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5 Tips To Score 100 Percent in CBSE Board Exam

By AiswaryaFebruary 13, 2024
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How To Get Centum in CBSE Exams?

As the CBSE board exams 2024 are knocking on the door, appearing students are all gearing up their preparations to get good grades in their board exams, and why not? Board exams act as a turning point for candidates toward their professional careers. The marks obtained in the exams are the foundation for selecting the preferred stream they want to specialised in and help them choose a preferred college for further studies in the chosen stream.

5 Tips To Score 100 Percent in CBSE Board Exam

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But cracking board exams with good marks requires a dedicated study plan & effective time management. No wonder students start feeling anxious & often seek tips to get centum in all subjects. 

In this article, we will discuss a few tips & tricks that will help you score 100 per cent in CBSE in all subjects. Keep reading to know more:

Strategies You Should Follow To Score 100% In CBSE Exams 

The dates for the CBSE board exams 2024 have been announced. Every student asks the same question, “how to get 100 marks in exams?”To score 100% in CBSE board exams, students need to work smartly and are advised to follow the best CBSE tips. While preparing for the exams, in-depth knowledge of concepts and frequent revision should be prioritised. 

The below-mentioned tips can help you score higher marks in CBSE board exams. Take a look:

1. An Effective Study Plan To Keep Track of Time

You may have heard, “If you don’t value time, time won’t value you.” The proverb fits best in your academic life, especially when the board exams are near. You must start taking care of your time by maintaining a practical & steady study timetable. Write down all the important chapters or subjects you must cover along with an imposed deadline. 

This is one of the best centum tips for exam students as it will help you stick to your goals, track your overall time, and enable you to cover the syllabus on time. You’ll procrastinate less & master tricky subjects.

2. Focus on Exercising NCERT Books

To study smart for your CBSE board exams, you must pick the best material to help you gear up your learning. For a sharp & concept-based study, students are advised to get their hands on NCERT books. Although you can refer to additional reference books, NCERT books are the most recommended to build a strong grasp of concepts. 

Whenever you read a new chapter or topic, practice all the related examples, diagrams, flowcharts & graphs, etc. Every chapter comes with its exercises at the end. Solve each of them and revise them daily. It will help you boost your understanding level and clear all your doubts.

3. List Out Important Notes & Queries 

Developing a habit of building notes of key information & queries every time you read is the answer if you’re seeking “how to score 100 per cent in class 10?” When you note down important pointers like formulas, equations, dates, facts, or peoples’ names in a separate notebook, it can save you lots of time revising things during exams as well as helps you memorise the studies for longer. You can also point out doubts/queries while making notes to ask teachers further. 

Writing notes trains your brain to process information more effectively than mugging up lessons. You can also use flashcards or maintain a pocket diary to keep important notes handy so that you can revise them anytime.

4. Understand Concepts Instead of Cramming

Several students spend hours mugging up their chapters or use different tricks to memorise the important points like formulas for Physics & Maths, but soon, they forget. The reason is cramming things without going through the concepts. Until you don’t know what a particular chapter is all about or the essence of information, you won’t be able to grasp those things in the long term. 

This way, you may need help to answer or solve a particular problem-based question in a different format. Therefore, focusing on understanding the concepts is vital and is one of the best tips for getting centum in all subjects so that you can successfully apply related formulas to a related question, irrespective of their difficulty levels.

5. Self-Testing Through Sample Papers & Mock Tests

Try to solve as many sample papers & mock tests as possible, as it is one of the best ways to evaluate your overall learnings. You can get an idea of your strengths and weaknesses and look for more practice to overcome them. Not only this, but taking mock tests can significantly improve your speed & accuracy. You can make a strong command over the concepts, which will ultimately boost your confidence. Plus, you can also clear doubts, if any. 

Studying through sample papers is one of the best tips to get centum in all subjects. It has more advantages as it gives you an idea of the exam pattern and the type & level of difficulty in questions. To score 100% marks in your CBSE exams, you cannot deny the importance of practising sample & mock tests. This way, you can also master topics with more weightage to secure maximum marks in the exams.


Getting a 100% score in CBSE exams is a tough nut to crack, but these tips mentioned above can help you advance toward your goals. Just believe in yourself, stay positive, and stick to the timetable with frequent studies. Proper planning & strategies can surely carve your way further. All The Best!!

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FAQs on 5 Tips To Score 100 Percent in CBSE Board Exam

1. How can I improve my Biology concepts for CBSE exams?

Solve NCERT books for strong concepts, prepare notes of key formulas, answer all mock tests & sample papers, and most importantly, revise your studies regularly.

2. Are NCERT books sufficient for CBSE board preparations?

Yes. All the CBSE board students are often recommended to study from NCERT books as they contain important topics & chapters that can help you clear the exams with thorough related examples, diagrams & flowcharts.

3. Which books should I refer to for the CBSE Math exam?

R D Sharma’s Mathematics Class 10, or RS Aggarwal’s Class 10 Secondary School Math, are some recommended books to prepare for the Math exam.

4. What does the best of 5 rule entail in CBSE?

In CBSE Class 10, the "best of 5" rule dictates that a student's final result is determined by considering the highest marks attained in their best 5 subjects out of the total 6 subjects evaluated in the board exam.

5. How to score 100% on an exam?

Scoring 100% on an exam requires thorough understanding of the material, consistent practice, effective time management during the test, and staying focused throughout the examination.