

One needs to do well in the biology section to get selected in NEET. Although the NCERT textbook contains enough information related to the topics that are being asked in the exam. You can refer to additional books along with NCERT to enhance your preparation.

NCERT textbooks are written in such a way that gives you a feeling that you have understood everything, but later you realize that there is more you require to elaborate the concepts in depth.

But before taking help from any other book, make sure that you complete NCERT textbooks of 11th and 12th standards. Also, you must analyze what kind of questions, patterns, and trends are being followed in NEET.

Biology part comprises 90 questions and according to expert bio faculty at least 65 to 70 questions are directly asked from NCERT textbook. Of these minimum roughly 30 questions are one liners for which you don't even need to look for the options if you have read NCERT thoroughly,other questions would require and test your knowledge and understanding. You might consider the ncert textbook your geeta,bible,quran or any holy book for neet.

NEET 2018 topper AIR 16 Ritwik Kumar Sahoo said, “I strictly followed NCERT textbooks for NEET preparations. Aspirants must thoroughly go through NCERT books which form the base for every question.” These NCERT textbooks actually create the foundation.

NEET Biology syllabus is classified into two parts, namely, Botany and Zoology and is composed of topics covered in classes 11 and 12.Biology makes the vital difference between the success and failure of candidates in all the medical entrance examinations. Hence, the students are advised to be prepared thoroughly for this subject. NEET Biology syllabus is based on the concepts mainly from the NCERT Biology textbooks, therefore, a thorough revision of class 11 and 12 NCERT Biology textbooks is a must.

The biology section is one of the most scoring sections amongst all. Given below are the important topics that carries high weightage in NEET 2022 Biology section:

  • Ecology

  • Plant and Human Physiology

  • Genetics and Evolution

  • Cell Structure & Function

  • Biotechnology

  • Diversity In Living World

Importance of NCERT Books for NEET

NCERT Books are very helpful and simple to follow. Candidates find these NCERT books useful as they can easily clear the concepts. Here are some points on why NCERT books are important for NEET preparation.

Gives Clarity:

By thoroughly studying from NCERT textbooks, candidates can have a clear concept of the related topics. Aspirants can have the confidence of excelling in the exam as they will have the courage to face the conceptual based questions in NEET.

Direct Questions:

As the NEET Exam follows the NCERT textbooks for designing the question paper, there are numerous questions which are asked directly from NCERT books or follow the same question pattern. Candidates should thoroughly practice from NCERT books as around 50% of the questions in NEET comes from NCERT.

Simple Language:

NCERT textbooks are created in simple language which candidates can understand easily. Also, the conceptual parts are explained more thoroughly which makes it easier for aspirants to understand the topics properly.

How to Read NCERT Books for Preparation?

The NCERT Books act as a guide to students preparing for NEET. The aspirants must use the below-mentioned tips to read NCERT Books for preparation-

  1. Make notes while reading to avoid skipping any important points. 

  2. The notes will also help the aspirants to retain the information learnt.

  3. The candidates can also seek the help of the internet or reference book to get access to a number of questions. 

  4. NCERT Books divide the information in the sub-heads. The constant reading will help the aspirants to comprehend the topics easily.

Biology NCERT for NEET Preparation 

The candidates can follow the below-mentioned tips to prepare for the NEET biology section:

  1. Biology NCERT books are the guide for NEET aspirants as questions are directly asked from NCERT.

  2. Divide the topics and focus more on the important ones. Apart from NCERT, stick to notes/modules from a single source in the beginning. 

  3. In the last 2 months, stick to NCERT books and revise every day without fail for all sections.

  4. Practice from previous years’ papers/mock test/ sample papers will help the candidates to check the progress.

  5. Don’t miss out on animal and plant physiology as most of the questions are from this section.

  6. Revisions must be done every day without failing to score well in the exam.

In conclusion, NCERT covers up the majority of NEET examinations. And if you are thorough with NCERT syllabus for Physics, Chemistry and Biology books of 11th and 12 standards and have solved previous year questions papers along with practice from reference books your maximum preparation is done and you are ready to crack your NEET exams.

FAQs on Are Examples from NCERT Biology Enough for NEET?

1. How can I learn Biology for the NEET exam?

The tricks students should keep in mind while preparing for NEET Biology are:

Refer to the best study material, Form a proper study timetable, Start preparing notes, Try to concentrate on weaker sections, and Give your breaks between study sessions. Revise all the diagrams and tables thoroughly from the NCERT textbook. Read the examples of the topics, including Plant morphology, plant anatomy, animal tissue, and others from NCERT, and Refer to the pedigree analysis to revise family histories and inheritance of genes in humans briefly. Following these tips will surely help you to score good marks.

2. Are NEET Biology questions repeated?

There is no mandatory rule that a fixed number of the same questions will be asked in the exam every year. Every year a new pattern of questions is made. So hardly 2-3 questions are repeated from last year. But this is also not a mandatory rule.

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